Why to Invest With Investment Banks in 2016

There are several benefits following investor looking for an easy and inexpensive way to spend their money. Investment banks are an ideal way of investing money as commercial opposed to commercial banks depositing money in fixed accounts. Other than investing, commercial banks provide a range of honest advices in Marketwatch investors that are crucial to making wise decisions. The primary role of the banks is offering trade in securities and equities. They also provide merger and acquisition for companies. For Investors seeking to buy or sell their business, investment banks are the best to approach for such transactions to benefit from the maximum value. Among the benefits of investing in investment banks is diversification. They invest the investor’s funds in diverse and alternative sectors diversifying the risks. Unlike stock exchange that an investor commits his entire capital in one sector, investment banks offer the best diversification of risks to caution the investor against loses. For instance, investors in the tourism industry may suffer losses due to effect of terrorism in the industry. An investor who has invested with investment banks may survive the loss as the investment banks will diversify his investment fund to other sectors like technology and agriculture unlike to suffer the effect. Investment firm are easy to invest in and returns are straight forward. The companies are easy to liquidate when the need arises sparing the investor the long process of recovering his fund incase the market in unpredictable. In the economic crises of 2008, many investors withdrew their funds from investment firms fearing the collapse of the industry. The banks also provide a wide range of options from which an investor can choose from. The guarantee is the money managed by qualified professional and therefore, some security is ensured. The other benefits of investing in investment banks are the ease to choose an investment fund. The banks make it easy for the investor to understand where he/she is spending. The cost of purchase is significantly low with some investment capital available for as low as $1000 deposit. The investor can invest a small amount of money in various investment firms and compare the incomes. Chicago is the home of investment banks, the majority of top 500 fortune companies are headquartered in Chicago. Among the top investment firm investors are investing in is the citadel. The company has operated for the last two decades building trust and good reputation to customers. Citadel is the leading investment company for large institutions like pension funds and university endowments. The company has over 1400 employees with offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. Ken griffin is the CEO and founder of the giant investment firm. He has the company to accumulate over $ 25 billion in asset since founding it in 1990. Griffin is a graduate of economics from the Harvard University. Having started the career at the university, his experience is extensive and remarkable. He also has a generous heart that is dedicating to giving back to the community.

Jon Urbana’s Picture Perfect Marketing

One thing that is important to one’s success is image. Jon Urbana is definitely image conscious. However, that is not all that he is motivated by. He does understand that image is very important to the success of an individual or his business. However, Urbana also understands that he needs to live up to the image in his actions. As people get to know him in person, they get to see the real Jon Urbana. This is where it gets tricky. If the real Jon Urbana is way different from his images, then that could be detrimental to his marketing. At the same time, if all Jon Urbana presents is his image, then that would cause those to believe he is shallow.

Fortunately, there are many ways to show a deeper side of Jon Urbana. For one thing, Jon Urbana shows a lot of intelligence and creativity. It shows in the photos that Jon takes. The vibrant coloring as well as the detailed imagery makes for some of the best and most imaginative photos that one could take. He has shown a lot of professional skill in the photographs that he takes of different images.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

His Facebook account allows him to show his intelligence on different topics that he is interested in. People who Twitter who get to know @jonurbana1 are amazed at the insights that Urbana provides to people that help them not only manage their jobs, but also other aspects of their day to day life. For this reason, many people find Jon Urbana to be trustworthy and intelligent.

Business is the one area where he shows most of his intelligence and willingness to continue learning. He understands the nature of marketing. He knows how to get people to want to buy the products and services that his company is offering. He understands the target audience and looks to bring them the tools that they need.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

One of the ways that he markets every aspect of his life is through the use of videos. He can show his photos and other activities on videos on sites like YouTube. He could also use videos in order to work on his craft of composition if he so chooses.


BMG Chairman Ricardo Annes Guimarães Receives Belo Horizonte’s Diploma Of Merit


BMG Bank President and Chairman, Ricardo Guimarães has been changing the image of banks in Brazil for the last 18 years. He is following in the footsteps of his Grandfather and father. Ricardo has won several awards over the years, but he was especially moved when the City Council of Belo Horizonte honored Guimarães with the Diploma of Merit.

Ricardo Guimarães has put a face on Brazilian banking. A face that represents the people of Brazil. He is one of the bankers that wants to help the people of Brazil get through these difficult economic times. BMG Bank under his guidance is helping people get loans if they have a job and are willing to use their income as collateral. Guimarães spreads that message through his love of football, volleyball, and tennis.

Guimarães was president of the Atlético Mineiro Football Club from 2001 to 2006. BMG Bank still sponsors that football club, and the players still wear the orange BMG logo on their jerseys. Guimarães was also responsible for building the Training Center known as, “Rooster.” That center is considered one of best training centers in the country.

Ricardo continues to contribute to the social development of Brazil, and he has personally invested in the St. Vincent de Paul Foundation and Whale Hospital. Charities mean a lot to Guimarães, and he continues to donate his money and his time to worthy causes.

But there’s no doubt that football is Guimarães first love right after banking. BMG Bank has become one of the most recognized banks in Brazil thanks to Guimarães and his team at the bank. Football has been the vehicle that helps promote BMG Bank’s payroll loans. Football and BMG Bank become one on game days, and when football fans are ready to apply for a loan BMG Bank is one of the first banks they call. Thanks to football sponsorships, BMG Bank can now compete with the state-controlled banks when it comes to making payroll loans.

BMG Bank continues to grow, and Ricardo Guimarães continues to be honored with awards, according to an article published by CMBH.MG.Gov.br.

Ricardo Guimarães and BMG Bank are also sponsoring tennis pro, Marcelo Melo. Melo is preparing for the Olympic Games. Melo will wear the now familiar orange BMG Logo when he is competing. That sponsorship will bring a lot of new customers to BMG Bank. Melo is considered the top doubles player in the world.

Darius Fisher’s Experience Lands Him On The Innovation 50 List

Google is great for searching for things. The search might not be so great for those persons or businesses that are being searched for. When negative, sometimes embarrassing information, appears in the search engines, the results page is going to cause a lot of harm. Darius Fisher spoke about the serious nature of negative results on Google’s first page when he spoke at the popular Impact 15 convention. Fisher noted those results do not change unless new material is published to replace them.

Fisher does more than just talk about the importance of addressing online reputation disasters. As the president and co-founder of Status Labs, Fisher and his team work on fixing things. At the center of his approach to improving online reputations are quality digital marketing principles. His skills at marketing have landed him on the prestigious Innovation 50 list.

The Innovation 50 list is compiled by the editors of PRWeek, a prestigious and influential publication in the public relations, marketing, and promotions industry. To make the list, a person has to deemed someone who contributed significant contributions and innovations in the field of digital marketing. The effective online reputation management work Darius Fisher has performed through Status Labs definitely fits the criteria of being innovative.

The achievements of Status Labs are hard to ignore. Neither is the success Darius Fisher has been able to direct the firm towards. Currently, the company maintains its primary headquarters near the main business district in Austin, TX. Status Labs has also become part of the local Chamber of Commerce and is expanding to other areas. A New York City and San Paulo office have opened and aided in servicing the near-1,500 clients who have sought help and counseling.

The ways in which results are achieved are manifold. Producing new content designed to offset material that is undermining branding and marketing is among the top strategies. Darius Fisher has worked in the past as a political consultant and advertising/marketing copywriter. So, he knows a great deal about how to use digital marketing principles to achieve desirable results. PRWeek has chosen to honor him for his achievements.

Why They Google You Before They Meet You

Nowadays, Google is the new first impression. Research shows that most people will Google a business online before buying anything. They will also avoid companies with poor star ratings and negative ratings. Correcting a bad review also takes time and patience. For Slap Fish owner, Mr. Andrew Gruel, after getting hit with bad reviews responded to each review individually. He dealt with the issues raised and convinced the customers to come again. Those who tried the place again have become permanent customers thanks to his way of dealing with them.
Bad reviews are a bad for a business. A one-star rating and a 5-star rating define or kill a business. These bad reviews are worse if they are there in the last three months. Customers base their decisions on these reviews and YELP has become their go to website. Local businesses have all to gain by engaging these critics.
The power of online reviews has led to the rise of reputation management companies. These companies even track online reviews and try to change their reality. Canned responses are never good for a corporation and they attempt to deal with such reports. Positive reviews can also be used as marketing props very quickly.5-star Reviews on Yelp are put on a company’s website to show just how good they can be.
When all fails, you can contact Status Labs.It is an online reputation company based in Austin Texas. It manages its client’s online presence and posts content to drive up sales and web traffic. It also manages the social media accounts of its customers. It has grown from inception in 2011 to having over 100 employees and offices in New York, San Francisco and Sao Paolo.
Status labs through its CEO posts advice online on how to manage your profile online. It is leading the current revolution on PR as everything goes global. Do you know your online Image? Log out your browser account, clear your history and google yourself. Do you like what you see? That’s your new 1st impression.

Yeonmi Park’s True Life Story

Until she was 14-years-old, freedom was a foreign concept the Yeonmi Park. Park and her mother began their daring escape from the confines of North Korea when she was 13-years-old on March 31, 2007. During the long flight through China, the Gobi desert, and the Mongolian border, Yeonmi faced many an obstacle. After nearly a year of hard traveling, they finally reached South Korea. Her sick father managed to escape and join them soon after, but his illness overtook him and he died not long afterward. For all of the time he was with his family in this new world, he was never able to enjoy its freedoms. Since that time, Park has risen to become one of the leading human rights speakers in the world. However, Yeonmi has also not been without her critics. These critics point out that some of her stories don’t agree with each other. Like a champion, she returns that she has had to change details in some of her stories in order to protect friends and family still living in North Korea. She has also been ridiculed for only recently saying she was sexually molested by the guys who helped in the escape. She says shame kept her quiet for so long. She didn’t want to admit she was raped when only 13 years old. She has also said some mistakes came about because she still does not speak English very well. All of this understandable. However, it can also be frustrating for everyone else in the world. We have only the word of North Korean refugees about how life is lived in their country? Despite this criticism that her inconsistent stories create only confusion, Yeonmi is determined to reveal the truth on Youtube about North Korea. For a fuller look at this story, follow this link: https://reason.com/blog/2015/11/15/yeonmi-parks-north-korean-defector-story

Take A Fresh Look At Skout To See What They Have To Offer

On the website The Nation, they’ve listed several applications that should be downloaded, especially if a person is looking to get the most out of their cell phone or portable device. These applications include ones that allow people to stream videos, an application that allows a person to edit videos, and Skout made the list of downloads as well. The reason why Skout made the list is because of its usability as well as the fact that it’s a good social media network.

Skout is not new to being added to many lists out there because top ten lists of dating applications have been created that included Skout as well as being on the list of some of the best applications to download. Skout is an excellent meeting place for those who are simply looking to have fun online and to meet others like themselves, whether the person is near or far. Skout has become its own best friend by adding more features to the network than it had when it was first created.

Although Skout was made as a way for people to socialize, those who like dating one another on the network made it popular enough for Skout to change into a dating site. Although dating is the main advertising point for the Skout network, many also go to Skout to socialize, which is completely understandable. A lot of different organizations, groups, and friendships has started on the Skout network, and it all starts by chatting. Two people can start talking to each other, which then snowballs into additional people joining into the conversation.

The more people that choose to join in the conversation, the more likely it is that they all will find something in common, and a group or organization can be started afterward. Some choose to start a group that focuses on movies or shows, which is becoming very popular these days. Many will chat with each other on the Skout network, especially about some of the shows that they really enjoy. Some who go on the Skout network may also find interest in talking about exercise, and it’s possible that they may meet in person to exercise several times throughout the month.

With all the possibilities that using the Skout network holds, it’s no wonder why many people have made Skout their home base when it comes to meeting new people. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to socialize with others, especially if it’s in person, so that’s why networks like Skout have become so popular. Two people who find it hard to talk to others in person may find themselves being very bold on the Skout network and talking to someone they’ve never met before. Skout also offers great opportunities to meet people who are in international locations, which can help people to learn about other cultures. Anyone who wants a network that’s free, fun, and filled with people should join the Skout network.

About Nashville’s Real Estate Boom And Scott Lumley’s Business Acumen

In a recent event, Nashville city announced that it was seeing real estate opportunities better now that it is an 18 hour city. The observation was made when it held its annual Emerging Real Trends in Real Estate event. Many participants in the forum noted that the city’s real estate community faced a lot of challenges and opportunities that include the absorption of new units in new apartment buildings as well as the new class A office blocks spaces that have been commanding $40 per square foot.

More than 200 participants attended the event and many said that the city had become an 18 hour city and were optimistic that being such, it would mean that there is a relatively low cost of doing business and the cost of living as well. Many participants said that such a nature yields growth and very many development opportunities.

The participants expressed confidence that there are still a lot of development opportunities that the city has yet to make use of. For instance, one speaker said that in the very near future, the city might start seeing Class A office buildings fetching not less than $40 per square foot. The city’s market blew through the $30 barrier at a rate that nobody expected and currently, every new building is commanding not less than $36 per square foot.

Scott Lumley is a successful Nashville real estate person. Many consider him an epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit and those who have in the past had the chance to interact with him term it as both an inspiration and education. Lumley is the President of different businesses that include an online shop that sells electronics in both retail and wholesale, an auction website that sells items comprehensively as well as a chain of retail stores that sell overstock merchandise.

Scott Lumley Takes Over the Wholesale World from scottlumley01

Scott Lumley’s success is real. In the last three years, his three entities combined managed to earn him not less than $47 million. He believes that his most precious key to success is seeing his hard work pay off. He believes that hard work is a journey that must be traveled by anyone who wants to taste success.

New Property Planned for Entrepreneurs and Other Comanies from scottlumley01

When doing business, he rarely puts all his eggs in a single basket. He believes that no success lasts forever and for that reason, he invests in different niches. Scott Lumley started small and is currently among the creme de la creme in the niches his businesses operate in.

Sam Tabar Talks about Evading Problem Products in Commodities Investment

Sam Tabar is a famous lawyer and capital strategist based in the city of New York. Tabar started his career as a partner at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP following his graduation from Law School of Columbia. When working at Skadden, Taber advised customers on hedge fund creation and structure, investment management contracts, confidential placement memoranda, employment matters, side letters and regulatory and compliance matters.

Commodities are all about research and making a careful investment. For you to make a perfect decision, you have to do a comprehensive research and explore the history of the goods, and to invent a logical prediction on the ways the commodity can perform in the future. However, another issue that Tabar always calls interest to is surveillance of the problem goods. As the ex-head of Asia pacific capital introduction at Merrill Lynch, he absolutely recognizes the things to consider when it comes to a secure commodity investment.

Evading poorly controlled funds is important in establishing a sensible income on your investment. Take the US Natural Gas Fund for instance. The UNG has dropped over 75 per cent, making terrific losses for the individuals who invested early. Devoid of the appropriate foresight, they ran out shares to give out. Regardless of the appeal to the S.E.C, that yielded endorsement for the formation of more shares, UNG has not taken any action.

Sam has said on Twitter that the similar nature of dilemma is experienced with the United States Oil Fund. The USO is believed to yardstick the cost of WTI light sweet crude oil. The share cost of USO is above 50 percent lower that latest crude oil prices. It implies that this is a no-go investment for those people who want to buy and sell goods with exact and updated pricing.

These are the type of things that you need to watch out for, or else you may end up sinking huge amount of money into an investment that is managed poorly. For that reason, research is the name of the game when it comes to commodities. The more research you carry out, the better for you. This is going to offer you with insight, and the knowledge of how the market is performing constantly over time. On top of that, you will as well get inspiration on how the commodities are being managed. You need to focus on the commodities that are managed perfectly, and always evade the minefield of negligence that comes with commodities investment in any country, or any kind of commodity.

Mr. Tabar can be contacted through his Thumbtack page, and more information about his career can be sought on About.me.