Sanjay Shah Raises the Bar in Financial Investments Using Solo Capital Markets

Solo Capital Markets was established in 2011 by Sanjay Shah. It is a profitable global boutique investment firm. It also offers financial advisory and consulting services as well as proprietary trading. The firm mainly deals with proprietary trading including trades in derivatives and commodities. It offers consulting services in areas like investment strategies, performance appraisals and human capital. In addition, Solo Capital is also involved in professional sports investments in commercial advisory, financial representation, talent acquisition and asset management.

All personnel of the firm are highly professional and skilled in providing exceptional and leading financial solutions as well as quality client service. The firm’s headquarters are in London, England and is regulated by rules of the United Kingdom. By March 2015, the firm had achieved a £15.45 million net worth. Additionally, its assets totaled £67.45 million while the total cash flow for the year was £30.26 million.

The company is fully controlled by Sanjay Shah who also owns and controls over 39 companies that are situated across Europe. He has offices in Dubai, where he currently lives, and London. Shah is a shrewd investor and entrepreneur who used his vast knowledge and experiences gained from working in various financial institutions to start and successfully manage his companies.

In 2014, Sanjay Shah acquired Old Park Lane Capital. This is an institutional stockbroker dealing with natural resources and operates on an invite-only basis. Shah is currently worth over $280 million and is retired. However, he is still actively involved in philanthropic activities most notably in raising funds for supporting and financing autism research.

Early Life

Sanjay Shah was born in Marylebone, London, UK. He initially studied medicine at King’s College but later dropped out. He felt that medicine was not his passion. He later did accounting and got a job at one of the biggest global banks called Merrill Bank Lynch. He later secured employment at the Dutch Bank, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. In 2009, he left the employment sector and started a brokerage firm.

Today, Sanjay Shah is actively involved in philanthropy with a special bias in Autism. This was after his son, Nikhil, was diagnosed as autistic. His organization, Autism Rocks, raises money through tickets and money raised in invite-only concerts.
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Help Sanjay and Operation Autism Rocks Help Autism Research

How many people will run into a person or child with Autism and automatically distinguish them as a troubled individual? How many people will overlook the communication and behavior problems because they understand that the child or adult has Autism? This is what the world is up against. People do not understand a disorder or disease so they label people as troublemakers or disruptive individuals before they understand. We know Autism is one of those disorders that children may have and is difficult to treat. Autism can cause the child to be disruptive in school, can cause people to look twice and the child or parent for their parenting skills, and can cause bad feelings among the people that are involved.
Researching Autism can help people to understand this a little better. This will help others tolerate better. Some parents are unable to afford to have treatment or research done so they depend on charities such as the Go Fund Me Campaign or the Aid for Autism. These charities are set up and managed by individuals that are hoping to help. Snoop Dog and Sanjay are working together to help Autism by setting up the Autism Rocks campaign. Sanjay went one step further by setting up a Go Fund Me page for Autism. The campaign promises to raise money for research and to help children that are unable to afford what they need to fight autism.
Sanjay and his beautiful wife are proud to show off their 3 children on facebook. Dubai and Snoop make one good looking photo choice to be on Sanjay’s Facebook page. Sanjay a wonderful business man is helping with this and is enjoying the time he is spending working with Snoop Dog and his entourage of people. Check them out on Facebook and make sure you contribute to Autism Rocks or The Go Fund Me for Autism.