Jon Urbana and his Philanthropic Passion

Jon Urbana is a Denver native and currently resides there. Since an early age he has been very passionate about the environment as well as the sport of lacrosse. He annually hosts a lacrosse camp which is attended by many children from around the country. Inspired by their passion for the environment along with his own he has decided to make the beneficiary of the GoFundMe campaign which he started earlier this year, Earth Force. Earth Force is very similar to what Jon Urbana was doing through his youth lacrosse camps and empowering and shaping the next generation when it comes to environmental causes. By doing so they improve the local environments in the area as put an emphasis on the natural beauty of the earth we live on.

Jon Urbana is a well-known cofounder of the lacrosse camp, Next Level Lacrosse. He was inspired by the youth that attended the camps for their passion and commitment to keep our planet clean. Earth Force was therefore the best advocate to support when it came to creating awareness and raising money for the cause.

Earth Force is based in Denver Colorado and is a non profit organization that focuses on empowering todays youth to become activists as well as teach them about renewable source of energy and an overall clean future for our planet. The goal of Jon Urbana and Earth Force is to raise a total of $1750 in order to get more children and youth in general actively involved in environmental issues. Having grown up in Colorado, Jon has learned to appreciate the hard work that goes into running a business and this passion drives him to educate other and create the awareness necessary to ensure a clean and pollutant free planet.

Wikipedia Provides New Networking Opportunities

What would you say if we told you that science students and professors are turning to Wikipedia as an outlet for all their term paper needs? You may think it sounds crazy but that is exactly what’s happening at many top Universities across the nation.

Recently, many professors are having students write their thesis on the popular Wikipedia platform. This is due to a multitude of reasons but primarily boils down to visibility and the desire to ensure accurate content is posted. For academic professionals, the idea of having students contribute to Wikipedia is the perfect solution.

When we do an internet search, one of your top results is likely a Wikipedia page. This only further proves what a useful tool Wikipedia has become. The sheer volume of quality material is not only a boon for academia but also provides a plethora of opportunity for businesses and professional organizations to reach target audiences. 

This is why businesses are turning to professional Wiki writers like the ones at GetYourWiki. Hiring Wiki experts with a knowledge of networking and content management is key to ensuring a visible online presence. 

The Wikipedia writers at GetYourWiki understand the powerful nature of this platform. They work with their clients from start to finish to cover every possible facet of designing your custom content. They even offer a money back guarantee if your page gets taken down or rejected for any reason!

The wide range of people that can benefit from this Wikipedia editing service ranges from businesses, charities and even scientific communities. The possibilities are truly limitless and GetYourWiki will continually monitor your page to ensure that it retains its relevant and reliable content. Let them show you what building an online presence is truly about!

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Exposing the Bad, Helping the Good: Helane Morrison’s Climbing to the Top

When the economy suffered it’s global economic crisis in 2007, he business industry was shown for what they really were, corrupt. Many people couldn’t believe the chaos that was going on around them. As the economy they knew came crashing down, people didn’t know who to trust with their money anymore. All faith was lost in Wall Street, particularly the banks. Many people wondered if these businesses could commit fraud and lie for so many years, what would they do with your money?

Nine years later, not much trust has been gained back by Wall Street. Still to this day many people have little to no trust in Wall Street. People now days know there is no guarantee your investments will be safe. You need to conduct research and educate yourself in your investments, but some find that the right information is just not out there. This may be when you decide to hire a broker, someone who buys and sells your assets for you. The negative to this is when you hire brokers, you run the risk of having your investments exploited by not so trustworthy brokers. In essence, someone needs to be watching over and making sure both parties are following security laws and trading regulations. That is where Helane Morrison comes in to play.

Helane Morrison is a self-made pioneer from Brooklyn who’s quickly changing the face of finance. Morrison completed her Bachelors degree in Journalism at Northwestern University in Illinois. After that, she moved west to continue her education at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. Here, she went on to complete her Juris Doctor degree. After being admitted to practice, Morrison gained excellent experience working as a law clerk at the US Court of Appeals for the 7th circuit. 

In 1986 she moved to the law office of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, and Rabkin. She worked a long, awarding ten years in business litigation and defense of private securities. They went on to make her a full partner in 1991. With her team, Morrison successfully supervised many major investigations on corrupt traders. She was the first woman to be appointed to the position of Regional Director at the SEC on San Francisco. Morrison went on to thirty more years of experience with different companies, and she’s still going strong today. It’s no wonder she was named the Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business and Public Sector on four different occasions. 

You can learn more about Morrison’s accomplishments on her Bloomberg page or by checking out her LinkedIn here:

Yeonmi Park Defends the Printed Story of Her Life

Human Rights activist Yeonmi Park has become a writer that has received some critical acclaim. She has also received scrutiny from critics that that are unable to digest the full depth of her story. According to, there are a critics that are questioning the accuracy of her story.

Yeonmi Park sees this as an attack on her character. She is not taking this lightly because she feels like this is her platform for her human rights mission. A lot of light has been shed on North Korea, and this negative light is one that is meant to stop the brutality that other women must endure.

North Korea is an area where a lot of change is happening, but some critics are opposing the platform that Yeonmi Park has. She is standing strong to the story that she has put on paper. She wrote what she remembers to the best of her ability. She knows her truth, and she wants the rest of the world to know her truth as well. A lot of other people from North Korea are frightened to speak out because of Kim Jong Un. He has this oppressive role in North Korea and this is part of the opposition that Yeonmi Park will face. Yeonmi Park is on American soil now though, and she is ready to combat the critics by becoming the mouthpiece for all that cannot speak out.

What Yeonmi Park has managed to do in recent months is do more public speaking and interviews to fight back against those that are criticizing her. She has to become someone that is able to do more for people that are still enduring this struggle by speaking out. Park feels like this is her duty. She knows that she can play a huge part in helping this type of abuse stop if Yeonmi Park speaks out. She also knows that her progressed can be halted if she lets the critics poke holes in the recollection of her life story. That is why is continues to defend herself and her accounts of her past every chance that she gets.



Dog Food Industry: Healthy And Nutritious Is The Future

Beneful is a dog food company that is owned by Nestle Purina Petcare. The company has been producing food for the market since 2001. Consumers can choose from Beneful dry dog food, wet dog food or dog treats. Each of those categories then has plenty of recipe options. Consumers will be able to choose from ingredient combinations like chicken, tomato, wile rice and carrots and beef, carrots, barley and peas.

In each Beneful packet, there is also a variety of shapes and sizes of food. There are some pieces that are thick and chunky and other pieces are thin and crispy. All of the ingredients in every box of food of snacks has freshness ensured. Purinastore’s Beneful does this through a tracking system. They track every ingredient from when it arrives at the factory to when it is sold on a store shelf.

The latest trends in the Beneful pet food industry were described in an article by the Daily Herald. In the article, the President of the Puro Research Group, George Puro, stated that all of the dog food companies are just trying to come up with the next innovation that pet owners have to have. One of the popular innovations that is starting to take off is that pets should eat like their owners. The innovation seems to be working as the sale of premium pet food has shot up to 10.5 billion dollars. This is an increase of 45 percent since 2009.

Blue Buffalo, one of the big innovators in the industry is utilizing this trend and analysts expect it to pay off with an expected revenue of 1 billion dollars. The company is known for making nutritious dog food with Rover’s chicken and lamb mixed into whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Some other companies, rather than innovate, are acquiring. Purina decided to buy Merrick Pet Care last year so that they could gain their title of certified organic. Purina now also gets to produce Merrick’s Backcountry line of interesting and popular recipes including Pacific Catch and Game Bird.


Securus Helps Law Enforcement

Analytical tools are big in the corrections industry. There are a lot of companies like Securus Technologies that are building a bridge for investigators to wrap up cases much sooner. This company has a multitude of tools on the market that I discovered in my research of this organization.

I had a school assignment to check out a mid-sized business that was thriving and research how the company came to the point that they were at. I had a brother that was working for the Department of Corrections. He was telling me about something call THREADS, an analytic tool that was used on his job. He told me that the company that produced this was called Securus and it sounded really interesting. I decided to look this company up and I discovered something amazing while doing so.

This is an organization that has made more than 800 products for law enforcement. This was a staggering number to me. It instantly made me want to know more about the analytics industry for corrections. I would learn that this patented tool was made by Securus, and it allowed investigators like my brother to discover things like fraternization that happens inside of prison systems. That was mind-blowing to me. I had no idea that something like this could be done.

I would become very impressed by what Securus has managed to do with things like video surveillance and video visitation. This is one of the coolest things on the market for corrections. This allows people to actually visit with their family members without even coming to the prison. I thought that this was a cool concept because there was an app that allowed people to do this from their phones ( I was impressed by this company and the professor was also very impressed.

What my profession wants to know was how I could I came across the company. I told him that my brother had worked with Securus software and he was very pleased with the products from this company. It is an organization that is flying low on the radar, but it certainly has a lot of good products. I was impressed with the position of this company, and I think that it will continue to produce quality law enforcement products. I would definitely invest in this company if it ever goes public. It has a background for success coupled with good leadership. 

FreedomPop’s Efforts To Fund Global Wifi

In a recent posting by PC Mag, FreedomPop announces their recent developments in terms of funding gains and future plans to expand their network. The company has raised an extraordinary amount of funding to amp up their network, which is good news to residents in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company started in Los Angeles, and it has since brought on a large number of happy customers. The best part of this, for consumers, is that they are not required to sign a contract, and FreedomPop’s basic plan is actually altogether free.

The free service that FreedomPop has to offer its customers has a data usage of 200 MB, a talk time allowance of 200 minutes and a text message allowance of 200 messages to be sent or received. Those figures are set to roll over, and there are bigger plans for folks that need more time on their phones. Some people even decide to use FreedomPop in addition to their regular carrier. In case you don’t know how the company works, they are able to offer these deep discounts to people due to the fact that they buy in bulk from the major phone companies.

Funding Efforts And Plans To Expand

The recent round of funding for FreedomPop landed the company 50 million dollars to expand their network capabilities. The company has decided to use the funds to allow their customers in the U.S. and the U.K. to have wifi throughout the planet. Their global wifi hotspot will be available in 25 countries, which will save travelers a great deal of hassle in their arrangements. They plan to expand it, of course, to cover 40 countries by 2017. The network will work in a way to seamlessly allow travelers to move throughout these countries.

Fido’s Fare: How Dog Food Is Changing to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dog food. People food. For years, dog owners have viewed these as two very different things. But according to a recent article in Chicago’s Daily Herald, the times are changing, and the two are starting to look a lot more alike. Recent years have seen a focus on healthier food for humans. Organic food, avoiding preservatives, and the freshest ingredients are just a few of the newest trends. But now there’s a new family member joining in the health food craze: the family dog. While healthier dog food options have long been available, recent years have seen a surge in popularity. Health benefits aren’t just for the pricey brands anymore, either: many of the big names are joining in the fun. Purina is just one example of a company that has upped the ante for its furry clientele over the past couple of years. Their foray into fresher and healthier options began when Purina bought Merrick Pet Care, which was previously known for being the first company to offer dog food that was certified organic. Next came new innovations to Purina’s existing Beneful products, all aimed at supporting healthier nutrition. How does your dog stand to benefit from these new developments? Many of the newer, healthier dog food options are targeted to meet your pup’s unique, individual needs. Purina Beneful has developed its new “Bright Minds” formula, which is geared toward supporting older dogs with energizing and easier-to-process triglycerides. Other food options focus on supporting your dog’s weight loss, dietary restrictions, and even conforming to the Paleo diet. While the newest developments in canine cuisine can be a pricier than their old-school counterparts, experts don’t expect the trend to change anytime soon. Pets have always been members of the family, and consumers are increasingly excited to purchase Beneful options that aim to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Forget the table scraps – soon you’ll be begging for a bite of your pup’s kibble!