Computer Sciences Corporation its CEO, Mr. Eric Pulier

Computer Sciences Corporation is a company that specializes in information technology products and services, and is located in Falls Church, Virginia. Computer Sciences Corporation currently maintains operations in more than seventy countries around the world, and employees more than seventy thousand individuals.

Computer Sciences Corporation has received many awards and accolades from various accrediting institutions. Some of the awards CSC has received in the past includes: 2009 Peruvian Company of the Year Award, NELI Award for Diversity and Inclusion, one of the Top 25 Technology Vendors for Financial Services Industry, and the SAP Certification for Cloud Services. CSC is undoubtedly one of the most awarded information technology services providers in the world, and has been ranked somewhere on the Forbes 500 list since the year 1995. CSC has also been ranked number eight on Software Magazine’s “Software 500,” which is a list of the biggest information technology companies.

Eric Pulier is the current Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corporation. Mr. Eric Pulier was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, and attended the prestigious Harvard University. Mr. Pulier received a bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature, and was also an editor for The Harvard Crimson. Mr. Eric Pulier graduated on time, four years after starting his tenure at Harvard University.

Mr. Eric Pulier has been a very successful entrepreneur before he became the Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corporation. After moving to Los Angeles upon graduation, Mr. Pulier founded People Doing Things. Three years later, he founded Digital Evolution. In 1997, three years after founding Digital Evolution, Mr. Pulier was chosen to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition, which was presented in Washington D.C. for the president, his cabinet, and other people of importance.

Computer Sciences Corporation was originally founded by Mr. Roy Nutt and Mr. Fletcher Jones in 1959, when information technology and computers were just beginning. Four years after its inception, CSC achieved the title of the biggest software corporation in the United States of America. As if that isn’t enough of an achievement, CSC was also the first information technology company listed on the American Stock Exchange.

CSC has three main branches, which include the North American Public Sector, Managed Services, and Business Solutions and Services.

Computer Sciences Corporation is known to be one of the United States’ government leading information technology services providers, and has served the government since 1961. The bureaucracies that CSC provides its services include the Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, Homeland Security, and NASA. Computer Sciences Corporation benefits significantly from the United States government, as more than a third of CSC’s revenue came from various branches of the US government.

Participants in This Years Purina’s National Dog Show

This year will mark the fifteen anniversary of the movie comedy “Best in Show”. While this comedy went on at length to poke fun at those who breed and ten participate in dog shows with their pets, it had some very positive and long-lasting effects on the entire industry as a whole. David Frei has been announcing major dog shows around the globe for years, and he was even portrayed in the comedy as an over-the-top dog enthusiast on Purina news.

As originally reported on Chicago Now, the satire about dog shows has given the industry a much-needed shot in the arm in a good way. When the wife of then Vice President of NBC Sports had seen the movie, she instantly feel in love with it. She knew her husband had been looking for something other than football to broadcast on Thanksgiving, and she quickly realized that dog shows could be the perfect fit. That satire was in part the catalyst for televising the hugely rated National Dog Show every year now.

To see what is so endearing about this sport, simply tune in after the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving where NBC will once again be televising the National Dog Show. This is going to be a very exciting year for the dog show as some new breeds will be competing for the coveting Best in Show award. While currently 199 different dog breeds are represented in the National Dog Show Presented by Purina, seven new breeds will take to the floor. These breeds are in fact registered breeds, they are just new to the televised event.

Here is just a sampling of some of the new dog breeds making their way to the show:

Berger Picard: This sheepdog originated from France, has a wiry topcoat, is shaggy, and has a dense undercoating for weatherproofing. Highly intelligent and born with an independent streak.

Boerboel: Coming from a long line of Mastiff ancestors, this dog breed can reach 200 pounds, the perfect farm dog breed. Their guarding nature is not suggested for those getting their first dog.

Other new participants to the annual dog show are the Cirneco dell’Etna, the Lagotto Romagnolo, the Miniature Australian Shepherd , and the Spanish Water Dog. The dog show has gotten attention from the satire movie but the long-lasting effects have been numerous. In addition to now attracting a national television audience, many other organizations are benefiting from the added exposure.

One particular organization, Angel on a Leash, a nonprofit therapy dog organization, is now recognized globally for helping cancer patients in hospital beds to cope with their diseases. These dogs are brought to facilities to interact and cheer up those suffering each day with these diseases.

The dog show will air immediately following the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving. Tune in and judge for yourself what all the excitement is about.

Kyle Bass; A Man Who Repeats His Mistakes Severally

Kyle Bass is a a well known blogger in the hedge fund arena. In the recent past, he offered a theory about the most possible repercussions if Asia experiences credit growth in the next couple of years. Armed with a strategy to match his findings, the Hayman Capital Management managing partner and founder said that banks in China have grown too big when compared to the country’s GDP. He said that the natural result would be a loan-loss cycle and pointed out that the credit fueled growth in Asia would be forced to take a breather and would be forced to decline.

He also said that many institutions in Asia tend to lend very aggressively to China and pointed out that Asian banks would see a lot of trouble in a period of the next two years or so. Though he declined to give specific names, he said that many financial institutions in Asia that lend to China would be the ones getting most affected.

He foresees that because Chinese banks have grown too big in size, they are likely to lose all their equity eventually though China has the capacity and systems to deal with such a predicament. However, he pointed out that if the unfortunate happens, it would literally be the end of double digit growth in the country. He also said that even if China was experiencing growth and the rest of Asia is static,it would still suffer.

Kyle Bass is not new to making headlines. In the past, he has made headlines for the right and wrong reasons. He first of all came to the limelight when he made a kill out the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis when he made a correct prediction of the same. Before that, he had successfully managed to make a name for himself as a movie director and script writer for the movie The Sixth Sense when he got nominated for the two categories respectively for an award.

Out of the two highlights, many saw him as a genius who could do nothing wrong. With time, he proved all of them wrong. The recent months have seen him do very many television interviews giving his opinion on matters related to the financial markets. Most of the times however, the opinions have been wrong a fact that has greatly ruined his professional hedge fund manager image.

As if that is not enough, he has also been involved in making bad friends for his image. One such friend is Cristina Kricher who is loathed by her Argentinian people for the financial mistakes she has done that have cost them. Bass has been using every possible opportunity to defend her even when she knows very well that he is not supposed to.

NBA Ownership- A view from Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson was the previous NBA team owner, an NBA star, an altruist and presently a businessperson based mostly in America. In 1977, he co-founded the United Communications cluster (UCG). He was the start member on the administrators Board with the publicly-traded TechTarget that is an IT business media firm. Levenson was born during a person family in Washington, DC once that he grew up in Chivvy Chase, Maryland. Later on, he joined the Washington University, St. Joseph Louis Barrow wherever he attended the faculty and graduated from a graduate school within the yank University. While attending law classes at night, Levenson started his journalism career among the Washington Star. Bruce loves taking part in golf and basketball, having time at the side of his grandchildren and consumption Maryland hard-shell crabs. As associate degree journeyperson at the side of his better half, he spent four days in Antarctica encampment there. In 1977, Levenson and Peskowitz commenced the UCG that, found in Gaithersburg, Maryland in Elverson’s housing. The firm printed a report (Oil Express) that centered on institutions of the industry. UCG got alternative newsletters and commenced databases as well as the OPIS (Oil worth Info Service). UCG could be a business company that’s in camera owned and focuses on news & trending analysis, data, banking, mortgage, telecommunications, and technology among alternative fields. UCG likewise owns and operates mobile application (Gas Buddy) that helps drivers in locating the prices of gases among their localities. Two front-runners for possession of the Hawks were rising because the extended method to sell the franchise and Philips Arena continues into its 7th month. Many individuals with data of things told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that two teams were thought-about finalists. Current Hawks possession and prospective patrons have signed non-disclosure agreements that forestall them from speaking in public on the sales method. One of the clusters is diode by Mark Rachesky of Lions Gate Entertainment; then brought together by Steve Starker the NY factor. This man Jesse Itzler, has therefore done consulting work mostly for the Hawks and he even attends several games, he is additionally related to the cluster and married to Spanx founder Sara Blakely. The Hawks employed nihilist Sachs- Sports to handle the sales method. Interested teams have had conferences in Atlanta once Preliminary bids were due to February 24 this year. But there is proof that the monetary pain among NBA house owners is real. Contemplate that the Bobcats sale may well be seen as a symbol that, for the primary time in decades, this very may not be a good time to form cash marketing your NBA team. And yet, despite a nasty market, over 1 / 4 of the league is available in some manner. Word on the road is that there could also be even additional groups on the market than that.

Coriant- an Innovative Company

Coriant is a relatively new company that was founded in 2013. Coriant provides businesses and other networks with innovative solutions for their networking. Coriant is by far one of the best companies of its type, even though it is so new. Shaygan Kheradpir is the current chief executive officer of Coriant, who has had a very long career in working in the technological field. Coriant is a groundbreaking company that owns the rights to more than 1,800 patents. Coriant actually holds the record for transmission capacity with more than 57 terabytes per second.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s long career as a business executive in the technological world has helped him succeed at Coriant. Mr. Kheradpir went to college at Cornell University at studied electrical engineering. Mr. Shaygan knew from a very young age that technology would probably advance at an alarming rate and in order to keep up with technology he would need a degree in electrical engineering. This has paid off for Mr. Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir started working for GTE Labs when he graduated from Cornell. They dealt with network systems and everything related to them. Mr. Kheradpir stayed with GTE Labs until they turned into Verizon Communications, where he served as the president of the online division of the company.

Coriant is deeply involved with Tier 1 networking solutions. Coriant was founded by Marlin Equity Partners, where Shaygan Kheradpir was originally employed. Coriant was founded through the merging of Tellabs, Sycamore, and Nokia Siemens in 2013. This company currently has research and development centers in Asia, the United States, and Europe. Coriant is very popular compared to other companies of its type, with more than five hundred clients around the world in six continents (that’s everywhere except Antarctica).

Coriant can provide its clients with just about any type of network that a business or personal client could need. Coriant guarantees their customers that they will be happy with the services provided or else they will be offered a new network configured differently than the one installed previously. Coriant is one of the best networking solution providers in the United States.

FreedomPop Offers Voice, Text and Data over Wi-Fi

FreedomPop has a new offer for a phone that can save you hundreds of dollars a month if you are a data power user who is in range of a Wi-Fi network enough, according to a recent article published on CNET.

By adding a new phone to its line-up, googleplay’s FreedomPop is further cementing its established foothold as the go-to low-cost mobile phone service operator. The Los Angeles-based company already offers several free and low fee plans. The traditional plans use a specific phone with capped limits that are among the cheapest plans available, if customers stay in the range needed to qualify for a $0, $10, or $20 per month plan.

But a Wi-Fi specific phone is designed to save the customer even more money compared to the features offered if used as intended. Whenever you are in range of a qualified Wi-Fi network that you can log on to your phone will use it. The Wi-Fi hotspot will let you send and receive your phone calls using VoIP – or Voice over Internet Protocol. You will be able to send and receive SMS and MMS over the Internet, which you can browse without data limits on the hotspot. The phones will come equipped with access to a cellular network, but will be programmed to use it only as a last resort.

Expecting to launch in 2016, the phones will be priced between $99 and $199. Each model will be based on Intel’s SoFIA platform – an innovative smartphone chip built to be a low cost way to integrate the phone’s modem with its processor. This was developed by Intel specifically to be a cost savings to the end user consumer. Intel Capital is directing funds to FreedomPop to pursue the further development of this chip and the to-be-named new phone.

The phone will be made available in both the United Kingdom and in the US, where after purchase price, it will be available for the $5 a month plan – which grants the user unlimited data, talk and text.

Why CipherCloud is a Leading Internet Security Company in the World

CipherCloud is an internet security company whose headquarters are in San Jose, California. It implements the adoption of cloud based services while at the same time ensuring the security of the users, compliance and control. The company renders its services through the protection of confidential and sensitive cloud data in Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Box,, Chatter and other cloud based services. It also runs Connect AnyApp, which allows its users to simply specify the fields they want on web pages to be encrypted ensuring protection of data formats and operations.

The CEO and chairman of CipherCloud is Pravin Kothari.He founded the company in the year 2010, having previously co-founded ArcSight; another cyber security company, in the year 2000. He, together with a team made up of Varun Badhwar, who previously worked for, among others, built the company and launched it in February 2011. In December 2012, the company opened its Europe headquarters in London, England and added an Australian headquarters the following year.

In February, 2013, the company joined Box Inc.; an online file-sharing and cloud information management service, merging its encryption services into file-sharing and hosting services. CipherCloud then acquired CloudUp Networks creating a software that enabled the user to track data as it moved throughout the cloud environment, therefore restricting it from leaving the cloud environment without authorization.

The company provides cloud based information protection solutions for organizations and enterprises for encrypting their sensitive information, then storing that information in the cloud. It works by enabling the organization to securely adopt cloud applications by overcoming data privacy, data loss prevention, security and regulatory compliance risks. With its high technology platform, CipherCloud protects data in real time, before the information is sent to the cloud through Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE). The data is only decrypted, using locally stored encryption and decryption keys, after the authorized user retrieves it from the cloud. These keys are never shared with the provider of the cloud security services. Data loss, monitoring of the cloud environment and malware detection are also services provided by CipherCloud.

CipherCloud has received great recognition and numerous awards for their different achievements. The CEO, Pravin Kothari was awarded the CEO of the year award at the 10th Info Security Global Excellence Awards. CipherCloud has amassed a large number of users within the relatively short time it has been in existence, having been around for only four years. This translates to greater profits, which the management plans to use to hire more employees, expand their sales and marketing efforts, and open up new markets in other regions. This is bound to attract more investors, whose trust, CipherCloud has managed to achieve. In 2011, Gartner Inc., an American Information Technology research and advisory firm based in Stamford, Connecticut, named CipherCloud one of its best providers of cloud and cyber security.

Beneful Produces Quality and Nutritious Dog Foods

The friendship that exists between dogs and human beings is an amazing one. There are many benefits of keeping a dog as a pet ranging from security provision to good company. Therefore, it is vital to consider giving your dog a balanced diet in order to keep it strong and healthy. Despite being a carnivorous, dogs have undergone evolution over a thousand years, and hence can consume both meat, and non-meat food consumed by human beings. A number of people prepare their own dog diets by mixing ingredients purchased from grocery, and health food stores. While others, purchase commercially manufactured foods. 

The dog food industry experienced revolution in 2007 after international pet-food recalls, and shifted to producing grain free and low carbohydrate foods. Since, the presence of grains was believed to be toxic to dogs due to presences of mycotoxins. Commercial dog food is developed from animal grade ingredients. It is categorized as dry, semi-moist or wet depending on the volume of moisture present. All wet foods undergo sterilization before they are canned. Wet food contains higher volume of moisture, protein and fat when compared to dry foods. Dog owners are required to add protein gels, and grain glutten to wet food to develop artificial meaty pieces.

Beneful Purina brand enjoys a global status in the production and marketing of dog foods. The company has an amazing online presence, their Dog Goldberg Machine is an interesting and educative advert. The advert is consists of noises that can elicit response from dogs. They produce amazing dog products that include wet dog foods, snacks, dry dog food and treats. They have a highly trained team of professionals who are well accomplished in the production of dog food. To ensure your pets are safe and healthy, both the company and its staff are certified and insured. Beneful wet food is composed of diverse ingredients clearly indicated on the packets or cans. They are dedicated to keep your dog fit and joyful. Twenty varieties of wet food enriched with proteins such as chicken, pork, and beef. The textures range from thin cuboid slice to huge hearty chunks. Nutritious product including carrots, rice, barley and green beans are available.

To keep your dog strong and happy, they develop baked delights flavored with cheese, bacon, beef, and butter. Their website is interactive, it consists of well-researched and detailed information about dog products. They provide online shopping to their clients. Their services start with a smile and end with a smile. Beneful encourages every dog owner to bring their dogs when visiting them. This will provide an opportunity for their professionals to have a look at their dogs and advice accordingly. They produce additional dog products such as Purina One, which comprises wet dog food, wet dog food. The company also produces wet cat food and dry cat food. Their ALPO product is designed to add quality and necessary nutrition to wet and dry dog foods. Beneful renovates dog parks, of owners whose dog park designs win the Beneful Dream Dog Park completion held annually.

Brad Reifler Desires To Teach Others About Finance

Wikipedia lists Brad Reifler as a professional in the highly competitive world of finance. He is the CEO of Forefront which is more than just perfect name for the company he is the head of. Brad is constantly on the forefront of the financial industry. He is highly educated and completely aware of when and how the best financial moves are made.

Driving the ship as captain Brad Reifler is aware of everything happening in the commodity industry. It requires, years of experience to be the best. In fact that is why Brad Reifler is perfect for continuing at the helm. He has thirty years of understanding in the market. So he has seen exactly how it can ebb and flow leaving him with supreme knowledge of which direction to take. He doesn’t just guess and run with it. Instead Brad uses his experience to decide the perfect way venture.

He spent 13 years heading up Pali Capital which he was able to rally over 200 million. His expertise is more than valid in just one country. He understands the world market, which take a wealth of knowledge and understanding. The finances of the world constitutes a much bigger dynamic to consider. Brad has the powerful knowledge that he has has found quietly over the years and aspires to do great things for quality people and not just himself.

Brad Reifler not only understands what needs to be done to acquire growth but has become a leader in the world in his ability to also teach others, about finance. Brad has traveled the world going to different countries teaching his knowledge base to people around the world. He desires to teach many the craft that he has learned to create a stable financial future.

The people that Brad desires to help are those that are not in the top percents. He wants to help the people in this world who are the average everyday people. It is his goal to see to it that not just the millionaire gets help stabilizing their wealth but also the small person. He wants everyone to find value in the knowledge that one can and will grow to become someone who can better serve the World. The idea that only the top few percent should and will get ahead is a misnomer. Brad has found it a mission to help everyone he can from the various levels.

Doe Deere Taking the Makeup Industry By Storm

Instagram and YouTube have changed the game for makeup and makeup companies today. The more followers you have the more opportunities you have to getting frequent freebies from makeup companies. Then you go on social media, do a little makeup tutorial and now everyone wants to buy your products. This is how makeup companies today can save so much money on advertising. All it takes is one celebrity to take a picture of themselves wearing the product. MAC Makeup used to be the leader in the industry and while it still may be, there are many new companies chomping at their heels. A study was done on what were the most popular makeup companies today on social media. Anastasia Beverly Hills ranks at number one. This company has always had a high reputation and a huge celebrity following. Almost all celebrity and professional makeup artists carry her products in their makeup kit. Her most popular product is her dip brow palette or her contour kit. Some other popular makeup companies that made the top five are Benefit Cosmetics, Tarte, Kat Von D and NYX.

Doe Deere on limecrime is an innovator in the makeup industry. She was born in Russia but raised in New York City. She is the CEO and found of the amazing makeup line Lime Crime Cosmetics. She’s an eccentric young gal with bright colored blue hair. She has been obsessed with the unnatural when it comes to makeup and people are taking notice. Her products aren’t just meant to conceal your imperfections, her vision is for everyone to use them to showcase their own individual style. After years of not being able to purchase colors that she wanted to wear herself because they were too natural, she created Lime Crime in 2008. With Lime Crime expect vibrant, bold, and intensely pigmented colors that will definitely get you noticed. Not only is Doe Deere a successful business woman, but she also is a mentor for other female entrepreneurs. Doe takes her company very seriously and sometimes spends months trying to come up with a new color or product. Once she has it she develops it as quickly as she can. She’s an excellent person to work for as she was once quoted as saying “Ruling with an iron fist is too old-school and I don’t believe it inspires respect in a leader. I strive to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement”