Yeonmi Park: North Korea Defector Latest Book Reveals Deepest Confessions Of A Treacherous Journey

In September 2015, Yeonmi Park, famously known for her courageous heart, a North Korean who survived the greatest ordeals released another book. This intimate memoir, dubbed “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,”centers on Yeonmi Park escaping North Korea repression, it’s now available as a paper book, audio CD, Kindle edition or Audible download on Amazon. It reveals a horrid tale that explicitly details the medieval brutality and sinister activities Yeonmi witnessed as an innocent child.

Starvation was the norm. A father imprisoned and almost lost forever, Yeonmi recollects feeling hopeless and inferior having slipped to the bottom of the social ladder. His father’s so-called crime wasn’t a sinister act as he merely wanted to support his family. With few lucrative employment opportunities in North Korea, black market trading is a risk everyone’s prepared to take. Sadly, Yeonmi father got caught and punished with extreme prejudice. A family ruined, Yeonmi recollects at thirteen. Underweight, just sixty pounds, Yeonmi had a chronic botched appendectomy. While chronically suffering, Yeonmi joined her mother on the perilous, life-altering journey to China. They traveled by unconventional means, smuggling! Anything besides North Korea harrowing reality seemed pleasant, as disease, death, the fear of being imprisoned and starvation were her company. She lost her elder sister, Eunmi along the way. Today, she’s without.

China didn’t deliver as life there wasn’t any nicer. Her childhood ruined, Yeonmi journeyed to South Korea with her mom for a new life. Today, it’s her home. This book reveals the darkest plight Yeonmi Park had to fathom to survive even beyond North Korea walls. Deception and deprivation in her eyes seemed generous, having experienced the outside world. Luckily, she remained optimistic about finding freedom, quenching the desire for a peaceful, nonchaotic world. She’s made peace with her past and has started anew. A symbol to hope to fellow North Koreans in bondage, Yeonmi testimony has touched the world. She’s now a defector advocating on about human rights and strengthening forces against inequality. A survivor of sex slavery and betrayal, Yeonmi tells the world how she witnessed her mother being raped to preserve her innocence. Still, Yeonmi turned out well! A scarred woman, she’s a smart, spirited soul today.

Initially, Yeonmi Park revealed the story in Dublin, at the 2014 One Young World Summit where she delivered an emotional testimonial. Her presentation quickly went viral resulting in her becoming a YouTube sensation. Now 22, she’s a junior criminal justice student of a prominent South Korean university in Seoul. She’s an author, human rights defector and a motivating public speaker. Yeonmi Park secured a lucrative book deal shortly after her speech. It’s been a life-altering journey for her as she’s collecting pieces of her memory.


Darius Fisher Reveals Tips to Excellent Employee Satisfaction

Darius Fisher recently discussed how employee satisfaction with their jobs often results in lower staff turnover. He reiterates that employee turnover is quite expensive for any company. This is because the process of looking for a replacement sometimes costs as much as 50 percent of the annual salary for entry level staff. Mid-level and senior employees cost about 150 percent and 400 percent respectively. Fisher shares some of his trade secrets. Follow him on Twitter for more news and information.

Tips for Excellent Employee Satisfaction

The best way to improve morale is by offering treats especially after good performance. If the staff reach goals set they should be offered gifts and other treats like watches, extended vacation days or even free yoga classes. It is important to acknowledge hard work, good results and success. Fisher reveals that at Status Labs, he usually sends an email to appreciate employees and congratulate the whole team to boost morale.

There should be free communications lines in the organization. New hires and projects need to be communicated in advance to make people feel like they belong to the organization. Monthly company meetings are also important to discuss any issues arising. Fair salary increments are important to maintain the current staff while avoiding expenses related to recruitment and selection processes.

Additional Incentives

According to PRweek, Fisher says that status Labs buys lunch for all its employees on Fridays. They get to enjoy a meal together as a single unit. The company also schedules fun activities to do at every quarter allowing them to have fun together.

Additionally, fisher makes sure to recognize the birthdays of all employees with gifts and appreciation. Lastly, the status Labs team transformed their head office into a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing workplace while making it pet friendly.

About Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is one of the co-founders of Status Labs. Today, he is the president of the company. Before establishing Status Labs, he worked freelance as a political consultant and a copywriter. As president, he has built the company up from a small startup into a highly sought after reputation management firm.

Fisher resides in Austin, Texas where the head offices of the company are situated. The Vanderbilt University educated graduate is a successful businessman with a great work ethic. He is down to earth and works to help reshape and rebuild tarnished online reputations of all Status Labs’ clients.

Activewear Company On The Rise: Fabletics

Fabletics, the popular new activewear company created by popular A-list celebrity Kate Hudson is on the rise.

With the new and hopefully improved business plan, Fabletics is allowing shoppers to view merchandise in person in actual stores so they will be able to experience benefits such as trying the clothes on in person, but also being given the opportunity to receive discounted outfits once a month and charge their credit card accordingly, still keeping the subscription service intact- which also is a benefit for the sales people who will work at the Fabletics stores. CEO Adam Goldberg stated to Forbes magazine, “Fabletics is now receiving fewer complaints than in the past,” also stating, “For us, five to ten complaints is five to ten too many, but in a typical month we’re sending out 800,000 items.” This statement was also ran by Forbes and the Better Business Bureau.
On the Fabletics website first time customers are offered a “VIP Exclusive” on their first purchase which consists of their first workout outfit costing a mere price of only $25. First time customers are also able to help narrow down choices in picking out a first-time outfit by taking a personal quiz to find out the best type of outfit for their workout style! You are also able to view how Fabletics as an athletic brand in general compares as an athletic brand compared to others. You can also see how the subscription-based service works with three simple important steps including: shop or skip, explaining how VIP member credits work, and having the peace of mind knowing you are able to cancel your membership at any given time.
Co-founder and creator of the Fabletics athletic brand Kate Hudson, as mentioned above has several different choices that are her personal favorites that can be found online. Here customers can view her personal favorite outfit choices and why she prefers them based on her personal workout routines. This makes customers, especially ones that are specifically fans of Kate, feel more personal to the brand and their options for athletic wear that they can tie into their own lives

Solo Capital Limited In The Process Of An Orderly Wind-Down

Bad news for investors with an interest in Solo Capital is that the company is on the wind-down process and not taking new clients. However, an interested person should be on the lookout for the resuming of this hedge fund because it will take your investments to a greater level. Headquartered in London United Kingdom Solo Capital has been in operation since 2011 as a private limited company. The firm was however founded as a sole proprietorship business by Sanjay Shah, a global entrepreneur. Solo capital limited also has a holding in Dubai the country that its founder and his family now live in. Sanjay Shah, however, retired from the company after establishing stability in all its holdings.

Solo Capital offers services like advisories on financial investments, proprietary services, financial management and consultancy. It is a house or a boutique of investments with a variety of services relating to finance to offer. The hedge fund has also been betting on the European foreign exchange and has been very efficient with the game. Since the company started as a brokerage matters relating to trading and stock are familiar to them. They have 20- 49 financial employees working with the company in running its daily activities. The services of solo capital have been operational all over the globe especially proprietary investments. Solo capital works together as a team of more than 18 partners and 3 directors.

Sanjay Shah founded solo capital in 2009 when there was a financial crisis around the European markets that led to many people losing their jobs. Born in Kenya Sanjay Shah and his parents immigrated to London when he was young, and he attended Kingston College where he studied medicine. However due to the status of the economy, he decided to forego his medicine career and pursued accountancy. He started Solo Capital by employing a couple of graduates and pursued financial brokerage and investments. Sanjay has a stream of companies operating around the United Kingdom apart from Solo Capital. He is a great entrepreneur but currently is pursuing full-time philanthropy in Dubai.

Shah according to his facebook profile, loves music and spending time outside the office hence decided to try incorporating philanthropy into music. He and his other board member operate Autism Rocks a foundation supporting autism research institutions in developing support services for children with autism. The foundation organizes gigs and invites influential DJs and musicians to perform for an only invited crowd. Sanjay understood that he had the ability to make his friends and colleagues donate for this noble cause and decided to pursue it. The raised funds are channeled to different research institutes all over the United Kingdom and America. Research shows that there is a high probability for boys to be diagnosed with autism than girls. Also, an autistic child requires 20 sessions of therapy daily in order to resume proper development.

Ways to improve your Online Reputation Management

Status Labs is a public relations company based out of Austin with several other offices in New York and Sao Paulo. Their main focus is on providing the customer with a very unique service and providing them with exceptional results. Their mission from the start has always been a simple one. They want to improve the clients image both online and offline. They do this through a umber of unique services. Whenever we search for a business or brand we do so through google. For this very reason it is very important that the brand has a maintained positive online presence. Utilizing expert techniques and a group of professional staff they can protect the clients reputation. Brands or business want to look their absolute best when a search is performed on them through a search engine and Status Labs allows for this.

The SEO team at Status Labs have access to proprietary technology which allows them to push up positive information in a search and push down the negative. Therefore the first page that people see of the brand will be filled with positive and credible remarks of that company or brand. There is also the added benefit of driving traffic to that specific website therefore increasing sales by ranking the business on the first page for all the highly searched key terms. Status Labs leaves nothing up to chance and provides the client with actual data to ensure that the goals have been met. As mentioned before their number one goal is to make the client looks their absolute possible best when it comes to search results. Status Labs also has the ability to direct traffic into a positive direction. Usually google’s related search features or suggestions take users onto a negative tangent.

Status Labs has recently been able to aid a Lady by the name of Melissa Click get her reputation back as she was implicated in a protest scandal. Negative information on her was driven away and positive information was driven up. This has helped her get her life back

The Gist Of Investment Banking

Investment banking is an important part of the financial system. Investment banks fulfill several important roles in the economy. To begin, investment banks help companies raise money through the sale of stocks. Investment banks will often help determine the value of company shares through their valuation services. This is one of the biggest services that investment banks provide. Companies can then decide to sell their stocks on the market on their own to raise money or they can hire an investment bank to sell the stock as well. Investment banks will get paid for their valuation services and a commission if they are also responsible for the sale of company shares as well.

Another important role that investment banks play in the economy is aiding companies through the process of merging with another firm or with the acquisition of another company or sets companies. Mergers can be tricky because they may involve a lot of legal work and complication. Investment banks are experts in guiding companies through the legality procedures and the regulations in place to ensure a smooth merge with minimal fuss. This is why they are often hired to aid companies that will undergo a merger. Acquisitions also pose a challenge, and investment banks are often hired to make the process go smoothly and fairly for both sides. In the case of acquisitions investment banks will often act as the neutral mediator for both sides to ensure a fair deal for both parties. The investment bank will of course get paid for such services.

Investment banking can be a complex and challenging field. It can also be an extremely rewarding and well paying job, as investment banker Martin Lustgarten has discovered. Mr. Lustgarten has founded his very own investment banking firm called Lustgarten Martin. Based out of the Jacksonville, Florida greater area Lustgarten Martin has a focus on investments in Latin America.

Mr Lustgarten’s expertise of South American economics and grapple of the Spanish language has helped his firm become a leading specialty investment firm that deals with South American investments. Martin resides with his family in Ponte Vedra Beach, outside of Jacksonville, Florida. Besides spending time with his family, Martin enjoys collecting vintage items with a special interest in rare and one of a kind watches. Lustgarten is currently raising funds for adoptive pets through

All The Hype About Pet foods


Beneful is a dog food company that puts quality and safety above all when it comes to their products. Many people do not realize how regulated the dog food industry is. Beneful dog food has to go under a lot of scrutiny when it comes to the USDA, the FDA, and state regulations. Beneful dog food keeps close track of their products from the time that their ingredients are received, all the way to the time that they are sold at retail stores. The suppliers of the ingredients of Beneful have to meet with the strictest standards when it comes to specifications for the safety of their dog food. Beneful dog food is produced by Purinastore in the United States in Arizona, Georgia and Iowa. Each of these different sites has quality assurance laboratories and they have to follow strict guidelines when it comes to food monitoring and product quality and safety.

There are many companies that are breaking into the dog food industry, because they realize that it is an industry that is up-and-coming. Richard Thompson is the owner of FreshPets. FreshPets is a dog food company that offers packaged and refrigerated dog food. The makers of FreshPets are obsessed with the quality of their products and they only use products that are exploding with favor. The dog food market is quickly growing and the pet food industry alone has made over $23.7 billion, and it is still going strong. People truly love their pets, and they want their pets to be able to eat healthy foods. Not only are new companies competing to get new health-conscious clients, but traditional pet food makers are stepping up their game in order to keep the clients that they already have.

Companies are constantly coming up with new innovations such as personalize dog food, dog food for weight loss, and dog food for senior dogs. Many individuals realize the importance of eating a nutritious and balanced diet, and they want their pets to be able to live a long healthy life as well. These are dog foods that use fresh meat and other healthy ingredients in order to make their food appetizing and also to keep the their dog’s health in first place.