Yeonmi Park: The Voice of North Korea

Yeonmi Park has created quite a commotion in North Korea. At the age of 21, she has become a human rights activist for the people imprisoned under the North Korean dictatorship. Park’s story has sent ripples across the world, creating the largest and most needed human rights movement to take place in this century.

Park voices the things that others are afraid to come forward and say. In a country where you cannot freely do, think or say anything out of line, Park is taking a huge risk by speaking out about this matter and the country of North Korea.

Park has lived through many awful and unthinkable happenings throughout her young life. She witnessed her friend’s mother executed in public at the innocent age of 9. Nothing is free in North Korea. Children within the country are taught to fear the rest of the world; they are taught that their country is the best, and the only country they should know. There are strict classes within this country, and because Park’s father went to prison, this meant that she was nothing more than the daughter of a prisoner; she had no future.

At the age of 13, Park and her mother fled from the country, miraculously evading the multitudes of armed guards. Park and her mother made it to China, where their experience was just as terrible. Both Park and her mother were sold into human trafficking, where Park was manipulated to become a man’s mistress so that she could see her father again. However, not long after Park and her father were reunited, colon cancer took his life. Park had to bury her father’s ashes alone in the dead of the night. It was then that Park decided, they would leave China and continue their journey to freedom. 15 year old Park and her mother braved the below-freezing temperatures of the Gobi Desert, extraordinarily finding their way to safety and freedom in Mongolia.

Park’s bravery and willingness to speak out on is a significant step, not only for those in North Korea, but for people all over the world. North Korea is an unconceivable country that is often downplayed by Western media sources. Much of the Western hemisphere has an idea of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, as a bizarre man with wild hair. The media tends to focus solely on the dictator, rather than the millions of people who are suffering in this country every day.

Ultimately, Park’s message is one of human rights and peace. Every human being deserves to live with dignity, and use their voice for the greater good. Park wants people to have hope, and to use their voices and own their ideas and thoughts. Now is the time to realize the brutality and cruelness that this country creates. Now is the time to make a change.

Tips About Flavio Maluf and Eucatex

Eucatex was founded in 1951 and it was the first Brazilian company to focus on environment as well as acoustic comfort, and using raw materials from eucalyptus trees to manufacture panels and tiles. Eucatex was based in Salto, and its operations involved production of soft boards. Later the company started to manufacture ceiling tiles and panels. Because of its vision for growth and expansion, Eucatex established offices across several Brazilian cities as well as in Argentina. In 1965, the company’s production capacity increased drastically to 100 tons per day, hence managing to export excess products to Europe.

Sicio-environmental activities

The objective of Eucatex is to have sustainable and consistent production of wood and supply it to its production unit. As such, the company has managed to advocate for rationale use of natural resources, conserving the environment and ensuring sustainable forestry business is achieved in the short, medium and long term. The company has initiated several development programs focusing on neighboring societies and prioritizing on NGOs that assists children.

Additionally, Eucatex has been involved in development of Environmental Education Program for the last 15 years. The program has received more than 20,000 visitors since it was started. This program is carried in collaboration with five town halls of cities that the program covers. They mainly focus on students in educational centers including universities and technical colleges. The objective of this program is to develop concepts on the need of conservation of ecosystem, maintenance of forests and training visitors on different environmental issues affecting the society. Also, the program educates visitors on the importance of using raw materials from eucalyptus to manufacture numerous forestry-based commodities.

The current president of Eucatex is known as Flavio Maluf. He has been working for this company since 1987 where he started in the trading department. Later on, he was transferred in the industrial department and at the same time made it to the executive board. Due to his hard work, passion and commitment, he achieved tremendous success and appointed as Eucatex Group’s President in 1997. His main aim is to ensure new products have been invented in order to continue serving clients from all corners of the world.

Today, Eucatex is also focusing on furniture industry and construction sector. They factories are based in Salto, focusing on production of paints, varnishes and plates. The company is able to meet the needs of manufacturers of furniture, supply large quantities of construction materials as well as cars and toys. In 2010, Eucatex started new industrial unit at Salto that focuses on production of T-HDF/MDF. told the construction sector is engaged in production of flooring, architectural coatings, modular partition and doors. For sustainability, Eucatex has 44 hectares of forest land to ensure consistent supply of raw materials.

The Hedge Fund Industry As Kenneth Griffin’s Brainchild

Portfolio manager is an extremely lucrative career for the few who are successful in it. The turnover is generally low for managers, and they are very few positions on the job market, but such posts are worth striving for. Establishing and managing a successful hedge fund is entirely another story. Compared to most financial careers, getting on top in the hedge fund industry takes some time and dedication to expanding one’s professional network. Hedge funds on are mostly known as the riskiest financial institutions and are very volatile meaning it takes a lot to manage one and make it successful with time. Most hedge funds are known to collapse on the way with little or no way to help them out. Take an example of the 2008 financial crisis that saw several hedge funds collapse including the prominent ones. Some miniature hedge funds were rescued by the government and continue to thrive till to date.

For Ken Griffin, his brainchild lies in hedge funds. The hedge fund industry has been his area of interest since he was a freshman at Harvard University. His course in Economics had something to do with his love for the industry. He graduated from the institution in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Griffin started off his hedge fund when he was a second-year student due to the interest that grew after reading a Forbes magazine article. He gathered capital from friends and families as well as from his loving granny. He was armed with a computer, a fax machine, a telephone and a satellite link that he used to get current information about the market. His plan assisted him to accumulate capital amidst the stock market crash in 1987. He later on established his second fund after the first one made impressive results with both totaling to more than $1 million.

As a financial expert who has vast knowledge of the hedge fund industry, Griffin went on to launch another hedge fund in 1990 known as Citadel LLC with an estimated $4.6 million. The fund grew rapidly and had progressed to $1 billion in investment capital and over 100 employees in eight years time. Currently, Citadel is accredited for being one of the largest alternative asset managers in the world with more than $26 billion of assets under management. It has its headquarters in Chicago with offices spanning from Europe, Asia to North America and over 1400 employees. Its clients are also prominent investors across the world including pensions, university endowments, and high profile personalities among others.

Griffin is a competent and hard working personality in the financial world who’s self-discipline and passion for work have earned him a place in the Forbes where he has made several appearances. He was first included in the CFO Magazine’s Global 100 in June 2002 as one of the most powerful people in the finance industry. He has also been included in the Forbes list of self-made United States-based wealth as one of the richest Americans since 2003. He has risen through the ranks and was estimated to be worth 5.5 billion last year.

Diamonds and Law in South Africa

Corporate and commercial law provides the backbone for business transactions. It is essentially a code-of-conduct outlining what are generally accepted practices and principles for those engaged in all forms of commerce, be it international, ecommerce, or selling tomatoes to your neighbors. The fundamentals to corporate law include the regulation of contracts, hiring and sales practices, among other things. Most countries have an entity that oversees transactions between states, and states themselves normally are conveyed substantial powers relative to regulating all commerce that takes place within its borders. In its most beneficial form, corporate law can be used to make a difference in the lives of citizens of every country in the world.

Corporate law is a branch of civil law, which deals with private relations among members of a community. That being said, one attorney who has long worked to make the lives of those in South Africa better is Frans Schoeman. He specializes in corporate, commercial and business law. He currently practices law at the TG Minister Consulting in Capetown, South Africa. Having graduated from the University of the Free State in 1990, he joined the law society in Capetown just 4 years later. The University of the Free is a public university in the capital of the Free State, Bloemfontein. This capital is also the judicial capital of South Africa. For that reason, it has a rich legal environment. Mr. Schoeman has made the most of this location on youtube, having practiced law for over 20 years in this South African thriving legal environment.

Over the years, he has developed strengths in environmental issues, science and technology and politics. He is often sought out by those looking for expert opinions in these areas. In addition, his concern for children’s issues and in making the lives of those in South Africa better, he is involved with numerous charities, which he also does several hours of pro bono work for. Adding to his legal strength and his standing in the community, he is certified to practice in the South African High Court, in addition to being a member of the Law Society of the Republic of South Africa. After practicing law for over 20 years, Mr. Schoeman added to his interests in 2005.

A director at Phatisma Diamond, which is a company that custom manufacturers diamonds, Frans Schoeman has indeed expanded his holdings. These high quality diamonds, set in white gold, yellow gold and platinum, are often times accompanied by other gems. This consummate legal professional acquired a mine in Angola in 2005. Roughly one year later, this diamond manufacturing venture was borne.

Corporate and commercial law is an exciting area of law in which to work, and developing firm understanding of this area will help a business owner in everything they do. Finding top talent to help navigate this area is very important as the needs of any business expands. Frans Schoeman has developed his career into one marked by enhancing lives, helping companies and doing significant amounts of charitable work. It has long been said if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Having such an appreciable amount of success, Frans Schoeman is likely doing exactly what he loves, and those whose life he touches through his work are likely far more fortunate for the experience.

The Highland Village Offers Something Unique

There are many shopping centers in Houston, but the Highland Village is different than all of the rest. When people see the Highland Village and all that it has to offer them they are never going to want to go back to their old shops, again. The Highland Village has so much more class than all of the other places in Houston, and it offers every kind of unique store and restaurant that one could ask for in a shopping center.

LinkedIn shows that Haidar Barbouti is the man behind the Highland Village. He wanted the place to be filled with unique shops that will leave their customers happy, and he also wanted to bring in a few unique restaurants, as well. So, he even decided to create his own restaurant and put it into the Highland Village. He had no experience doing so before, but there is a first time for everything, and Haidar Barbouti decided that it was time for him to start a restaurant of his own. So, he took what he did know about food and the flavors and things the he liked, and he created a restaurant that people have been going crazy over. All of the things in the Highland Village are great, and Haidar Barbouti’s restaurant is no exception.

The Highland Village definitely rises above all of the other shopping centers that one will find in Houston, and it is great for people to go there and check it out when they are visiting Houston. They might just fall so in love with it and all of the shops and restaurants that they find that they will never want to leave the city. People love the center because it is a place where people can find everything that they want and need from unique shops that they’ve never gone to before.

4 Factors Contributing to the Rapid Growth of Citadel LLC

In just two decades of operations, Citadel has led a revolution in the Investment market. Formed in 1990 as a $4 million investment company, no one would have ever though it would reach the world class level. Currently, Citadel is the largest Hedge Fund in the USA with an investment of over $25 billion in assets under management.

Being a pioneer in the hedge fund management, Citadel has had a fair share of good and bad market trends. Its growth has been tremendous but it has not always been a downhill task. Seeing that it was a new product then, it required a lot of client convincing for anyone to invest with the company. It has however overcome all these and is now an internationally recognized body.

What most people are always wondering is; what factors contributed this rapid growth? What does the company do different? How does it weigh its investment options to maximize profits? The following are some of them.

Good management
Citadel is under the steering of one of America’s biggest financial minds, Ken Griffin. He is the company founder and together with a team of able and equally industrious managers has transformed this company. These executives are carefully selected from thousands of other applicants based their qualifications, experience, and determination.

Well thought investment strategies
On the understanding of how sensitive the financial market can be, Citadel team dedicates much of their time conducting research on what most stable yet yielding investment opportunities exist in the market. It is based on this research that they come up with the best investment decisions that have continually yielded for their investors.

Less regulation of the hedge funds
Unlike other investment options like the mutual fund, hedge funds experience fewer regulations and government interference on their activities. This coupled with good leadership has for long worked in the favor of the company.
Less competition

Being a pioneer in the hedge markets, Citadel faced little competition as there were not many hedge funds by the time it was started. This meant that it had a wider customer base.
Citadel was a succession of many other engagements by its founder Griffin on citadel. The idea started while at the university. He started with investments in the stock markets. When he left school, an individual investor gave him $1 million to invest on his behalf. With the gains from this investment in two years of investment and personal savings, Griffin started Citadel.

He has continually presided over the company operations while at the same time sitting in many other financial and economic bodies and forums including membership of G100. This is an economic forum for the top 100 CEOs in the world. Under his steering and the continued appreciation that Hedge funds are experiencing, one can only say that Citadel is headed to greater heights.

The Uprise of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla started out quietly in the corporate industry. She worked with American Eagle and developed a presence there, but her name would really become known when she took on the CEO role. This is when the corporate world had to open the doors a little wider and let some women penetrate the corporate structure. Men have always been in charge, but women have often been restricted by the glass ceiling. This has stopped many females from cultivating their talent in higher levels of leadership, but McGalla has proven that she is able to move beyond the glass ceiling.

This is an admirable trait for someone that could have given up many times over the lifespan of her career. McGalla has a different spirit though. She is someone that appears to realize that quitters never win and winners never quit. McGalla of has been a light to the women and men in the corporate world. She has shown women that they can lead; she has shown men that women in leadership roles can be effective. This is evident from the huge increase in revenue streams that occurred under her leadership role with American Eagle. The company went from over $300 million to $3 billion in revenue. That may be the thing that is the most impressive about her resume. She has proven results of her effectiveness. She has made millions of dollars with American Eagle and worked at the CEO for Wet Seal.

With both companies she was able to improve the product trends within these organizations. I like the fact that she went from a clothing company for both men and women to one that specifically targeted women. It was as if she was breaking down the doors to corporate entry by getting into a place where women could definitely shine. As someone that was in place to market clothing for women Susan was fit to take Wet Seal to new levels. Her ability to build brands so well even allowed her to take on the role of starting her own company. This is very impressive because it marks the path for a new generation of women to come along behind her. There are so many challenges that people can face in the workforce today, but Susan has lightened the challenges that women face.

Susan McGalla paints the picture of someone that is determined. She grew up with a boldness that has made her one of Pittsburgh’s most affluent women. McGalla has managed to prove herself over time, and she has not fallen short of showing her expertise. She has been able to be success because she believed in herself. Susan knew her abilities and she maximized her net worth.

Social App Skout Aquires, Integrates Nightlife App Nixter

Skout, the location-based social networking and dating app, purchased the nightlife app Nixter in May 2014. The move came as both apps were looking for ways to expand their current services, connect with more members and connect more members to each other, and monetize those services. Nixter remained its own separate brand, but was heavily integrated in Skout’s platform.

The purchasing price was undisclosed, according to the article announcing the sale, but was reportedly a mix of cash and stock-options.

Skout was originally founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, the company’s chief executive office and chief technology officer, respectively. Originally intended as a mobile social network, the app relaunched in 2009 as a dating service, in response to use patterns. The app uses global-position satellites to allow users to find other users close to them, although the GPS only gives approximate locations (no more specific than a one-mile radius) and users may opt out of the locating service. Once connected, users are able to view other users’ profiles and recent activity, as well as share instant messages and purchase “virtual gifts.” The app is split into two categories, Teenager and Adult. The teen app does not use the GPS technology, and allows teens to connect with other users no less than one-hundred miles away. These security measures were put into place in 2012, after the app was linked to the assaults of three teenager. Skout, which received $22 million in funding in 2012, is available in 180 countries and in 14 languages. In 2013, users made 500 million connection with the app.

Skout Nixter was founded in 2008, in Santiago, Chile, by two pairs of brothers. The app helps its users find events in their area, and also allows them to buy tickets and see guest lists. The app is currently operating in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. There were other companies interested in purchasing their app, but the brothers were concerned with losing their autonomy. Enter Skout, which was looking to integrate rather than subsume. The fit was right and the deal was made.

Together, the apps hope to be able to connect people around the world not only with each other, but with something fun to do tonight. With Skout’s user database and GPS-system, Nixter is able to reach not only more people, but to reach them more effectively. The two apps are partnering with event hosts, such as nightclubs, taking a small fee for every user delivered to the event. But, there is potential to do much more. Targeted advertising – an ad for a specific alcohol, for example, if the app knows a user has just entered a night club – is an area where the apps are looking to grow.

Find A Good Cleaning Company With Handy

A clean house is important to many people. However, finding the time to make sure that one’s house is clean is not always the easiest thing to do. People are often quite busy. They may not have to time to clean the bathroom to their satisfaction or examine each corner of their house in an effort to root out all dirt that has accumulated there. Many people are very busy both during the day and on weekends as well. People have full time jobs, childcare obligations and many other things they need to get done each week. Finding the time to clean is simply not easy for many people.

In such instances, it often makes sense for them to delegate the job of cleaning a house to someone else. Hiring a professional cleaner has many advantages. A professional cleaning company often has years of experience cleaning a house. Professional cleaners from Handy know exactly how to remove a stubborn stain on the floor that resists a mop. They know how what kind of products to use in order to get out any discolorations on the bathroom tile without the need to resort to resort to harsh chemicals that may damage it. A professional will often know exactly how to get rid pet odors so that the house smells fresh and clean when the owner is giving a formal dinner party for an important company head they want to impress.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is a lot easier today with help from an app called Handy. Handy is an easy to use app that allows someone to look for a cleaning company that can come to their house when they want them there and do a professional job cleaning their house. Each company that Handy lists is a company that has been carefully vetted by staffers here. All companies that are listed on the site are cleaning companies that have passed their rigorous standards test and can provide users with the best possible cleaning service right in the heart of their neighborhood.

Working with the app allows a quality cleaning company to connect directly with those who need and want their services to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. The user of the app is able to find a cleaning company that has been carefully examined by staffers on the site. Cleaning companies that choose to work with the site will find easy access as well to a group of potential clients who want their services right in the center of their territory. Both parties can use the app in order to set up a relationship that totally ideal for their specific needs and wants in a way that is ideal.

Worldwide Distribution Grows Stronger For Organo Gold

Celebration again begins with the addition of Turkey as the 39th country to join in the distribution of Organo Gold, the coffee that has taken the world by surprise. Just a few years ago in 2008, Bernardo Chua began Organo Gold with just a couple of employees. Through their hard work, marketing and a strong leadership Organo Gold coffee is now distributed in 39 countries. Chua’s goal was to create a premium gourmet coffee enhanced with ancient Chinese herbal remedies used for hundreds of years. His goal was to create a coffee blend that not only tasted terrific but contained herbs with proven health benefits.

What makes Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb so distinct that it is considered the King of Herbs? Ganoderma is not only beautiful to look at, but it contains health-enhancing qualities. This herb comes from the tropical regions of Asia. Having an orange-brown color in appearance, growing on tree trunks, stumps, logs and anywhere it can develop. It has been reproduced providing quantities of this herb to be shared with the world. Bernardo Chua’s dream was to add this wonderful ancient herb to every cup of delicious Organo Gold Coffee and distribute it throughout the world..

From the Ming Dynasty to your cup of coffee comes the King of Herbs, Ganoderma. Once this mushroom is carefully harvested, dried and ground into a fine powder, it is added to the specially grown coffee beans. Then blended for the enjoyment of coffee consumers worldwide. With the addition of Turkey, the distribution of Organo Gold is strengthen even more. Turkey opened its first coffee house in the 15th century, and today we’re so proud to have Turkey and Organo Gold bonding for the added distribution of coffee blends.

For thousands of years this herb has been added to Asian medicines, it is such a thrill to know that studies have validated its properties and health benefits. One of the medicinal benefits of Ganoderma Lucidium is its ability to slow the weight gain process by adding good bacteria to the digestive system. With added “good” bacteria, the non-beneficial or “bad” bacteria in the intestines or digestive system are decreased and typical inflammation of the intestines is substantially reduced. Adding healing bacteria improves many intestinal chronic ailments.

Aside from the beverage line, Ganoderma Lucidium Mycelium, known for its antioxidant attributes, is now delivered in capsule form. Together with the healing properties, the King of Herbs can also stimulate immune function. This product is also sold through the Organo Gold distribution community.

Begin enhancing your life with every cup of coffee and improving and healing your body with Organo Gold.