The Value of Economists

Economics is the study of choice. Economists have to look at how markets are performing. They make educated assessments on how they will perform in the future. The economy is a difficult subject because economics is theoretical. No single person can determine how a market will perform. Governments need economists to help them make fiscal decisions. They may use economic theories to regulate markets or lower taxes.

Economics is split into two major branches. These branches are microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics studies how firms manage to make decisions. A skilled economist should be able to explain why the prices of Coca Cola fluctuate for what seems like no reason. It is a lot more complex than the simple supply economics that people are familiar with. Microeconomics has to do with sales decisions made “at the margin.” This refers to the cost of producing one more unit. A lot of different things can cause prices to fluctuate. Governments often subsidize resources to make sure that farmers can make ends meet.

Macroeconomics looks at whole markets. Economists look at subjects like inflation, deflation and stagflation. Economists in this field look at how different countries compete with each other financially. They look at how dollars and other forms of currency convert. They may also look at the government’s effect on things like employment rates. Economics is a very tricky subject precisely because few things can be proven true. Many economists make arguments that supply side economics is increasing the gap between the rich and poor, but this can’t be proven. All an economist can do is collect the best amount of empirical data that is possible.

Economists often have to come up with new theories to support their claims. Many argue on subjects like whether the minimum wage should be raised. Some may argue that restaurants won’t be able to hire people. Others may claim that it will force businesses like Mcdonald’s to invest in new technology. This new technology could be used to help fewer employees process more orders. Economists have to take a lot of factors into consideration. A pound of beef in China has a different price than a pound of beef in America. Importing goods can drastically increase or decrease prices. Governments may want to regulate businesses for this reason.

Christian Broda is an economist. He is based in New York. He has released numerous publications on the subject. Christian has discussed a lot of economic subjects in his publications. He believes that the U.S. dollar will fall after a new world currency takes over. A lot of his predictions have come true. He correctly predicted that quantitative easing would not cause the collapse of the U.S. dollar.

Intelligent Home Selling

Selling a house is a task that can take a great deal of time and effort. People find that any house they are thinking of selling must be carefully prepared for sale in accordance with accepted principles. The seller needs to do a great deal advanced preparation such as studying the area market in order to find out if the local market is a buyer’s market or one that is more favorable to sellers. People also need to do other tasks related to the sale of their house such as locating a new place to live and beginning the process of moving all of their items to any new space where they intend to live. All of this can take up a great deal of the owner’s item and energy as well as a great deal of their personal funds at the same time.

Fortunately for those who are going to sell a house, help of all kinds is available. Working closely with a professional sales agent can have all sorts of benefits for the home owner. An effective professional can help the owner of the house make important decisions about the house such as how much to price it for and what kind of improvements may be necessary in order to help the seller make sure that the house will sell as quickly as possible once it is put on the market.

Those who want to sell their house will often seek out help from professionals such as those who work for The 990 Company. This company is noted for providing home owners with the chance to sell their house at a price they can easily afford through its 990 sells homes program. The company promises to offer sellers the chance to work directly with a professional who knows the real estate market and can provide them with the kind of help they need to be able to sell their house as quickly as possible no matter what kind of market conditions exist at any given moment. The result of such collaboration can be a house that sells quickly and easily at a price the seller wants.

The seller who is able to take advantage of this service will frequently find that they are able to sell their house when they need to sell it. This can be excellent for the seller who needs to be able to sell a house and move on to another place. It can also be helpful for the seller who has a lot of equity in their home and wishes to be able to cash out the equity in order to use the cash they have on hand for another, more important thing in life such as financing retirement.

Eucatex is a Leader and So Is Their President

Starting back in 1951, Eucatex opened its doors on November 23rd. From that day then expanded from to become a leading manufacturing giant in the industry. When they began making ceiling tiles in 1965, the exportation of these tiles and panels to Europe was driving the business towards an ever brighter path of success.
By the 1980s, you could text already had a hard board Mill up and running and had started opening offices in Germany America the UK in Mexico. In 2011, the 60th anniversary of this great company was celebrated as a leader in manufacturing of wall partitions, laminate floors, MDP and MDF panels, hard boards, as well as paints and varnishes.

Throughout their entire business history, they have shown excellence in their products and their efforts to give back not only to the planet but their local communities as well. From their environmental processes, all the way to the organizations that they have founded, their care for the environment shines through. The House of Nature program also known as the Environmental Education Program has had over 22,000 visitors and has educated hundreds of students on the importance of conserving and improving our environment. Their care is also seen through their recycling efforts and the products that they market today.

Flavio Maluf is the executive president at Eucatex. After receiving his education at New York University love, you started his career with Eucatex in 1987. Ten years later in 1997 he became the President of the company. Many have accredited him formed a rising and facilitating Eucatex into the future. With all aspects of business in mind for the future, Flavio is a pioneer in the environmental aspects of preserving our forest for the future through reforesting. By reducing the rate of deforestation in Brazil, Fabio is an unprecedented figure for the people there.

TOWN Residential: A History of Leadership

TOWN Residential is the leading luxury real estate services firm in New York. The brainchild of CEO, Andrew Heiberger, the firm flourishes, due to its commitments to service and transparency. TOWN is known for making smart transactions, forming unique partnerships, and hiring top talent. Together, these qualities explain its meteoric rise to its current position as an industry leader.

Heiberger established his firm in 2010, and it quickly began to distinguish itself. By 2014, its sale and leasing transactions were setting market records. It was responsible for the listing and leasing of New York’s most expensive rental property, among a number of other impressive feats. By the end of that year, the firm had garnered more than $1.86 billion in total sales and leasing volume. The stunning 15.6 percent increase over 2013’s performance was emblematic of TOWN Residential’s success in the industry.

The following year, the firm demonstrated its commitment to transparency by publishing its financial reporting. The move was a bold one, as it potentially exposed TOWN Residential to public scrutiny. Many top firms consider such data highly proprietary, and jealously guard it from public appraisal. Heiberger took time out to explain why he decided to buck that trend:

“From the moment TOWN Residential opened, we pledged total transparency…” said the CEO. “[I]t is beneficial to our Representatives and clients alike. I am proud to continue to lead the industry by opening our books and sharing real numbers with the hopes that other top firms will follow suit.”

The release showed that NYC properties and TOWN Residential had grown exponentially in the past year. By June, the firm had completed 513 sales transaction sides. The average price of these transactions was $1,971,746. One deal, concerning a Fifth Avenue property, netted more than $45 million. The firm’s talented team drew in $1.188 billion in total sales and leasing volume in the first half of 2015 alone.

The success of Heiberger’s firm goes beyond consistently intelligent transactions. It is also the result of some remarkable partnerships. Last February, TOWN Residential joined forces with Fortune International Group, South Florida’s pre-eminent luxury real estate services firm. This unprecedented alliance allows both firms to engage in genuine, real time connectivity, granting unparalleled access to on the ground expertise, improving a host of benefits for the clients and agents of each firm. The relationship was so beneficial TOWN Residential was processing $100 million worth of business in the first three months.

TOWN Residential has become a leader in its industry over a relatively short amount of time. Its success is credible to its record-setting transactions, and unprecedented, highly influential alliances. Under the invaluable leadership of CEO, Andrew Heiberger, the firm is sure to flourish in the coming decades.

Kyle’s Mishaps in the Capital Management Business

Kyle Bass was seen as a hero for a while before the trend in his superiority began to take a different turn. He was applauded for his correct prediction of the 2008/2009 economic meltdown that was majorly driven by the crisis in the mortgage sector. While the glory lasted, Kyle was hero to many and his capital management skills were sought after from right, left, and center. However, the limelight s long gone and all that has been left is a series of wrong choices. Currently, the capital manager has been on record defending the General Motors case of poor and faulty electric steering wheels by putting the blame on the victims accusing them of drunk driving.

Kyle has been in all types of trouble among them the scheme that he runs in partnership with Erich Spangenberg. First of all, his partner is a known American tax evader and he has been described as a notorious patent rights violator. Kyle’s partnership and role in this scheme has created controversies for him just as much as it has created quick dollars. He believes that by busting patent and competition is acting in the best interest of the people. The problem with his approach is that he is not looking at the bigger picture. While the busting in patent and competition may bring the drugs prices down, there is the after effect on the production firms.

Kyle Bass is the founder of a company that deals with capital management where his expertise is facing serious challenges based on his recent wrong moves. He has been very famous for his market watch skills which has enabled him to predict the outcomes of great economies such the UK. He has been very vocal on issues surrounding the economic performance of Japan and Argentina. He was born in Miami in the year 1969 but moved to Dallas with his father who was a manager in a popular hotel. He is a graduate of Business Administration, finance and real estate finance options. Soon after graduation, he worked at Prudential Securities and later moved on to Bear Stearns.

After a short while, he was promoted to become a managing director one of his greatest achievements in his late 20s. After years of serving in the company, Kyle felt the urge to start his own company dealing with Hedge funds. Records show that his first hedge was released in 2006 where he raised a whopping $33 million which was a contributions from friends and family. He also had an additional personal savings of $10 million to add onto the contribution. The company operates on global special situation find basis and it was insured by the likelihood of mortgage defaulting.

Advertising Agencies In Brazil

Through Abrajanela the reported means of advertisement normally vary depending on a company and the target markets. Advertisements are used to persuade and encourage individuals to use specific products or services. Advertising is applied in businesses to increase sales volume and improve the reputation of a company. Companies will use different ways to advertise their products and services. Consumers normally access advertisements through radio, TV, printed media and the internet. As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil offers amazing and innovative advertisements that have been recognized during global advertisement competitions.

Due to improved technology around the world, financial analysts are suggesting that online shopping has become very common in Brazil. This new strategy has created an amazing commercial opportunity for both companies as well as advertising agencies. In Brazil, there are several IT technicians and experts who have ensured that the industry is on the same level with all advanced economies in the world. Stable Brazilian economy and infrastructure development in the telecommunication industry have resulted in the growth of e-commerce platform across the country.

Cláudio Loureiro is the founder of Heads propaganda Agency which has been operating for over 25 years and is a leading advertisement firm in Brazil. He is very passionate about advertising and has created several innovative ads that are common across Brazil. He is recognized for his role active in the advertising industry. His work focuses on combining IT ideas and his expansive knowledge and experience in advertising to create ads that are unique and attractive to consumers.

Most consumers in Brazil tolerate and appreciate entertaining ads. The ad agencies try to use familiar venues in order to attract clients with their work. The right time to place ads on television is during sports or other common programs that are known in Brazil. Ads that are aired during the course of a football game are deemed to attract a lot of viewers and consumers who may be interested in knowing more about the products or services. In this case, the company advertising its products would definitely get positive response from consumers.

Choosing the right mode of advertising is very crucial for any business entity. Business owners are encouraged to engage the best ad agencies in Brazil in order to generate massive sales and earn amazing income. Hiring an expert agency in advertising would ensure the ads are designed appropriately depending on the needs of the clients.

Status Labs Online Reputation Mangement


Those who work in PR understand this. You have to nail the client with a really great pitch; otherwise, it’s not going to work. Most people have the attention span of 5 minutes. After that, the person is pretty much gone. You have to keep them engaged. You have to give them a reason for working with you.

Below are some successful PR tips. These tips are good for both the beginner and the seasoned pro. It’s never too late to learn new tricks. You have, if you are going to keep up with the trends of today.


Put out calls to other journalists and PR specialists. See what types of pitches they will be using. The kiss of death is going in armed with the same sales pitch of your competitor. Sometimes the only way to know what to bring to the table, is to seek out your competition. Know what they will be doing, so you can go the opposite route.


As with anything else in life, be clear and concise. Keep everything you do to the bare minimum. Your pitch should only be about 6 sentences. Use the press release tools. Include the WHY the client should choose you. Include an ending, make it brief. Include a call to action. Leave a place for the potential client to get in touch with you.

Always end your pitch with a question. It will give the person or company something to think over. If the person/ business is interested, they will get in touch with you. If not, you have lost nothing. At least the person/business knows you are out there, just in case the need is there.


This includes more then just the email talk. Get to know a potential editor or publisher outside of work. Find him/her on social media. Send some stuff to them. Allow the person to get to know you first. Let your words do the talking. After this, then send an email.
If the person is truly interested, he/she will find a way to contact you. Don’t be pushy. This is also the kiss of death. Being pushy turns most people off.


I’m not saying kiss their butt. You should make it worth their while. Extend yourself, but don’t go overboard. There is a difference between extending yourself and being taken advantage of. If you extend yourself in the proper fashion, that person might just work with you in the future.


This is important. The idea is not to sound like an ad. A true sales pitch will not come off looking/sounding like a sales pitch. In PR it’s all about the story. What is yours? Focus on selling you, the only way you can. If you sell an ad, you will be dead in the water. The public will not buy it.


We are committed to providing the best possible customer service to our clients. We know what it takes to get the right PR on your side. Contact us today. we are here to help.

Alexei Beltyukov Donates to INSEAD Scholarship Fund

The very first step for many people in ensuring your future is to obtain a diploma from a credible University. Although, there are millions of people around the globe who cannot afford to pay for their education which presents them from success. Fortunately, there are people like Alexei Beltyukov that will help with tuition if you cannot afford it.

INSEAD is where Alexei Beltyukov decided to attend classes when he made a decision to pursue a career in business. Yet, Beltyukov, like so many other students, was forced to stack the responsibilities of supporting a family on top of being a full-time student, which recalls as being burdensome. As a recipient of a prestigious scholarship himself, Alexei Beltyukov, while unable to adequately provide for his family, dedicated himself to his schooling and his dedication paid off in dividends when he finally obtained an MBA from INSEAD Business School.

Very grateful of the fact that scholarships and forms of financial aid gave him the shot at a success-filled life, Alexei Beltyukov made a very conscious choice to give back to the pupils of his alma mater, so when he founded the Russian Alumni Scholarship and contributed over $150k to the organization, it was no surprise. His generous contributions enable passionate students who need help achieving success, receive a proper education from prestigious university, just like he received when he studied at INSEAD.

Enabling students from all backgrounds and walks of life an opportunity to thrive, Alexei Beltyukov as well as other successful individuals have endowed The Russian Alumni Scholarship foundation to give students the financial help they deserve, yet is probably out of reach for many of them. INSEAD business school boasts a striking, ethnically diverse atmosphere dedicated to giving students a head start in the increasingly contemporary globalized business community. Alexei Beltyukov, who graduated his first MBA course in Europe in the 1969, was a student of the prestigious Fontainebleau campus. INSEAD, with its three locations is known as “The Business School for the World.”

Alexei Beltyukov and his highly esteemed peers have been proud to aid the school and its endowment fund. Alexei strongly believes that if it weren’t for his degree, he would not be where he is today. He also believes that every, single pupil deserves the gift of education and that the cash gifts he has given INSEAD will provide many pupils the chance for success they deserve. I must say, he is probably right.

The importance of spirit in business


Asking people about the role of spirituality in business can invoke a lot of interesting reactions from them. For starters, curiosity, fear, antagonism, and disgust are all common. But what is it really? Contrary to many people’s initial though, it is not, in most cases, referring necessarily to the influence of religion.
Religious organizations provide spiritual guidance through their collective group experiences. But spirituality is an individualized, or personal, matter. That’s not to say that the individual belief in a particular religion or God doesn’t exist, rather it is one’s depth and growth in life that guides a person to a particular quality of living. This depth is wonderfully manifested through the spiritual minded with optimism and appreciation for the world around them. The ability to radiate these effects and to seem more functionally light and enthusiastic, more “alive”, are what can afford them more respect and opportunity in the business world.
While it may seem a profoundly odd clashing of different worlds; the controlling and mechanical business climate, whose primary function is given to financial considerations; as opposed to the wide open and less controlled mind of the spiritualist, whose most important goal is peace and harmony of mind and soul. Still, it is important to know of the importance and value of balance. A business without structure is a mess. A business without spirit is a workforce mausoleum. Too much of either leads to an unhealthy work environment, in other words, bad business.
I have recently noticed businesses, such as the QI group, devoting more time to this important balance. As a founding director of the QI group of companies, Joseph Bismark was instrumental in helping to introduce spirituality into the group’s bedrock. Becoming Managing Director of the company after restructuring in 2008, Joseph has led its growth with his innate talent and diversity.
A strong management style open to the idea of empowering and helping others realize their potential; a philosophy made all the more potent through the tenets of the philosophies of Veda (the knowledge found in any of four sacred books of Hinduism). A philosophy he attained during a childhood spent as a monk living in the mountains of the Philippines. As an advocate for the QI group’s practice of wellness, healthy living, and organic foods, Joseph has become more than just a business leader. He’s a spiritual business leader.

Explore Business And Spirituality

Success in business is dependent on many varied factors. Those who wish do well in this area of life often need to have many important skills of kinds. The person who is able to master such skills will find that it is easy to do well in the field they have chosen. One of the most important of all such skills is the ability to understand oneself well and know as much as possible about the kind of strengths and weaknesses they have in life. People who fully know as much as possible about their needs and wants will also often understand the needs of others as well. This can help them do well in business and succeed in life overall.

One of the most important kinds of self knowledge is the ability to understand one’s personal spirituality. People often have a sense of religion that is important to their overall well being. Many people have different kinds of religion. They may have a formal religion that is part of their ancestory and background. This will often help them understand the world and their ethnic and racial heritage. Many people also have another sense of religion, one where attention is focused closely on their feelings of connection to others and their sense of spiritualism.

This second sense is the kind of sense that Joseph Bismark. Mr. Bismark has been highly successful in the field of business. Part of his success can be attributed to his own understanding of his spiritual background and his ability to show others in life how to do the same. Bismark has many interests that are both spiritual and practical. He has helped devote his life to showing others how the spiritual can relate to the practical and how they can use this understanding to improve their lives and the lives of those they wish to help with their business ventures.

Those who have followed his principles have found that they are able to enjoy a sense of improved well being as well as the ability to connect with others directly. Spirituality is very important to many people as it can help give them a sense of purpose and demonstrate to them how they can move past any troubles they may have in life and be happier and more prosperous as well. The use of this kind of spirituality can also help people relax and not worry too much about many kinds of problems they may find in life. The person who is in touch with their own spirituality is someone who is likely to be more open to new experiences and feel they are more in control of all aspects of their lives.

Andy Wirth Uses His Positive Attitude To Keep Squaw Valley Growing


Squaw Valley has long been one of the most well-respected ski destinations in the U.S. The area is loved because of its challenging slopes and high-end amenities. Squaw Valley Ski is not only one of the largest ski resorts in the United States, its standards are so high that this resort played host to the 1960 Winter Olympics. The iconic tram takes tourists from all over the world to the world-famous peaks. Over 600,000 people each year ski at Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley has done an excellent job of living up to lofty standards under the watch of CEO Andy Wirth. Wirth has worked in the industry for most of his adult life, starting as an intern with Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1983. Over the years, he’s held almost every job imaginable. When Wirth became President and CEO one of the first things he did was oversee a $70 million upgrade to the resort. In 2011, he oversaw the acquisition of nearby Alpine Meadows. Skiers can now use passes at either resort, which is owned by the same investment fund. Wirth is also well-known for his positive thinking. In October of 2013, he suffered a horrific accident that saw his are torn completely off as the result of a particularly bad sky-diving accident. It was later reattached during grueling surgery. Wirth was forced to endure 23 more surgeries but still ended up making it back to work 50 days after the accident happened.

The major upgrade to Squaw Valley that happened under Wirth’s watch has transformed the resort into one of top ski destinations in the country. The 1960 Winter Olympics games were the first ever televised. This put Squaw Valley and U.S. skiing on the map. Squaw Valley has benefitted from a world-class reputation ever since. The new regime operating the resort have made a major investment that is drawing people there year-round. Even in the summer, there’s plenty to do. The iconic tram ride is famous for its views of a pristine area that has been well preserved and is a designated historic area. Squaw valley is different than most ski resorts in that major accommodations like a pool and hot tubs are located at the top of the peaks. The tram ride takes eager tourists to these uniquely located treasures. People can also hike from the so-called “high camp” where they’ll see the most impressive sights in California.