Flavio Maluf: Why Brexit is a Blessing in Disguise to the Brazilian Economy

Britain recently held a referendum that heralded the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. The move continues to stir debate from different quarters. This is because there was an immediate decrease in stock value in major money markets across Europe. The British pound also depreciated in value against major international currencies. There is a sharp debate concerning the type of effect that the vote will have on the global economy.

Brazilian entrepreneur and corporate executive Flavio Maluf, points out that Britain’s economy is likely to experience a minor slump in the first few weeks following the referendum. This is because the country will receive less investment from its former allies within the European bloc. The restriction of free movement of goods will similarly have an effect on the country since the remaining members of the EU will treat it as a foreign trade partner. This is likely to cause a substantial decrease in Britain’s trade volumes. The country will also have to start observing trade tariffs that were previously inexistent.

How Brazil Can Benefit from Brexit According to Flavio Maluf

Flavio points out that Brazil has the best chance to stamp its authority on global trade. Forming strategic partnerships with Britain will go a long way in elevating the country’s stature in the business world. In the past, trade between Brazil and the United Kingdom was restricted due to the existence of strict tariffs that bound all EU members, including Britain. Since the tariffs are no longer applicable, the two nations need to forge alliances and bilateral agreements that will boost trade. This will go a long way in uplifting both economies.

An Overview of Flavio Maluf

The Brazilian businessman has made a name for himself in the country’s corporate scene. He serves as the president of Eucatex, a Brazilian conglomerate with diverse interests throughout South America. He has worked at Eucatex for more than three decades. Flavio is an engineering and law graduate of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). He has also undertaken a business management course at the New York University. Under his helm, Eucatex has diversified its business interests. He has also helped to streamline and modernize the company’s operations.  Flavio also freely offers his expertise to other companies, commenting on the future of construction in Brazil, as well as where the automotive industry is headed.

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Yeonmi Park: North Korea Defector Latest Book Reveals Deepest Confessions Of A Treacherous Journey

In September 2015, Yeonmi Park, famously known for her courageous heart, a North Korean who survived the greatest ordeals released another book. This intimate memoir, dubbed “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,”centers on Yeonmi Park escaping North Korea repression, it’s now available as a paper book, audio CD, Kindle edition or Audible download on Amazon. It reveals a horrid tale that explicitly details the medieval brutality and sinister activities Yeonmi witnessed as an innocent child.

Starvation was the norm. A father imprisoned and almost lost forever, Yeonmi recollects feeling hopeless and inferior having slipped to the bottom of the social ladder. His father’s so-called crime wasn’t a sinister act as he merely wanted to support his family. With few lucrative employment opportunities in North Korea, black market trading is a risk everyone’s prepared to take. Sadly, Yeonmi father got caught and punished with extreme prejudice. A family ruined, Yeonmi recollects at thirteen. Underweight, just sixty pounds, Yeonmi had a chronic botched appendectomy. While chronically suffering, Yeonmi joined her mother on the perilous, life-altering journey to China. They traveled by unconventional means, smuggling! Anything besides North Korea harrowing reality seemed pleasant, as disease, death, the fear of being imprisoned and starvation were her company. She lost her elder sister, Eunmi along the way. Today, she’s without.

China didn’t deliver as life there wasn’t any nicer. Her childhood ruined, Yeonmi journeyed to South Korea with her mom for a new life. Today, it’s her home. This book reveals the darkest plight Yeonmi Park had to fathom to survive even beyond North Korea walls. Deception and deprivation in her eyes seemed generous, having experienced the outside world. Luckily, she remained optimistic about finding freedom, quenching the desire for a peaceful, nonchaotic world. She’s made peace with her past and has started anew. A symbol to hope to fellow North Koreans in bondage, Yeonmi testimony has touched the world. She’s now a defector advocating on reason.com about human rights and strengthening forces against inequality. A survivor of sex slavery and betrayal, Yeonmi tells the world how she witnessed her mother being raped to preserve her innocence. Still, Yeonmi turned out well! A scarred woman, she’s a smart, spirited soul today.

Initially, Yeonmi Park revealed the story in Dublin, at the 2014 One Young World Summit where she delivered an emotional testimonial. Her presentation quickly went viral resulting in her becoming a YouTube sensation. Now 22, she’s a junior criminal justice student of a prominent South Korean university in Seoul. She’s an author, human rights defector and a motivating public speaker. Yeonmi Park secured a lucrative book deal shortly after her speech. It’s been a life-altering journey for her as she’s collecting pieces of her memory.