Worldwide Distribution Grows Stronger For Organo Gold

Celebration again begins with the addition of Turkey as the 39th country to join in the distribution of Organo Gold, the coffee that has taken the world by surprise. Just a few years ago in 2008, Bernardo Chua began Organo Gold with just a couple of employees. Through their hard work, marketing and a strong leadership Organo Gold coffee is now distributed in 39 countries. Chua’s goal was to create a premium gourmet coffee enhanced with ancient Chinese herbal remedies used for hundreds of years. His goal was to create a coffee blend that not only tasted terrific but contained herbs with proven health benefits.

What makes Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb so distinct that it is considered the King of Herbs? Ganoderma is not only beautiful to look at, but it contains health-enhancing qualities. This herb comes from the tropical regions of Asia. Having an orange-brown color in appearance, growing on tree trunks, stumps, logs and anywhere it can develop. It has been reproduced providing quantities of this herb to be shared with the world. Bernardo Chua’s dream was to add this wonderful ancient herb to every cup of delicious Organo Gold Coffee and distribute it throughout the world..

From the Ming Dynasty to your cup of coffee comes the King of Herbs, Ganoderma. Once this mushroom is carefully harvested, dried and ground into a fine powder, it is added to the specially grown coffee beans. Then blended for the enjoyment of coffee consumers worldwide. With the addition of Turkey, the distribution of Organo Gold is strengthen even more. Turkey opened its first coffee house in the 15th century, and today we’re so proud to have Turkey and Organo Gold bonding for the added distribution of coffee blends.

For thousands of years this herb has been added to Asian medicines, it is such a thrill to know that studies have validated its properties and health benefits. One of the medicinal benefits of Ganoderma Lucidium is its ability to slow the weight gain process by adding good bacteria to the digestive system. With added “good” bacteria, the non-beneficial or “bad” bacteria in the intestines or digestive system are decreased and typical inflammation of the intestines is substantially reduced. Adding healing bacteria improves many intestinal chronic ailments.

Aside from the beverage line, Ganoderma Lucidium Mycelium, known for its antioxidant attributes, is now delivered in capsule form. Together with the healing properties, the King of Herbs can also stimulate immune function. This product is also sold through the Organo Gold distribution community.

Begin enhancing your life with every cup of coffee and improving and healing your body with Organo Gold.

The importance of spirit in business


Asking people about the role of spirituality in business can invoke a lot of interesting reactions from them. For starters, curiosity, fear, antagonism, and disgust are all common. But what is it really? Contrary to many people’s initial though, it is not, in most cases, referring necessarily to the influence of religion.
Religious organizations provide spiritual guidance through their collective group experiences. But spirituality is an individualized, or personal, matter. That’s not to say that the individual belief in a particular religion or God doesn’t exist, rather it is one’s depth and growth in life that guides a person to a particular quality of living. This depth is wonderfully manifested through the spiritual minded with optimism and appreciation for the world around them. The ability to radiate these effects and to seem more functionally light and enthusiastic, more “alive”, are what can afford them more respect and opportunity in the business world.
While it may seem a profoundly odd clashing of different worlds; the controlling and mechanical business climate, whose primary function is given to financial considerations; as opposed to the wide open and less controlled mind of the spiritualist, whose most important goal is peace and harmony of mind and soul. Still, it is important to know of the importance and value of balance. A business without structure is a mess. A business without spirit is a workforce mausoleum. Too much of either leads to an unhealthy work environment, in other words, bad business.
I have recently noticed businesses, such as the QI group, devoting more time to this important balance. As a founding director of the QI group of companies, Joseph Bismark was instrumental in helping to introduce spirituality into the group’s bedrock. Becoming Managing Director of the company after restructuring in 2008, Joseph has led its growth with his innate talent and diversity.
A strong management style open to the idea of empowering and helping others realize their potential; a philosophy made all the more potent through the tenets of the philosophies of Veda (the knowledge found in any of four sacred books of Hinduism). A philosophy he attained during a childhood spent as a monk living in the mountains of the Philippines. As an advocate for the QI group’s practice of wellness, healthy living, and organic foods, Joseph has become more than just a business leader. He’s a spiritual business leader.

Explore Business And Spirituality

Success in business is dependent on many varied factors. Those who wish do well in this area of life often need to have many important skills of kinds. The person who is able to master such skills will find that it is easy to do well in the field they have chosen. One of the most important of all such skills is the ability to understand oneself well and know as much as possible about the kind of strengths and weaknesses they have in life. People who fully know as much as possible about their needs and wants will also often understand the needs of others as well. This can help them do well in business and succeed in life overall.

One of the most important kinds of self knowledge is the ability to understand one’s personal spirituality. People often have a sense of religion that is important to their overall well being. Many people have different kinds of religion. They may have a formal religion that is part of their ancestory and background. This will often help them understand the world and their ethnic and racial heritage. Many people also have another sense of religion, one where attention is focused closely on their feelings of connection to others and their sense of spiritualism.

This second sense is the kind of sense that Joseph Bismark. Mr. Bismark has been highly successful in the field of business. Part of his success can be attributed to his own understanding of his spiritual background and his ability to show others in life how to do the same. Bismark has many interests that are both spiritual and practical. He has helped devote his life to showing others how the spiritual can relate to the practical and how they can use this understanding to improve their lives and the lives of those they wish to help with their business ventures.

Those who have followed his principles have found that they are able to enjoy a sense of improved well being as well as the ability to connect with others directly. Spirituality is very important to many people as it can help give them a sense of purpose and demonstrate to them how they can move past any troubles they may have in life and be happier and more prosperous as well. The use of this kind of spirituality can also help people relax and not worry too much about many kinds of problems they may find in life. The person who is in touch with their own spirituality is someone who is likely to be more open to new experiences and feel they are more in control of all aspects of their lives.