Securus Helps Law Enforcement

Analytical tools are big in the corrections industry. There are a lot of companies like Securus Technologies that are building a bridge for investigators to wrap up cases much sooner. This company has a multitude of tools on the market that I discovered in my research of this organization.

I had a school assignment to check out a mid-sized business that was thriving and research how the company came to the point that they were at. I had a brother that was working for the Department of Corrections. He was telling me about something call THREADS, an analytic tool that was used on his job. He told me that the company that produced this was called Securus and it sounded really interesting. I decided to look this company up and I discovered something amazing while doing so.

This is an organization that has made more than 800 products for law enforcement. This was a staggering number to me. It instantly made me want to know more about the analytics industry for corrections. I would learn that this patented tool was made by Securus, and it allowed investigators like my brother to discover things like fraternization that happens inside of prison systems. That was mind-blowing to me. I had no idea that something like this could be done.

I would become very impressed by what Securus has managed to do with things like video surveillance and video visitation. This is one of the coolest things on the market for corrections. This allows people to actually visit with their family members without even coming to the prison. I thought that this was a cool concept because there was an app that allowed people to do this from their phones ( I was impressed by this company and the professor was also very impressed.

What my profession wants to know was how I could I came across the company. I told him that my brother had worked with Securus software and he was very pleased with the products from this company. It is an organization that is flying low on the radar, but it certainly has a lot of good products. I was impressed with the position of this company, and I think that it will continue to produce quality law enforcement products. I would definitely invest in this company if it ever goes public. It has a background for success coupled with good leadership. 

Take A Fresh Look At Skout To See What They Have To Offer

On the website The Nation, they’ve listed several applications that should be downloaded, especially if a person is looking to get the most out of their cell phone or portable device. These applications include ones that allow people to stream videos, an application that allows a person to edit videos, and Skout made the list of downloads as well. The reason why Skout made the list is because of its usability as well as the fact that it’s a good social media network.

Skout is not new to being added to many lists out there because top ten lists of dating applications have been created that included Skout as well as being on the list of some of the best applications to download. Skout is an excellent meeting place for those who are simply looking to have fun online and to meet others like themselves, whether the person is near or far. Skout has become its own best friend by adding more features to the network than it had when it was first created.

Although Skout was made as a way for people to socialize, those who like dating one another on the network made it popular enough for Skout to change into a dating site. Although dating is the main advertising point for the Skout network, many also go to Skout to socialize, which is completely understandable. A lot of different organizations, groups, and friendships has started on the Skout network, and it all starts by chatting. Two people can start talking to each other, which then snowballs into additional people joining into the conversation.

The more people that choose to join in the conversation, the more likely it is that they all will find something in common, and a group or organization can be started afterward. Some choose to start a group that focuses on movies or shows, which is becoming very popular these days. Many will chat with each other on the Skout network, especially about some of the shows that they really enjoy. Some who go on the Skout network may also find interest in talking about exercise, and it’s possible that they may meet in person to exercise several times throughout the month.

With all the possibilities that using the Skout network holds, it’s no wonder why many people have made Skout their home base when it comes to meeting new people. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to socialize with others, especially if it’s in person, so that’s why networks like Skout have become so popular. Two people who find it hard to talk to others in person may find themselves being very bold on the Skout network and talking to someone they’ve never met before. Skout also offers great opportunities to meet people who are in international locations, which can help people to learn about other cultures. Anyone who wants a network that’s free, fun, and filled with people should join the Skout network.

Free Phone Service- A Step Away with FreedomPop

There is a confusing amount of information out there when it comes to cell phones and their service. First, you have to pick the type of phone that you want. Then you have to choose the service that you are willing to pay for on a monthly basis. If you aren’t careful, you could end up paying too much for a sub-par phone and service. Instead, choose FreedomPop as your carrier, and you can get your service for free, on a fantastic phone.

Freedom Pop is the only cell phone carrier that offers completely free service on googleplay store after the initial price of the phone. For just $49.99, customers receive a Motorola Moto E, second generation phone. This is a pre-owned phone, which has a face value of almost $250.00, and has been carefully checked out by the company itself before being sold to customers. Customers will also have the option of returning the phone and cancelling their service after 30 days if they are not happy, with a full money back guarantee. During the first month, the customer receives a trial period that includes unlimited talk and text, with a one gigabyte data plan.

After the month trial period is up, customers can choose what they wish to do with their plan. They can keep the same plan and pay just $19.99 a month, which is an amazing price. But many people choose to go to the free plan, and not worry about a bill at all. The free plan consists of 200 voice minutes every month, 500 free texts a month, and the use of 500mb of data. Free international calling to more than 50 countries is also included.There is also the premium plan that offers data rollover, wireless tethering and visual voicemail. This plan also allows customers to receive video and picture messages through their text messages.

After being reported on the Android Authority website,, customers have flocked to get this deal for themselves. There is never a contract, so anytime users wish to cancel their phone service for something different, they have that option, with no fees or penalties.

Exploring Artificial Intelligence With Flipora

The world of technology has opened the doors for continuous innovations with the way we surf the web. Flipora has combined multiple concepts into one app providing a discovery search engine for its users. In the past when you went to a web page or clicked on a site and wanted to save it, you would just store it to your favorites. Flipora has made that a thing of the past.

With Flipora you are being introduced to new content that has relevance based on your search history and interests. The purpose behind the creation of this app was to offer users an alternative to venture on new discoveries based upon what their browsers have shown their interests to be.

The company was previously known as Infoaxe, however when the founders Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, decided to venture on a new path with regards to the company’s purpose, they decide to change the name to Flipora. Prior to being named Flipora the company basically found ways to locate old sites that you are searching for using the history in your web browser. Now the company has combined that with the concept of another discovery engines and took it to the next level. They have created a source for data collection and showing it’s users what’s trending among Flipora users. This is what is known as website popularity data collection.

The future of this site is seen as revolutionizing the way people surf the internet. It is collecting data and putting it together with other users data and recommending different sites to all these users. Flipora has millions of users and it took a couple of years before gaining public recognition. You can make this site as your home page, so that when you begin to do a web browser search, you are able to see relevant information suggested to you. You can even invite your friends to experience the Flipora experience. The content on this discovery search engine continues to grow as well as the amount of users that sign up everyday.

The founders of this search engine want to keep a balance between social discovery in order to keep this from becoming headed down a narrow path. Its entire goal is to push relevancy when it comes to web browsing. That is how Flipora stands out among other artificial intelligence and discovery search engines. You can utilize Flipora not only on your PC or laptop, but you can also enjoy this app on your smartphone. The founders believe in creating accuracy with regards to user interests. The best thing of this all is that Flipora has the opportunity to monopolize and engineer this field of discovery due to lack of abundant competition. Investors all around predict this to be the next big thing. More on Flipora is available on