Magnises: The Exclusive Membership Black card where Members get to enjoy a wealth of benefits

Magnises founder was just like any other college drop out. Young, broke and looking for a shortcut in life. At the age of 20, most people are usually 30 years away from having the spending power that comes with money, buying what you want. Before starting the Magnises, the founder, Billy McFarland and his classmate did a lot of research on how they could add a magnetic strip on a metal card without ruining its data, and they succeeded . The end product was what we call Magnises today.

Magnises website says that the company offers several services. These services are 24/7 concierge as well as special treatment on The website says that members get to enjoy discounts at various high-end brands and restaurants across cities especially those found in East Coast. However, at the moment, some of the services that members are enjoying include entry to the Goldbar, as well as discounts on a Hotel on Rivington. Members also get to enjoy being invited to private parties especially in a clubhouse called SoHo. The Magnises has had success in the past by holding successful events. For example, in August this year, the company was able to hold a birthday party for the nightlife photographer Patrick McMullan. This was a party that attracted more than 500 people with the most notable guest being art curator Stacey Engman. Because of the benefits that Magnises offer on, it has been able to attract huge names in East Coast. Some of the recognizable names that have signed up for the black card include actress Rosario Dawson as well as basketball players such as Baron Davis and Gabe Saporta and not forgetting the lead singer of the Synth-pop Cobra Starship.

Another good thing about Magnises is that it is a referral only club. You must be referred to sign up for the black card. The vetting process is similar to that of a fraternity or the one for the sorority week. Being a member of Magnises gives you access to services that are reserved for billionaires or people with money. With Magnises membership card, you gain access to restaurants where performing magicians are the likes of Douh McKenzie, the world class magician. You get to enjoy some of his mesmerizing shows from his famous card and cell phone tricks.

The Magnises is mainly for young people living and working in New York and Washington DC and those aged above 21 and below 35 years. The Magnises has an app called Magnises NOW that suggests to you the best deals and also where to get these deals. This app also has the capability of answering questions related to Magnises membership. You can now see how amazing this membership is. Magnises has existed as a traditional club since the year 2014 while at the same time throwing parties for its members. It’s also worth noting that requests made through the Magnises NOW app only take 2-3 minutes to process and receive a reply. Amazingly, there is no limit on the number of requests that can be made using this app. For the best discounts to restaurants and bars or even the best prices to shows and evens, Magnises has got the young professionals in East Coast covered.