The Success of the New Steelers Fashion Campaign

Whether you are a football fan or not, you have most likely seen Steelers merchandise in your town. Regardless of where you are in the United States, you are bound to run into Steelers Merchandise. There are many improvements to the Steelers line of merchandise that have been put into place over the last few years. These improvements have been shifted even further in our modern world now as there is a whole new fashion campaign coming about. Susan McGalla is the new director of strategic planning for the Steelers. She has been able to bring her knowledge from HFF Company of fashion and design to the table when it comes to this new line of Steelers fashion. She has worked at the helm of many different fashion-oriented companies helping them to bring their fashions to a whole new level. She has brought this knowledge base and skill to the table when it comes to the new changes with the Steelers merchandise. Susan McGalla has had a great deal of success in both business and fashion. Susan McGalla has a keen intuition when it comes to the new fashion trends that are just on the horizon. This is very important to take into account when you are looking at her new role with the Steelers. She is able to use her skills to create a fashion line for the Steelers that makes Steelers merchandise appealing to individuals who are not even football fans. This will help to promote the Steelers brand more than ever before.

Help Sanjay and Operation Autism Rocks Help Autism Research

How many people will run into a person or child with Autism and automatically distinguish them as a troubled individual? How many people will overlook the communication and behavior problems because they understand that the child or adult has Autism? This is what the world is up against. People do not understand a disorder or disease so they label people as troublemakers or disruptive individuals before they understand. We know Autism is one of those disorders that children may have and is difficult to treat. Autism can cause the child to be disruptive in school, can cause people to look twice and the child or parent for their parenting skills, and can cause bad feelings among the people that are involved.
Researching Autism can help people to understand this a little better. This will help others tolerate better. Some parents are unable to afford to have treatment or research done so they depend on charities such as the Go Fund Me Campaign or the Aid for Autism. These charities are set up and managed by individuals that are hoping to help. Snoop Dog and Sanjay are working together to help Autism by setting up the Autism Rocks campaign. Sanjay went one step further by setting up a Go Fund Me page for Autism. The campaign promises to raise money for research and to help children that are unable to afford what they need to fight autism.
Sanjay and his beautiful wife are proud to show off their 3 children on facebook. Dubai and Snoop make one good looking photo choice to be on Sanjay’s Facebook page. Sanjay a wonderful business man is helping with this and is enjoying the time he is spending working with Snoop Dog and his entourage of people. Check them out on Facebook and make sure you contribute to Autism Rocks or The Go Fund Me for Autism.

Kyle Bass and His Outlook on the Market

Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Capital Management gave his outlook on the 2016 market as well as the impact of the volatility being experienced in China on America at the “Halftime Report”. A majority of the key industry players are considering peaked profits as the real reason behind the slowdown in China. Bass holds the view that it is actually the banking system of China that is the root cause of this problem. Bass compares the situation in China now to that of the European crisis that happened recently. In both instances the banking systems had outgrown the GDP at a worrying pace. The banking system in China is estimated to be at $35 trillion dollars against a $10 trillion GDP. He foresees losses and credit cycle coming yet the investors seem not to be worried enough. He was bearish on his outlook on the U.S. markets which he believes will experience a downturn of between 10-20% by end of the year. He cited the lacking credit growth in the emerging markets as the real problem but the situation will not be worse like the financial crisis that was experienced globally.

Bass who made international headlines and his fortune back in 2006 when he correctly predicted the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 seems to have lost his magic touch. He has made several bad calls after bad calls and at times before the public on TV. He is also on record for making alliances that are unsavory like the one with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina. Every economic literate professional blames Cristina for the bad economy of her country but Bass has always defended and praised her. Kyle at one time also attempted to shift the blame on the deaths caused by GM’s vehicles airbags that were non-deploying to the passengers themselves in order to make something out of his investment in GM. He claimed that the passengers could have been either drunk or they had failed to wear the seatbelts.

UsefulStooges was one of the first to expose that Kyle Bass had business ties with Chris Kyle (American Sniper) that have made the widow of the late Chris, Taya, to be embroiled in a lawsuit that is messy with one of the subordinates of Bass at Hayman. The subordinate has been accused of unethical behavior of all kinds. In another instance, Bass and Erich Spangenberg colluded in the ‘world’s most notorious patent roll’ pitting several pharmaceutical firms. They short-sold their stocks and then challenged their patent or several of them using a front organization known as Coalition for Affordable Drugs. He had set up this particular coalition to be used precisely for this purpose. His recent involvement in the above schemes and small-time con schemes are attributed to the dismal time he has been facing in recent years.

Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out Against Human Right Abuses

In the last few centuries, humans around the world have come to realize that humans are endowed with certain specific rights. As human beings, people are inherently given the right to do certain things such as seek out justice in local courts and protest freely when such human rights are not met. In many places around the world, human rights abuses are quite common unfortunately. As a result, those who observe such places have often been forced to lodge a protest in order to bring attention to such problems. A highly effective international protest can help bring justice to any part of the world.

This is true of Angola. Angola is one of the leading nations of Africa. Unfortunately, Angola’s rulers have not done much to help their own people. As a recent article points out, long time Angolan leader José Eduardo dos Santos has done little to provide for the needs of ordinary Angolans and much to violate many accepted standards of behavior here. His leadership of Angola has been highly flawed and often many actions that violate the human rights of those living there. This is why people were dismayed when Nicki Minaj, one of America’s most respected recording artists choose to play a recent concert in Angola.

Many human rights critics have been understandably unhappy with her choice to play here. One such critic is Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen is one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject of human rights abuses. As head of the Human Rights Foundation, he has helped draw attention to the plight of those living under less than ideal leadership in many places around the globe. His work has included many articles about problems of all kinds that have appeared in various important newspapers in many important world cities. His work has also included making films that are designed to help call out such abuses and bring them to the attention of people all over the world.

Halvorssen has long been involved in the area of world human rights. His work has included many protests about specific places where human rights abuses have been far too common. As a result of his passionate efforts, he has been able to help provide people in such places with the opportunity to speak out to the world and be heard. It was this passion that led to the founding of the important Human Rights Foundation.

Choosing The Right Attorney in NY City To Handle Your Case

Are you dealing with a legal issue in New York City? Looking for a reliable attorney in New York City to handle your case? Every day, many people search for competent lawyer to advice or guide them through the process of resolving a legal matter. If you find yourself in a legal conflict or dispute in NY, or if you simply need the advice of a lawyer on a legal issue, it is imperative that you hire the services of a reputable attorney in New York City.

As it goes with any profession, some attorneys are better than others when it comes to quality of service. When searching for the right attorney for your situation, it is important to look for the qualities that meet your needs. A good or attorney must absolutely be able to communicate with the clients and other individuals. The attorney should also possess the ability to communicate properly and clearly with the judge and other parties involved in the case.

An accomplished attorney will need to possess the flair of persuasiveness. The attorney must definitely know how to persuade or convince an opposing counsel, jury, judge and even his client, thoroughly regarding vital issues of the case. Having the power of persuasion is an extremely essential aspect of settling conflicts and reaching a favorable outcome. When it comes to choosing a good attorney in New York City, look no further than Ross Abelow. With a competent attorney on your side, you can rest assured that your legal matter will receive the attention that it deserves.

Ross Abelow is a prominent attorney in New York City, with many years experience in Matrimonial, Family and Commercial Litigation Law. Ross Abelow’s reputation as an attorney has grown over the years, and he has provided top notch services to many individuals and businesses. Ross Abelow has substantial experience representing high profile clients from all walks of life, and has earned a great name in the legal community.

When Ross Abelow is presented with a case, he takes the time to research the matter and evaluate all circumstances surrounding the matter and then develops an effective legal strategy for the best possible outcome. Ross Abelow understands that legal issues can be complex and difficult to deal with. That’s why he is committed to offering you with the service and representation you deserve.

Check out Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe campaign!

George Soros is Right

George Soros was born in Hungary. He fled to Britain and studied at London School of Economics in London. Soro started his career path as a banker with an investment bank in London. Some years later he went to the United States and initiated the hedge fund company of Soros Fund Management. The company later became a well-known and reputable Quantum fund. George Soros is among the wealthiest people in the world, a philanthropist and donates to various society foundations. He is also an author of numerous books.
George Soros being a reputable financial market analyst is correct when he said there will be market turmoil like the one experienced in 2008 during an economic forum in Sri-Lanka. The U.S has already experienced the pinch after a near 5% decline in the stock market averages within a week. Soros predictions are proven to be right.In fact, what led to a crisis in the financial markets back in the year 2008 is worse. 2016 financial crisis will be higher attributed to the fact that because the level of debt has significantly increased increasing the Debt-GDP ratio to worrying trend as compared to 2008.
When the level of debt is so high, the debt to GDP ratio decreases. Consequently, it causes the decline in economic growth. In China, debt has doubled from levels before the global financial crisis in 2008 as in the case in 2016.Currently her Debt – GDC ratio is at 240%. However, the Peoples Bank of China has reduced the interest rates to encourage borrowing to increase money in circulation. China being an important economic hub, its market crisis is felt global.
Several institutions have undertaken corrective measures to help curb the foreseen crisis. The head of the International Monetary Fund- IMF also was almost sure that the money markets will be unfavorable in the year 2016. Soros previous prediction in the year 2008 was vital and as it laid a benchmark on investors decision to invest. It is arguably correct for investors to believe this respected economist when making investment decisions as Soros prophesy has already started to be felt.
The current increase in the interest rates by the Federal Reserve is also an indication of the actual state of affairs as it cedes the control to the market and reduces the chances of a booming for the markets. Further information on George Soros predictions check

1. com/george-soros-is-right-22082

Corporate Compliance Officers Are in High Demand

Helane Morrison has a very impressive resume. She is currently the Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is on the Executive Committee of said firm. In 2007, Ms. Morrison was the head honcho for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), San Francisco Office. She was the first female to serve as chief. Ms. Morrison’s duties involved litigation, securities enforcement, and setting up regulations for other regions.

From 1986 to 1996, Ms. Morrison served as an attorney for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, et al. In 1991, the firm made her a partner. Part of her work experience involved litigation, SEC related cases and defended clients embroiled in class action suits. She also conducted internal corporate investigations. Ms. Morrison serves on the following boards: Regional Parks Foundation and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Ms. Morrison majored in Journalism and obtained a B.S. degree from Northwestern University. She received her J.D. from the University of Berkley, California School of Law. 

One of the fastest growing careers is that of a Compliance Officer. A Compliance Office is responsible for making sure that programs are in place to help prevent fraud and fix ethical problems by conducting audits, risks assessments, and investigating any wrong doings. The demand for Compliance Officers is growing. Some industries get more regulations than others due to the nature of the business. For example, banks, insurance companies, and gambling establishments are heavily regulated. 

Compliance Officers heavily target the gaming industry. They have to have the right licenses. Employees have to have the proper permits. Surveillance cameras are used to monitor actions of casino workers. The Compliance Officer’s job is to make sure that companies are following the rules set up by the Commission. Additionally, the Compliance Officers steer employees from significant errors that would cause legal actions for the organization. 

Compliance Officers have the ability to influence the leadership of a company. Some bosses look the other way when things go awry. Most of the time, they don’t know what to do. A Compliance Officer can prevent major mishaps for companies. They will let bosses know what type of activities will trigger a lawsuit or an audit. 

The field of Compliance Officer is open for new hires due to the tremendous regulations imposed on individual businesses. As a result, a few universities have a formal degree program for people who want to become Compliance Officers.

An Overview of Greg Hague and Real Estate Mavericks

According to an article published on Forbes magazine, Greg Hague, the founder of Real Estate Mavericks, has played major role in the residential real estate sector for more than 30 years. Hague is an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is also a lawyer, author, and also a law professor. He is best known for shaking real estate industry where he has created a number of real estate companies that are famous across the U.S. Hague noted that the general process of selling residences has not changed over the last 75 years.


According to him, Amazon strategies are not applied when selling real estate. After conducting his research, Hague found out that home sellers are losing between 3-8 percent of the price of the homes due to current inefficiency. People are still using traditional methods where real estate agents are consulted and erects a sign on the property, the home is placed in MLS, a few ads are made, open days are held, and then a buyer is found. Hague thinks this strategy should not be applied in the 21st century, and compares it to a grocer who places a loaf of bread on the shelf.


Hague says it more sophisticated to launch an iPhone costing $500, than to place a home worth $500,000 on the market. He intends to turn things around in this sector using his latest venture, Real Estate Mavericks. This is a real estate coaching firm, where Hague has developed crucial steps and formula that home sellers should follow when placing their property on the market. Real Estate Mavericks will educate home sellers on the process and steps that would increase demand on their property because according to Hague, the value of a property is determined by the time it has stayed on the market.


One of the step contained in the 22-Step Home Launch Formula, is to follow a set sequence before erecting a yard sign and also before placing the home on MLS. The listing agents will use marketing strategies like amazing home at remarkable price coming soon, to attract the attention of potential buyers and increase the demand of that property. Hague says that buyers tend to pay more for homes when they are exposed out there for all to see.


Greg Hague is a real estate expert who has worked in this industry for 35 years. So far he has build several real estate firms that are among the best performers in the United States. Hague is ranked among the top agents dealing in luxury homes. Previously he served at Wall Street Journal as a real estate specialist and has trained more than 10,000 top real estate brokers in the U.S.

A Few Facts About Shaygan Kheradpir That You Should Know

In September 2015, Coriant, a proven supplier of networking solutions in not less than a 100 countries announced that Shaygan Khedrapir had taken over as the new Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman. He joined the company after having worked very close with it in the Senior Management team as an Operating Manager at Marlin Equity Partners. He assumed the new role and pledged to try his level best when matters related to driving the company forward are concerned. His leadership was expected to strengthen the company so that it competes much effectively in today’s dynamic and competitive markets.

He replaced Pat DiPietro as the CEO, who assumed the Vice Chairmanship position as well as the Operating Partner at Marlin. Pat had previously managed to guide Marlin in various portfolio development initiatives and integration.

Shaygan is not new to telecommunication management matters. He has a lot of of experience in matters related to the telecommunications industry. His experience combined with leadership was expected to play a vert vital role when matters related to leading the company to bigger heights are concerned. Coriant was by the time of making the announcement making plans to build a multi-terabit coherent metro, a hyper-scale data center, long haul transport deployments, different mobile backhaul upgrades as well as cloud infrastructure build outs.

Shaygan said that he was attracted to Coriant because the company has a comprehensive portfolio of data networking and packet optical solutions. The company also backs all its services with world class innovation that plays a tremendous role when matters related to expanding the customer base and global reach are concerned. He said that as the market drivers intensify the need for better and more efficient services, the company was better positioned to provide its customers with networking solutions that are cost disruptive and that are customized to handle the highest degree of optimization.

The company Board of Directors was also honored and happy to welcome Shaygan saying his strategic insight and able leadership will be needed in the company. Shaygan is a recognized name in the business and telecommunication circles. He has not less than 28 years experience in matters related to the telecom, financial and telecommunication industries. He started his career in GTE Corporation and moved on to other companies like Barclays and Verizon.

While at Verizon, he was the company’s Chief Information Officer as well as an Executive Board member. He played a very integral role in modernizing and creating more efficient systems in the company. When he joined Barclays, he was the Chief Operations and Technology Officer and made history as the first technology member of staff to sit in the Executive Board. After a few years at Barclays, he would later join Juniper Networks in the Chief Executive Officer position from where he joined Coriant. He is a Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor’s holder from Cornell University.

He has in the past also registered different patents that are related to his line of work. He is a good example of a professional who works thoroughly hard at work, therefore, getting very good results.

A Campaign to Raise $1 Million for the Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Many people in the Chicago area have heard of Majeed Ekbal. His name is well-known in the real estate investment community. He has made in many successful real estate transactions. He is also well-known because of his business called Expresso Inc. This is a grocery delivery service that helps individuals who lead a busy life. The business allows individuals to go on the Internet and find groceries from local stores. They can shop at chain grocery stores or even smaller specialty stores. Expresso Inc. will allow a customer to have those groceries delivered to them for a small fee.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Majeed Ekbal has set up a Go Fund Me campaign for the April 2015 earthquake victims in Nepal. He wants to raise $1 million to provide medical and disaster relief for the individuals who were affected by the earthquake. That earthquake registered 7.8 on the Richter scale. It destroyed many homes, businesses and well-known buildings. It even triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, which killed at least 19 people. That was the deadliest day ever on Mount Everest and touched the hearts of many in the climbing community. In total, more than 9,000 people were killed in the disaster. More than 20,000 were injured, and hundreds of thousands were left homeless. Even though many individuals and organizations have worked hard to help the victims, there are still many who are suffering. Majeed Ekbal plans to use the million dollars he raises to help the victims. He will contribute the money to a crowdrise campaign.

He appreciates all donations that are given, no matter if they are large or small. The reason why Majeed is especially concerned about this cause is because he has many friends who live in Nepal. He has heard firsthand about the devastation that has taken place in the country and wants to help. He has donated to the fund and will continue to do so. He hopes that others will be motivated to help the victims to not only have the money to get suitable housing, but also to get the medicine and food they need.