Sharing And Showing With Lip Colors By Doe and Lime Crime

How many colors of lipstick does the average girl have in her makeup kit? Most girls love the lights, dark, reds, pinks, and unique colors that are available on the market. Each tube comes with the promise of a new look. Lime Crime is connecting and reaching out to many different types of men and women with the new colors they are developing. These colors are bold and catchy. They make people turn their head to look twice. Kylie Jenner was showing off the eight alternatives by taking photos of each color and showing them on the video on Lime crime is doing a great job keeping up with the colors and changes of today’s youth.

Some of the new colors in the collection are available for sale online. The new sets and palates are making their mark with many sales. Amazon is selling these as fast as they can come on the shelves. Ladies and young girls are snapping pictures of themselves wearing their new purchases. The colors are making a splash and so are the new pictures that are making a hit. Facebook and Twitter are exploding with the beautiful new colors and photos of girls showing off their lip colors and eye colors.

Earthy girls love earthy colors such as pumpkin and squash. The yellow and orange is the perfect combination for girls that are loving the bountiful harvest of fall. Spicy and saucy is one way to describe these new colors. Young girls are eating up the new Alien Green and Zenon Yellow lipsticks. These colors are out of this world. Doe Deere, the Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, is making a hit with all of the large colors that are perfect for today’s girls.

New lines of colors are available in the palates for eyes and lips. People can add these collections to their own makeup websites. Doe’s collections are available for you to make a career selling them online. On Lime Crime you are able to click and share a picture of yourself with one or all of these new colors. People are using these colors on their lips and eyes, taking pictures and putting them on Facebook, Twitter, and Lime Crime for all to enjoy.

William Skelley, the Real Estate Leader and founder of iFunding

William Skelley is a public investment professional and is devoted to the concept of accredited crowdfunding. He coined the term crowdfunding in 2012 and is a concept that allows investors to bring together small amounts of capital and use the money raised to make investments that are otherwise for an individual to achieve. He is the founder of iFunding and is responsible for all business development at the organization. He gives advice to his clients on business development activities that are valued over 2B. He also raises funds from creditworthy investors and speaks at industry events that are involved in real estate finance and crowdfunding.

The organization held its first annual dinner on the 17th of January 2016 at the Columbus Citizen Foundation in New York. The annual dinner was an invite-only event that was organized by the Managing Director of Madison Reality Capital, Michael Stoler. He is also the host of the weekly television show “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report” that focuses on real estate and business trends. Other notable property firms that attended the dinner include Carlyle Group, Cushman and Wakefield, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, CIT, and Kushner Companies.

CNBC reported that William Skelley was one of the first people to venture into the concept of real estate crowdfunding when the doors were opened for the industry after the Title II ruling of the JOBS Act in 2012. Right after the ruling, William Skelley launched iFunding, an organization that has grown to become the most recognized as an online real estate investment platform. In his role of overseeing business development activities, there have been more than 40 real estate projects valued at over 250 million.

Before founding iFunding, he helped found a boutique investment bank that underwrote real estate transactions valued at more than $2 billion. He has also worked as a principal at Rose Park Advisors, which is a hedge fund that is owned by Dr. Clayton Christensen.

In summary, iFunding is an online real estate crowdfunding platform that facilitates debt and is a fundraiser for preferred equity. The properties they are involved with range from multi-family residential properties, apartment towers, malls, hotels, resorts, retail locations, and single family homes. The platform provides an opportunity to accredited investors to invest in real estate properties for a minimum investment of $5000. iFunding oversees all deals through their lifespan and provide comprehensive details to all its investors.  Follow them on Facebook for updates.

Beneful Dog Food Helps Dogs Grow Strong

Beneful dry dog food ( is full of good taste and nutrition. Any dog that gets this food for a meal will love the taste and they will be very healthy. Beneful puppy formula is full of calcium and good taste. Beneful puppy formula is full of the chicken that is easy on puppy’s stomach and rice. Puppy formula will be the best food for the puppy to eat until he or she is at least one year of age. Beneful dog food for overweight dogs will help the dog lose weight. The formula is fewer calories but full of nutrition that gives the dogs energy. In no time, this overweight dog will be running around and playing again. Beneful dog food makes any dog happy.
Another wonderful thing about the Purina company Beneful is the dog treats ( These treats are  available on either Wal-Mart or online via Amazon, they are very tasty and your dog will learn the tricks you are teaching with one treat for a reward. The dental treats are nice and chewy. Your dog will love these dental treats because they taste good. They also clean your dog’s teeth and clean his breath. Beneful dog food company is doing great things and your dog will let you know it.

Dogs of many different sizes are showing up in animal shelters and on the streets. Pet owners need to make sure they getting their dogs spay and neutered unless they are breeding dogs for show or sale. Dogs that are breeding without responsible owners making the necessary arrangements for adoption are ending up in the streets. People that love animals should make sure that their dogs are fixed so that they are not producing thousands of unwanted animals to roam the streets. Beneful and the other dog food companies are joining in to help these unwanted animals find homes by hosting pet adoptions.

Check out the article in the Daily Herald about the different types of foods and tastes that the large companies are coming out with. Gourmet foods are all the rave and hopefully will be selling good and making loads of money for the companies. The anticipation for these good tasting foods is that they will sell and make millions in the next year.

Thor Halvorssen: Socialism Violates Human Rights

The founder of Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, just claimed during Fox News interview that Socialism is a violation of human rights. According to him, Socialism takes away freedom and ends up looting a country. Redistribution of wealth is not a way to reduce property, claimed Mr. Halvorssen. Free markets work the best, the interviewee stated.


As an example, Mr. Halvorssen used Venezuela. Currently, this oil-rich country is experiencing major economic crisis. When the Venezuelan government dictated a freeze in prices, this only led to supply shortages. Even toilet paper is hard to find in this South American nation, not to mention water and electricity shortages.


Thor Halvorssen actually has close ties to this country, while his family has suffered enormously under the Venezuelan regime, which was previously ran by Hugo Chavez and now by Nicolas Maduro. Mr. Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned, mother shot, and currently his cousin in in prison. All done for political reasons.


Even though Thor Halvorssen is highly critical of Socialism, he made the highest possible contribution to Bernie Sanders campaign. The reason is that he believes Hillary Clinton’s affiliated organizations have taken money in the past from dictators in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Algeria.


Human Rights Foundation was established in 2005 with the aim of promoting human rights globally. Its main area of focus is closed societies. The foundation also organizes Oslo Freedom Forum. The foundation’s head office is located in New York City. The founder, Thor Halvorssen, is a Venezuelan film producer and a human rights activist. Find him on Facebook to learn more about what he’s into.

Venezuela or Bust

Just a few months after being given congressional control by the voters, Venezuelan opposition leaders have had nearly all of their initiatives ignored, or rendered ineffective. Facing nearly insurmountable economic problems (the country is struggling with triple-digit inflation), it is a nation against itself.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s key partner in opposing the Legislature is the country’s Supreme Court. Legislative efforts to free political prisoners, and even something as non-controversial as providing nutritional aid for the elderly, have been disallowed by the nation’s high court.

With any actions of the newly elected assembly being stymied by Maduro and the Supreme Court, many Venezuelans including Linked In analyst David Osio are questioning whether the country’s democratic institutions have a future. Shortly after the Legislature moved to end Maduro’s previously approved emergency powers the courts intervened to extend them. Maduro has threatened to dissolve the Congress if the threat of a coup should arise.

The future remains clearly in doubt for this once prosperous, and still oil rich, country.


American Asset Management Firm To Purchase Portion Of Argentina’s Debt

While some members of the global financial community have expressed concern about the possibility of a second economic crisis following the first one in 2008, things in a national economy in South America are looking up. After defaulting on $94 million in 2001 and experiencing a second default in 2014 under the leadership of then President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the prospects for Argentina and the debt it holds are improving. In March, Bloomberg reported that the $19 billion asset management and investment advisory firm Highland Capital Management LP was interested in doing business in Argentina.

The firm, which is based in the United States in Dallas, Texas, is looking to purchase some of Argentina’s debt. The South American nation will be headed to the markets with the express purpose of attempting to raise almost $12 billion. When Argentina finally moves to put its debt up for sale Highland Capital Management will be waiting to grab large portions of the bonds. The impending purchase will not be the first time Highland Capital has done business with Argentina. It currently holds a portion of the nation’s debt and according to Bloomberg, the firm once held the largest percentage of Argentina’s debt. Reportedly the company will keep the portions of Argentina’s debt that it already holds in addition to seeking out the new offerings that will be available in April.

Bloomberg reports that the Latin American country will issue $11.68 billion in bonds in April. This action will mark an important point in the history of Argentina’s global financial standing. The default that the nation experienced in 2001 meant that it was literally off the market with regard to the world of international finance The aftermath of that $94 million default meant that Argentina could not participate in markets like its counterparts around the world. Argentina will finally be able to make good on its intentions to make payments on its debt.

Highland Capital Management LP, the American company that will be purchasing some of Argentina’s debt, is based in Texas and led by its President Jim Dondero. Dondero co-founded Highland in 1993 and since then has overseen the company’s growth to a firm that manages $19 billion in assets. Dondero told Bloomberg that Highland has made profits from the Argentine bonds it already holds and it would be looking into business opportunities beyond purchasing debt from the country.

The Allegation that George Soros is Bankrolling John Kasich’s Bid is Mere Propaganda

Most of the time during election period in the United States, the media is awash with a lot of misrepresentation intended to smear the character of specific candidates to paint them in bad light in the eyes of the people of the United States. However, if one is careful to observe, he or she is able to easily see right through the lies and treat such news as mere propaganda. One of the people whose character has been smeared by false misrepresentation in the eyes of the American population is John Kasich and George Soros who is the founder of Soros Fund Management.

The unfounded claims made against George Soros that he is out to bankroll The Ohio Governor John Kasich who is contesting for the United States presidency on are pure false fabrications meant to smear his political campaigns and should be treated with utmost contempt by the people of the United States. The unfounded story is that the Ohio Governor through his Political Action Committee was receiving donations through two individuals closely linked to George Soros and that he was funding John KasichÕs presidential campaign through the associates. The allegations that George Soros on marketwatch would be funding the Super PAC are laughable based on the fact that campaign finance rules do not forbid anyone from making a donation publicly despite the amount. Therefore this clearly shows that if George Soros wanted to fund John Kasich nothing would stop him. In any case, there are records that show that George Soros donated to the super PAC connected to Hillary Clinton.

The allegations that George Soros used associates that he previously worked with at Soros Fund Management are untenable and frivolous. The two have contributed to New Day America together with other donors who have donated more to the campaign and are not linked at all to George Soros. Public records on have also shown that one of the two associates had supported other candidatesÕ campaigns in the Republican and Democrats like his support for the Right to Rise that was in support of Jeb Bush and also supported the Political Action for Committee for Hillary Clinton who is a democrat. Stanley Druckenmiller who also once worked for Soros Fund Management has donated not only to John KasichÕs New Day for America, but also other super PACS supporting other candidates. This clearly shows that the allegations made against George Soros and his connection to the New Day for America campaign are unfounded and do not hold water as there is no connection between George Soros and John Kasich that ought to the raise eyes of the American people. In any case, the support given by the two associates clearly show that they did so in their own individual capacity. On the contrary there are records show that George Soros significantly contributed to Priorities USA Action meant to support Hillary Clinton.

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Wen by Chaz: One Woman’s Experience with the Famous Shampoo

Many women have considered trying the WEN hair products. However, they are often skeptical as to potential results. They are often concerned about spending so much money when they might not get the results that they want or else have really negative results such as damage to their already delicate hair.

In a recent article published on, one author decided to see if all of the TV ads on QVC for WEN were really truthful or just a bunch of gimmicks and hype to try and sell the products via The author had really fine hair that tended to get frizzy, greasy, and flat by the end of the day after washing and styling it. She decided to give the Wen Cleansing Conditioner a try. She tried the Fig version which said it would add shine, moisture, and bounce to her hair.

The instructions on the bottle told her to use a minimum of 10 pumps, which is the recommended minimum for any hair length. After she rinsed it out, she noticed that her hair felt instantly thicker and that less strands of hair came out than when she shampooed with her normal shampoo. After blow drying and styling her hair, she acknowledged that it did look like it had more bounce and shine to it. She was alarmed when she awoke on the second day to find that her roots were already greasy. However, after washing and drying her hair again, her hair regained the shine and bounce once again. After 6 days of trial and some error, the author is genuinely pleased with the product and how it makes her hair look and feel. To read more about her experience with Wen Cleansing Conditioner, click on this link



Capital Strategist and Attorney Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is renowned attorney and capital strategist. He is currently based in New York City. Sam is a graduate of Oxford University and Columbia University. While at Columbia University, he was the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. After completing Columbia, he started off his professional career at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. While here he specialized in side letters, regulatory and compliance issues, private placement memoranda and hedge fund formation and investment management.

Until 2004, he was the employee of this firm before moving to a unit of Sparx Group Co. called PMA Investment Advisors based in China. While here he got promoted to the position of Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development after joining as its lead counsel. Sam Tabar is one individual who is able to easily come up with new innovative marketing ideas. While at PMA, he was able to structure a good marketing plan for the company that helped it in acquiring institutional investors. His time at PMA was marked with impressive results and amazing ideas and ways of navigating the global marketing world.

In 2011, he joined Merrill Lynch an American based bank. He was appointed as its Director and Head of Capital Strategy. He particularly served the Asia-Pacific region. Merrill Lynch was able to tap, to Sam Tabar’s extensive experience and knowledge on investment matters and through him it was able to create a supplemental rolodex comprising of 1,250 investors. Thinx and Verboten which were startup companies in 2011 were able to benefit from expertise when he served as Director of Adanac LLC, BVI from September 2012 to September 2013.

The legal world felt the force of Sam Tabar once again when he became a Senior Associate of Schulte Roth and Zabel in 2013. While at Schulte Roth & Zabel. Sam Tabar specialty in hedge funds, investment management, employment issues, side letter, private placement memoranda and regulatory and compliance issues was yet again put into play. Sam Tabar prides himself in being fluent in written and spoken English and French and also to some extent Japanese. His interests include hosting event and travelling. He is active on social media and one can find him in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, he was named by FullCycle Energy Fund as its Chief Operating Officer. His expertise will enable the company to successfully navigate global marketing. He is also one of the investors in a company called SheThinx that seeks to empower women.