QNet: A Company Known For Its Innovation

QNet is trying to change the direct selling industry for the better. The company has been around for a little more than 16 years and has made a tremendous amount of progress in the e-commerce world. There are quite a few competitors the company has to contend with and through numerous innovative business strategies, the management of QNet is helping the company stand out in an industry that competes for the same customer base.

For one, QNet entered into a joint partnership agreement with a Manchester Football (Soccer) Club to help raise impressions about its brand. Not very many direct selling companies would think about working with sports teams. Even those that offer fitness and health products might not look towards working with a sports club. Now, the direct selling company may associate with gyms and fitness-related entities. Such an approach is narrow since the amateur and professional sports world is connected to fitness and health in many ways. QNet is being very smart by trying to brand itself through affiliating with the football club. The company does deserve a host of kudos.

QNet’s innovations are found in numerous markets throughout the world. Roughly 100 countries are home to the presence of QNet affiliates and products. India, however, could be the prime location from the most intriguing of all QNet innovations. QNet is hoping to release scores of new niche products related to healthy living in India. In addition to selling the products, the company is surely going to expand its affiliates’ sales presence in the country of well. This would make a lot of sense since products are not exactly going to be easy to move without a powerful sales force.

QNet wants a powerful and honest presence in India, too. The management of QNet has pointed out it would prefer the Indian government worked very hard at establishing better regulations to ensure better integrity in the direct selling and multi-level marketing industry. Some might find this news to be shocking since few industries are interested in seeing increased regulation since regulation is usually thought of as being stifling.

In some cases, heavier regulation keeps the less-than-honest managers out of the industry. QNet wants to see the direct selling landscape become free of bad press and full of reliable, reputable companies and entrepreneurs. Improved regulations and oversight could help with these goals.

QNet truly is hoping to expand its presence in the India in a number of ways. Probably the most pronounced is the decision to move all product manufacturing to the less-costly domestic borders of India. The hope here is lower costs will lead to improved profits. Hopefully, QNet will achieve its goals and experience more success.

The Strategic, focused Chicagoan Business and Marketing Leaders

To run any form of business, investors should make sure they have competent leaders who will guide the business towards achieving the objectives of the company. Leaders play a significant role in the success of a firm and this makes them an important factor in running of any enterprise. The quality and type of management in a firm affects the morale of staffs and business operations in all departments. The executive understands their duties in the leading of the organization and its impact. Only experienced and skilled executives should take the job.

The main duty of the managers is to provide guidance or direction. When it comes to leading a team, the head of the team has a plan for the group that they must achieve. The Chicagoan business and marketing managers work towards creating a need in the market or working on an existing brand and refining it. One character of these service providers is that they are visionaries as they use the market forces to predict the future demand for a product. These leaders look for new and profitable opportunities available. They motivate staffs and team members for them to accomplish their objective.

Effective managers mobilize labor and encourage employees to remain productive for them to achieve the same goal. They plan and organize resources in an effective manner for the company to achieve its short and long-term goals. Good managers compensate employees on time for them to continue receiving quality services that will boost their entity. These marketing managers reward staffs for their good performance and dedication to accomplish the goals and objectives within the stipulated time. They train the staffs about the methods to use to achieve the desired dream. Such personnel also implement the resources from the company in an effective way and they avoid wastage of the resource.

Majeed Ekbal is a prominent marketing executive and businessperson in Chicago. He has taken part in many deals over the years giving him the experience to survive in the competitive market. His believe in team work has made him succeed in this sector. Ekbal takes time and trains his employees on the steps to follow for them to achieve the set goal of his organization. When planning about how a task execution takes place, he participates in mobilizing the required resources. His dedication to quality customer services and effective leadership has earned him a high reputation in Chicago.

Mr. Ekbal is hardworking and makes sure that workers concentrate on the task. He explains to staffs the advantages of teamwork with the same objectives in mind. As a leader, he makes sure staffs remain honest and maintain professionalism and integrity when working on a project. Majeed corporates staffs from all levels and motivate them to work together to get to the desired goal.

Free Phone Service- A Step Away with FreedomPop

There is a confusing amount of information out there when it comes to cell phones and their service. First, you have to pick the type of phone that you want. Then you have to choose the service that you are willing to pay for on a monthly basis. If you aren’t careful, you could end up paying too much for a sub-par phone and service. Instead, choose FreedomPop as your carrier, and you can get your service for free, on a fantastic phone.

Freedom Pop is the only cell phone carrier that offers completely free service on googleplay store after the initial price of the phone. For just $49.99, customers receive a Motorola Moto E, second generation phone. This is a pre-owned phone, which has a face value of almost $250.00, and has been carefully checked out by the company itself before being sold to customers. Customers will also have the option of returning the phone and cancelling their service after 30 days if they are not happy, with a full money back guarantee. During the first month, the customer receives a trial period that includes unlimited talk and text, with a one gigabyte data plan.

After the month trial period is up, customers can choose what they wish to do with their plan. They can keep the same plan and pay just $19.99 a month, which is an amazing price. But many people choose to go to the free plan, and not worry about a bill at all. The free plan consists of 200 voice minutes every month, 500 free texts a month, and the use of 500mb of data. Free international calling to more than 50 countries is also included.There is also the premium plan that offers data rollover, wireless tethering and visual voicemail. This plan also allows customers to receive video and picture messages through their text messages.

After being reported on the Android Authority website, http://www.androidauthority.com/moto-e-2nd-gen-freedompop-648840/, customers have flocked to get this deal for themselves. There is never a contract, so anytime users wish to cancel their phone service for something different, they have that option, with no fees or penalties.

The Colorful Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a fascinating and very innovative businesswoman. She has created a unique makeup line called Lime Crime. Doe has a fantastic selection of cosmetics products in striking, adventurous, and fantasy inspired shades and hues. Doe came to the US to explore her creativity and schooling endeavors.

This former model has always been inspired by whimsical fashion and art. Her childhood dream was to created a business in which she can use all her organic creativity. Lime Crime is just that and everyone who loves cosmetics are taking note. Doe believes that makeup is a wonderful tool for women to express various feelings. Her line Lime Crime is truly inspirational when it comes to color and design.

Hair color is also a form of expression that Doe uses in all of her own looks. She is legendary for having a new vibrant hair color and bold makeup in all her pictures. Also known as Xenia and the Unicorn Queen her bright colors are her thing. She has fun with all she creates and her cosmetic line displays this.

The line is packed with pastels and glitter for girls who love whimsical makeup looks. Doe is a lover of fantasy and her online store is an experience of style and beauty information. She has always had a eagerness for empowering females and perhaps that is what has made her so successful with Lime Crime.

Doe Deere was not reluctant to reach for a dream that may have sounded crazy to many, but rather she believed in her creative gifts. This is why her lipsticks come in colors like orange, blue and lavender. Doe Deere believes that her make-up is made so that individuals can exhibit their magnificence and natural beauty.

Her cosmetic line is perfect for natural as well as daring makeup looks. Doe is always creating new ideas and mixing colors for her company. All her followers are excited to send in pictures of themselves with various colored hair and Lime Crime makeup on. Doe displays all these photos on her online store along with articles on beauty trends.

This thriving business women loves animals and owns cats. She makes sure that all her cosmetics are cruelty free. The greatest part about her company is that it concentrates on giving new varieties of color to women. Lime Crime is so colorful it even features a new hair color line. Doe keeps these shades bright and beautiful. You won’t find traditional hair colors like black and blonde. Instead hair colors like yellow, pink, and purple can be purchase along with many more.

Doe has created a fairy tale come true with her makeup line. She truly loves what she does and can’t believe she is so successful. Women are all made diverse and all have distinctive likes and styles. Doe is on a quest to becoming famous in the beauty marketplace. She enjoys providing women with one of a kind cosmetics. Lime Crime makeup products enable women of all ages the flexibility to communicate themselves with their make-up.

Omar Boraie Breathes New Life into Old City Center


Home to one of New Jersey’s oldest colleges, a bustling town center, and within convenient rail distance of Manhattan, New Brunswick, NJ seems almost organically poised to have grown into the sort of high energy locale young professionals seek out to put down their roots. But it wasn’t always so. Only a few short decades ago the New Brunswick of the 1970’s held a bleaker reputation, due in part to issues with crime and plummeting property values, and interest in development projects inevitably suffered as a result.

Enter Omar Boraie, real estate developer and president of Boraie Development. Boraie, who planted his own roots in New Brunswick some 50 years ago when he emigrated from Egypt to pursue higher education, was and remains a principle force in raising New Brunswick up to to the business, academic, and cultural center that it is today.

Boraie’s real estate projects in New Brunswick began ambitiously with the Albany Street Plaza Tower One, the current home of Boraie Development. Replacing a ramshackle block of long-abandoned structures, Boraie’s Albany Street offices provided the sort of Class A office space needed to both bring in and retain commercial the interests so vital to New Brunswick’s status as a premiere mercantile hub. Omar later expanded on this success with Tower Two, which was completed in 2003.

While his successes in commercial building projects are undeniable, Omar Boraie’s role in bringing much needed residential real estate to New Brunswick is an equally important and much needed contribution. The One Spring Street Condominium tower, completed by Boraie Development in 2007, proved a resounding success. The upscale, New York style tower, which holds 121 residential units along with ample space for offices and retail, sold out in an astounding two months.

Boraie Development’s most recent project, the 17-story luxury high rise christened The Aspire, is once again breathing new life into New Brunswick, and will no doubt further strengthen Omar’s legacy of fostering improvement and growth in the once-struggling university town. Officially opened for leasing this year, The Aspire, like Omar’s Spring Street tower, is poised to become the premiere residential space in downtown New Brunswick, and signals Boraie’s continued relevance to the future of the city.

Brian Bonar Maintains Great Relationships With His Clients And The Community

In the southwest state of sunny California resides a prominent figure
who is a true leader in the competitive financial industry. He
embarked on his career in the late 1960s where he served as a
Procurement Manager at IMB for sixteen years. Notably, Brian Bonar iscurrently Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Dalrada FinancialServices and Trucept where he has expanded their services in thegreater San Diego area and across the United States.

Bonar’s training at IBM in addition to his professionalexperiences at QMS, Rastek Corporation, Adaptec, Bezier Systems, ItecImaging Technologies, Allegian Professional Business Services, and AMSOutsourcing helped him gain an essential understanding of thecompetitive corporate industry. Following his employment at AMS
Outsourcing as the founder and managing member, he joined Dalrada
Financial in 1999. Bonar initially joined the company as the Directorof Technology; however, after many managerial positions, he assumedthe position of Chief Executive Officer in 1998.
With growing knowledge in operational efficiency, Bonar and his team
at Dalrada Financial imagined a goal in which they could present the
best extensive selection of simple and cost-effective services.
According to the website, this renowned corporation
currently offers assistance with temporary staffing, employee
benefits, outsourcing, next step programs, pay roll
advance/processing, tax strategy solutions, supplemental/health
insurance, retirement plans, human resource administration, business
liability, and worker’s compensation. Most prominently, Dalrada
Financial is skilled in guiding startup companies, small to medium
sized businesses, and mergers and acquisitions.

Also on the Dalrada Financial website is the company’s philosophy
under the “About Us” tab. Essentially, the executives strongly believe
in developing partnerships with their clients in order to
compose a customized executable plan for achieving clearly defined
goals. With this financial strategy, the team will assist their
customers in obtaining the necessary resources to start a new company
or improve a existing business. Moreover, the advisor’s goal is to
protect this capital with risk preservation which encompasses the
client’s home, family, personal money, and credit. Most prominently,
Bonar strives to build and sustain growth through people,
opportunities, and creativity.

Notably, Bonar received bachelor and master degree in mechanicalengineering from James Watt Technical College and Stafford Universityrespectively. His portfolio of qualified skill sets include: finance,
marketing strategy, recruiting, sourcing, process improvement, sales,
restructuring, management consulting, contract negotiation,
competitive analysis, due diligence, angel investing, initial public
offering, international business, and business planning. He is
currently professional involved with the following groups and
organizations: Staffing Leaders, China Business, Executive Suite,
Ten-Top Executives Net, On Startups, IBM Official Alumni Group,
Startup Business Community, and Orange County Executives and Networks.

Alongside his career pursuits, he enjoys boating, golfing, and
engaging with his family.

Get Innovative Nail Polish From Lime Crime

Nail polish is one of the world’s most widely used cosmetics. People love to be able to take bare nails and turn them into a work of art. The right nail polish can not only look good but also help someone show to the rest of the world their inner thoughts. Nail polish can also help someone feel more confident as they know that they will be able to have nails that really look good. The kind of nail polish that is right for anyone’s needs will depend on many factors. Such factors depend on their own personal sense of style as well as their budget, workplace and how they use their hands each day.

Many people look for nail polish that can be used in many different ways. Someone will often want to have nail polish that can be applied to their toes as well as their nails. They will also want to have nail polish both in standard colors and new and exciting colors that are eye-catching and unique. One cosmetics retailer who fully understands this is Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that was founded by entrepreneur Doe Deere, a highly skilled business person with an extensive background in many different kinds of fields. She has done much to help provide her customers with the chance to purchase nail polish that is fun to wear as well as durable and easy to apply to their nails.

Colors that are offered by Lime Crime in nail polish include Once in Blue Mousse, a shade of light blue that can help bring out anyone’s light blue blue eyes. Customers can also pick from other nail polish shades that are beautiful and elegant at the same time. Shades such as Crema de Limon, Pastelchio, Peaches & Cream are can help show off a person’s delicate and dainty nails and help call attention to their slender fingers. Each shade can also be combined with other shades offered by Lime Crime in order to create an impressive design that looks fashion forward and unlike other designs that people may decide to wear. Lime Crime provides their valued customers with inspirational designs right on their site that users can copy at home very easily at home without a problem. They can also use such designs as inspiration for looks of their own design that they can easily create at home as well.

Working with Lime Crime allows the user to be able to pick out a nail design and a series of nail polishes that are just right for their needs. Anyone can use the products featured here at home knowing that they have nail polish that will go on smoothly and stay chip free each day. They also know that any nail polish purchased here is made from ingredients that are guaranteed to be cruelty free and made from only the finest possible makeup materials. This can help anyone get just the right nail for their specific needs and aims.

Frans Schoeman; Definition Of An Excellent Lawyer

Lawyers represent the largest part in legal employment in all parts of the world and on top of the large international and national firms present in every country, lawyers also practice in medium size and small offices in regional, local and national levels. Typically, the roles of a lawyer are to a very big extent determined by the type of firm they chose to work with though in general, they are required to have excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills on resume.com so as to be at a position they can solve problems at all times.

In general, lawyers advice and represent clients in a court of law. However, a lot happens at the backstage before they represent the client at court. Normally, they must meet the clients and advise them on the most appropriate instructions to take and if need be, negotiate with others on behalf of the client. A lot of their time is also spent on doing research to make sure that only accurate advice is given and that all procedures are correctly followed.

Being an ever-changing career, lawyers must at all times spend a lot of time reading so as to establish and position themselves in better places when matters related to being abreast with the current trends are concerned. At all times, a lawyer is required by the nature of his job to dig deeper into books and other information sources so as to find the best and latest information on specific procedures in their field.

In South Africa, Frans Schoeman belongs to the league of the best lawyers. He has a wealth of experience in different areas and is well known to be fierce in the courtroom when arguing but very cool when planning on his cases. He is a firm believer that every solution to a problem must have some certain level of originality, and it is the reason he strives to give the best in every court case.

He is the Director at Phatsima Diamond, a law firm that is known to be associated with the best legal skills as well as the knowledge and experience to at all times be in a position to provide top-notch legal services. His firm is widely known to be related with various commercial enterprises that have a solid client base that is made up of listed and unlisted companies operating in the country and abroad.

On his part, he is happy to be associated with many success stories dealing with large sum law suits with the biggest being an award (arbitration) that was more than R120 million. Frans has practicing experience of not less than twenty-one years and is well known to strive in every manner possible so as to afford the best available professional engagement when matters related to clients are concerned.

At the work place, Frans is a team player and plays a very big role in motivating younger lawyers to become reputable lawyers, and many have opened their law firms as a result of the same. He is an expert in commercial and procurement law issues and is passionate about helping causes related to children’s rights, education as well as the environment.

Adam Sender Selling His Art Collection for $70 Million Dollars

If you read the news that Adam Sender was selling his art collection for $70 million dollars, you might think that this was just another story of a millionaire selling off part of his elaborate art collection. This story is unique in that Adam Sender was a hedge fund manager with little experience in the art world, but by making a few key decisions he was able to build a unique collection that today is worth a small fortune. To understand how extraordinary this story is, we have to go back to when Sender was only managing his fund.

Before Adam Sender even knew anything about collecting art, he was making great money for himself and all his investors. He could have simply taken all his profits at the time and just put it back into the fund and retired a wealthy man. Sender was looking for a way to grow his wealth more rapidly, so he decided to venture off into the world of Contemporary art. One thing that concerned Sender right from the beginning was that top pieces from the masters were commanding millions of dollars per painting. In order for Sender to make any profit, he was going to have to risk a huge amount of money and hope the market took a huge upturn. The risk was not worth the reward in his eyes, but he was not deterred by this obstacle.

Sender continued to study the art world and stumbled upon an idea that would change the course of his life forever. While looking at paintings by Picasso and Warhol, Sender discovered some amazing pieces of art that were right up there in quality as the masters. The only difference was because these artists were not well-known, their pieces were getting only a few hundred thousand dollars per painting. Here was an opportunity to amass a nice collection that was well below market value, and if his hunch was right, he would be able to grow his fortune in no time at all. Sender began searching the globe for these amazing pieces by the artists just under the radar. He wanted to test his theory, so here is where the story takes a dramatic turn.

In 2006, Sender decided to put 40 pieces of his growing collection up for auction. He wanted to make certain there was indeed a market for these pieces. To his amazement, the entire collection sold for an impressive $20 million dollars. Sender had discovered the road to his fortune, he just needed to ramp up his purchasing before the secret was out. In a very short amount of time, he grew that art collection to 400 pieces by 138 different artists from around the world. That lot was commissioned by Sotheby’s to be sold off this year for an estimated $70 million dollars.

Visual Search Technology Leads A Shopping Revolution

Technically speaking, there is nothing new about visual search technology. Visual Search Technology can trace its oldest, clunkiest forms back nearly a decade now. But next-gen product offerings in the area of visual search technology are to yesterday’s offerings what the steam engine was to the internal combustion engine: with new offerings poised to offer exponentially greater speed, power and capability.

Amazon was one of the early pioneers of product recognition and visual search, offering some form or variation of visual search apps as early as 2007 that were highly limited in the kinds of search returns they could offer. Last year, they released the Amazon Flow app, which allows consumers to use their phone’s camera to take a picture of an item and search for it on Amazon. But even the most recent versions of this technology still rely heavily on packaging and branding to find a match. That’s awesome if you’re standing in the store with the product in your hand and just want to do some price comparison, but it’s not so great if you’re trying to find an item someone else has already purchased and is using – meaning having no packing or branding to go by.

But there is a new product on the horizon which will put all previous offerings to shame. One of the leading companies in development of tomorrow’s technology is Slyce, a Toronto-based start-up that garnered more than $12 million in initial capital to get them up and running. Slyce is poised to revolutionize both how people shop as well as how companies gather information about their consumers. As it stands now, companies can easily figure out what people are eventually buying, but what they don’t know is what people are initially looking for and how they get from one to the other.

The question is, of course, are people buying certain products because they can’t find anything better, or are they actually finding what it is they really want. With Slyce, retailers will be able to gain an insight into not just what people buy (the end result) but can actually gain a greater understanding of the entire process that consumers go through to reach the final destination of purchasing an item or product. Before a consumer plopped down their money for one item, how many others did they look at, and where? Slyce may also have the capacity to give retailers an even greater treasure trove of information, which is about who their greatest influencers are. Where are people finding the initial products they end up looking for in the first place? Television advertising, print advertising, or other people walking down the street using or wearing their products and who are those people?

There is a new shopping revolution coming, and Slyce is poised to lead the way.