Flavio Maluf and the Multinational Brazilian Company- Eucatex

Flavio Maluf serves as the president of Eucatex, a multinational company that produces and distributes ceiling lining and insulating materials. Besides managing Eucatex, Mr. Maluf is also the CEO of GrandFood, the proprietor of Golden and Premier Pet feed brands.

Mr. Maluf joined Eucatex in 1987. Before being appointed the president by the board of Eucatex, he worked for several divisions of the organization. He started working in the department of trade where he oversaw the exports as well as financial aspects of the company. Years later, he was transferred to the industrial division where he worked for several years before clinching the top seat.

From his Facebook profile we learn that he attended the University of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado where he received his degree in mechanical engineering. We also find out that, Maluf lived in the United States for a year while learning at the New York University. At this University, he took a course in trade and commerce.

Mr. Maluf is married to Jacqueline Torres with whom they have three kids. Their first born studied mechanical engineering in England, their second child, studies business administration at the Brazilian Alma matter of their father and their last born is preparing to follow in his father’s footsteps: he aspires to study mechanical engineering.

As the president of Eucatex Group, Mr. Maluf has dedicated most of his time and effort to ensure that the company manufactures and distributes new products. He has also made efforts to modernize the company by upgrading the equipment used in their factories.

The history of Eucatex Group

Eucatex was founded in 1951. It was the first Brazilian company to produce unique fiber panels, liners and insulation materials made from eucalyptus. This company has seen forward growth since its inception. By the end of the 50s, they had expanded from one plant in Salto, to having a presence in most of the Brazilian States and Argentina.

Today, the company manufactures paints, metals, and mineral materials. Its products can be found in more than 50 countries in the world.

Eucatex is a Leader and So Is Their President

Starting back in 1951, Eucatex opened its doors on November 23rd. From that day then expanded from to become a leading manufacturing giant in the industry. When they began making ceiling tiles in 1965, the exportation of these tiles and panels to Europe was driving the business towards an ever brighter path of success.
By the 1980s, you could text already had a hard board Mill up and running and had started opening offices in Germany America the UK in Mexico. In 2011, the 60th anniversary of this great company was celebrated as a leader in manufacturing of wall partitions, laminate floors, MDP and MDF panels, hard boards, as well as paints and varnishes.

Throughout their entire business history, they have shown excellence in their products and their efforts to give back not only to the planet but their local communities as well. From their environmental processes, all the way to the organizations that they have founded, their care for the environment shines through. The House of Nature program also known as the Environmental Education Program has had over 22,000 visitors and has educated hundreds of students on the importance of conserving and improving our environment. Their care is also seen through their recycling efforts and the products that they market today.

Flavio Maluf is the executive president at Eucatex. After receiving his education at New York University love, you started his career with Eucatex in 1987. Ten years later in 1997 he became the President of the company. Many have accredited him formed a rising and facilitating Eucatex into the future. With all aspects of business in mind for the future, Flavio is a pioneer in the environmental aspects of preserving our forest for the future through reforesting. By reducing the rate of deforestation in Brazil, Fabio is an unprecedented figure for the people there.

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