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Established in the year 2012, VTA Publications is committed to providing its customers cutting-edge information, both physically and digitally using free articles from specialists in the areas of finance and economics. VTA is strongly led by Jim Hunt who is a financial consultant and the CEO. He is also the principal person who pioneered the Make Mum a Millionaire and Wealth Wave programs. Jim Hunt is also a writer, consultant as well as a web developer.


Who are VTA Publications?

The publications firm caters for your needs to learn trading skills from home and guides you towards investing in the right stocks. They have skilled professionals who teach individuals on how to anticipate the right moment to trade and also advice you on how to make it in the stock market and make money. They provide a complete set of DVD training videos in their online shop, as well as a series of webinars giving information on everything investors need to know about the stock exchange.

What Do They Do?

From planning your retirement to planning your life, VTA Publications helps you to have the perfect financial plan for you to live a luxurious life. Wealth Wave and Biblical Wealth are two courses provided by the company to help its clients learn the methods of trading and learn money-making techniques on a monthly basis. Wealth Wave discloses a simple strategy to spot impending bear market. It will help you buy the shares when they are at their lowest point and gain when they rise. Similarly, Biblical Wealth course is offered twice a month to its customers updating them on the stock market tricks and trades.


 Jim Hunt guarantees on Twitter that his methods work since they are tried and tested signals, which pick up when the market falls and when money abounds. According to Jim, one should not let doubts of success intimidate them in the stock exchange. The company is dedicated to taking their tradecraft and experience directly to the clients in user-friendly formats. The publications company is a leading booking agency that focuses on events and seminars of this kind.

Securus setting Pace for Prison Technologies Industries

The prison technological industry has for a long time suffered criticism for being very unfair to customers who have no other option than to use them to keep connected to their loved ones in correctional facilities. So, what criteria do clients use to make such criticism? Clients with bad experiences with one company, will normally use the same experiences to judge other players in the industry. The case is no different or the industries providing technological solutions for prisons.


For many years, one rotten potato (GTL), has been used to judge other companies in the industry. The company has had a negative reflection on the industry as a whole by failing to change their ways. In the year 1998, GTL was charged for some wrongdoings that directly affected clients who used their services. They were found to wrongfully add seconds to calls double charge calls, and even overcharge their clients.


After being convicted, GTL received strict warning and was even penalized. However, so many years have now passed and still no change is seen in their behavior. With the continued misbehavior on the part of GTL, they have tainted the reputation of the whole industry. Most people only seek the services of the prison technology solutions companies now because they have no otherwise. However, what they do not understand is that the wrongdoings of one company are not continued or even tolerated by the rest. In bid to win back the trust of clients in this industry, Securus had to do something. They had to show the whole nation that they were different from GTL and did not tolerate what the company was doing. They first did this by earning themselves an A+ rating from BBB. The shaming of GTL then followed. We can only hope that Securus will continue changing the impression that people have on this industry.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

BMG Chairman Ricardo Annes Guimarães Receives Belo Horizonte’s Diploma Of Merit


BMG Bank President and Chairman, Ricardo Guimarães has been changing the image of banks in Brazil for the last 18 years. He is following in the footsteps of his Grandfather and father. Ricardo has won several awards over the years, but he was especially moved when the City Council of Belo Horizonte honored Guimarães with the Diploma of Merit.

Ricardo Guimarães has put a face on Brazilian banking. A face that represents the people of Brazil. He is one of the bankers that wants to help the people of Brazil get through these difficult economic times. BMG Bank under his guidance is helping people get loans if they have a job and are willing to use their income as collateral. Guimarães spreads that message through his love of football, volleyball, and tennis.

Guimarães was president of the Atlético Mineiro Football Club from 2001 to 2006. BMG Bank still sponsors that football club, and the players still wear the orange BMG logo on their jerseys. Guimarães was also responsible for building the Training Center known as, “Rooster.” That center is considered one of best training centers in the country.

Ricardo continues to contribute to the social development of Brazil, and he has personally invested in the St. Vincent de Paul Foundation and Whale Hospital. Charities mean a lot to Guimarães, and he continues to donate his money and his time to worthy causes.

But there’s no doubt that football is Guimarães first love right after banking. BMG Bank has become one of the most recognized banks in Brazil thanks to Guimarães and his team at the bank. Football has been the vehicle that helps promote BMG Bank’s payroll loans. Football and BMG Bank become one on game days, and when football fans are ready to apply for a loan BMG Bank is one of the first banks they call. Thanks to football sponsorships, BMG Bank can now compete with the state-controlled banks when it comes to making payroll loans.

BMG Bank continues to grow, and Ricardo Guimarães continues to be honored with awards, according to an article published by

Ricardo Guimarães and BMG Bank are also sponsoring tennis pro, Marcelo Melo. Melo is preparing for the Olympic Games. Melo will wear the now familiar orange BMG Logo when he is competing. That sponsorship will bring a lot of new customers to BMG Bank. Melo is considered the top doubles player in the world.

The Strategic, focused Chicagoan Business and Marketing Leaders

To run any form of business, investors should make sure they have competent leaders who will guide the business towards achieving the objectives of the company. Leaders play a significant role in the success of a firm and this makes them an important factor in running of any enterprise. The quality and type of management in a firm affects the morale of staffs and business operations in all departments. The executive understands their duties in the leading of the organization and its impact. Only experienced and skilled executives should take the job.

The main duty of the managers is to provide guidance or direction. When it comes to leading a team, the head of the team has a plan for the group that they must achieve. The Chicagoan business and marketing managers work towards creating a need in the market or working on an existing brand and refining it. One character of these service providers is that they are visionaries as they use the market forces to predict the future demand for a product. These leaders look for new and profitable opportunities available. They motivate staffs and team members for them to accomplish their objective.

Effective managers mobilize labor and encourage employees to remain productive for them to achieve the same goal. They plan and organize resources in an effective manner for the company to achieve its short and long-term goals. Good managers compensate employees on time for them to continue receiving quality services that will boost their entity. These marketing managers reward staffs for their good performance and dedication to accomplish the goals and objectives within the stipulated time. They train the staffs about the methods to use to achieve the desired dream. Such personnel also implement the resources from the company in an effective way and they avoid wastage of the resource.

Majeed Ekbal is a prominent marketing executive and businessperson in Chicago. He has taken part in many deals over the years giving him the experience to survive in the competitive market. His believe in team work has made him succeed in this sector. Ekbal takes time and trains his employees on the steps to follow for them to achieve the set goal of his organization. When planning about how a task execution takes place, he participates in mobilizing the required resources. His dedication to quality customer services and effective leadership has earned him a high reputation in Chicago.

Mr. Ekbal is hardworking and makes sure that workers concentrate on the task. He explains to staffs the advantages of teamwork with the same objectives in mind. As a leader, he makes sure staffs remain honest and maintain professionalism and integrity when working on a project. Majeed corporates staffs from all levels and motivate them to work together to get to the desired goal.

Omar Boraie Breathes New Life into Old City Center


Home to one of New Jersey’s oldest colleges, a bustling town center, and within convenient rail distance of Manhattan, New Brunswick, NJ seems almost organically poised to have grown into the sort of high energy locale young professionals seek out to put down their roots. But it wasn’t always so. Only a few short decades ago the New Brunswick of the 1970’s held a bleaker reputation, due in part to issues with crime and plummeting property values, and interest in development projects inevitably suffered as a result.

Enter Omar Boraie, real estate developer and president of Boraie Development. Boraie, who planted his own roots in New Brunswick some 50 years ago when he emigrated from Egypt to pursue higher education, was and remains a principle force in raising New Brunswick up to to the business, academic, and cultural center that it is today.

Boraie’s real estate projects in New Brunswick began ambitiously with the Albany Street Plaza Tower One, the current home of Boraie Development. Replacing a ramshackle block of long-abandoned structures, Boraie’s Albany Street offices provided the sort of Class A office space needed to both bring in and retain commercial the interests so vital to New Brunswick’s status as a premiere mercantile hub. Omar later expanded on this success with Tower Two, which was completed in 2003.

While his successes in commercial building projects are undeniable, Omar Boraie’s role in bringing much needed residential real estate to New Brunswick is an equally important and much needed contribution. The One Spring Street Condominium tower, completed by Boraie Development in 2007, proved a resounding success. The upscale, New York style tower, which holds 121 residential units along with ample space for offices and retail, sold out in an astounding two months.

Boraie Development’s most recent project, the 17-story luxury high rise christened The Aspire, is once again breathing new life into New Brunswick, and will no doubt further strengthen Omar’s legacy of fostering improvement and growth in the once-struggling university town. Officially opened for leasing this year, The Aspire, like Omar’s Spring Street tower, is poised to become the premiere residential space in downtown New Brunswick, and signals Boraie’s continued relevance to the future of the city.

Kyle Bass And His Stupid Mistakes

Kyle Bass was at one time one of the most respected hedge-fund managers. Unfortunately, it is no longer the case; he is now the laughing stock among his peers. He bounced into the hedge-fund limelight after successfully making a prediction about the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 and managed to make a lot of money out of it. Before that, he has also made a stint as a celebrated movie script writer and director and had been nominated for awards in both roles for the Sixth Sense. Many people considered him an immensely gifted man who could do nothing wrong until he proved them otherwise.

His magic touch has now withered and instead, he has turned himself into a media puppet who continues to taint his once professional image in front of the media cameras. He has been very regular on television stations and is seen giving his ‘professional’ opinion on the current trends in the financial world.

To make matters worse, he has recently involved himself with very bad company as that of Argentinian despot, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Regardless of many financial experts terming her as financially illiterate, Bass has made her his bosom friend and has been defending her unwise moves in every media chance he gets regardless of the fact that she has made many suffer in Argentina out of her stupid moves.

When her country defaulted on its sovereign debt for the second time in a period of thirteen years, he defended her, and many felt that he had lost touch when it comes to being realistic. He is also known to have shifted blame on passengers when General Motors made defective airbags that kill passengers so as to make good on his investment in the company. In simple terms, this guy can be described as just greedy and wants to make money for himself regardless of whether others are dying.

In the very recent past, he has been involved in a scheme to short change pharmaceutical companies by short-selling their stocks and eventually challenging one or more of their patents via his organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. The primary purpose of this smearing campaign is to make the pharmaceutical companies lose on their stocks while he makes millions. The other possible result is the drug companies becoming crippled and being unable to fund their medical research.

The worst thing with Kyle is the fact that he does all that in total disregard of whether the patients who rely on the drugs will suffer or not. When asked what his motive was at first, he was quick to point out that he was doing the whole thing for a noble cause but later on admitted that he was interested in the money he could make. Experts in the pharmaceutical industry dismissed him saying that the patient’s interests were never included in his selfish agenda and that he was bound to make their lives more miserable as opposed to helping them out.

The Literary Life of Jamie Garcia Dias

The long and impressive literary life of Jaime Garcia Dias, the Brazilian author who, at age 45, now has 20 books to his credit, began early. He was born in Rio De Janeiro and was raised with a love of learning by his parents. His mother was a writer and his father was a notable architect. Both instilled in him the importance of study and of dedication to his craft as the only way to really ensure future success. Dias credits his parents’ influence to his success as a writer, which recently was acknowledged with his receipt of the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Award.

Dias has always loved learning, which is evident in the detailed style of his work. After his early education in Brazil, he became a teacher at the Carioca Literary School, which is a type of prep school for students who want to have a life in literary pursuits. Dias taught at the school for five years and worked hard to instill a love of literature in his students.

Early Influences

Much of Dias’ success as an author has come from his innate creativity as well as his study of the great authors who preceded him. The list of great writers that he names as his influences includes Jorge Amado (1912-2001), whose comical and whimsical books include the influential work “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands” (1966). That book, which told the tale of a woman who remained emotionally involved with the ghost of her dead husband even as she had a relationship with a real life lover, was later made into a film which enjoyed great critical success internationally.

It’s certainly no mystery why Dias would cite Amado as a critical influence, as that author’s humorous take on daily life in Brazil has obviously had an impact on the style of the younger author’s writing.

There’s no question that today Dias is making his own impact on the literary world, as his recent award certainly attests to. With a bright future ahead, Dias will certainly continue to make an impact and seek to influence the young writers who follow him.

Tips About Flavio Maluf and Eucatex

Eucatex was founded in 1951 and it was the first Brazilian company to focus on environment as well as acoustic comfort, and using raw materials from eucalyptus trees to manufacture panels and tiles. Eucatex was based in Salto, and its operations involved production of soft boards. Later the company started to manufacture ceiling tiles and panels. Because of its vision for growth and expansion, Eucatex established offices across several Brazilian cities as well as in Argentina. In 1965, the company’s production capacity increased drastically to 100 tons per day, hence managing to export excess products to Europe.

Sicio-environmental activities

The objective of Eucatex is to have sustainable and consistent production of wood and supply it to its production unit. As such, the company has managed to advocate for rationale use of natural resources, conserving the environment and ensuring sustainable forestry business is achieved in the short, medium and long term. The company has initiated several development programs focusing on neighboring societies and prioritizing on NGOs that assists children.

Additionally, Eucatex has been involved in development of Environmental Education Program for the last 15 years. The program has received more than 20,000 visitors since it was started. This program is carried in collaboration with five town halls of cities that the program covers. They mainly focus on students in educational centers including universities and technical colleges. The objective of this program is to develop concepts on the need of conservation of ecosystem, maintenance of forests and training visitors on different environmental issues affecting the society. Also, the program educates visitors on the importance of using raw materials from eucalyptus to manufacture numerous forestry-based commodities.

The current president of Eucatex is known as Flavio Maluf. He has been working for this company since 1987 where he started in the trading department. Later on, he was transferred in the industrial department and at the same time made it to the executive board. Due to his hard work, passion and commitment, he achieved tremendous success and appointed as Eucatex Group’s President in 1997. His main aim is to ensure new products have been invented in order to continue serving clients from all corners of the world.

Today, Eucatex is also focusing on furniture industry and construction sector. They factories are based in Salto, focusing on production of paints, varnishes and plates. The company is able to meet the needs of manufacturers of furniture, supply large quantities of construction materials as well as cars and toys. In 2010, Eucatex started new industrial unit at Salto that focuses on production of T-HDF/MDF. told the construction sector is engaged in production of flooring, architectural coatings, modular partition and doors. For sustainability, Eucatex has 44 hectares of forest land to ensure consistent supply of raw materials.

Worldwide Distribution Grows Stronger For Organo Gold

Celebration again begins with the addition of Turkey as the 39th country to join in the distribution of Organo Gold, the coffee that has taken the world by surprise. Just a few years ago in 2008, Bernardo Chua began Organo Gold with just a couple of employees. Through their hard work, marketing and a strong leadership Organo Gold coffee is now distributed in 39 countries. Chua’s goal was to create a premium gourmet coffee enhanced with ancient Chinese herbal remedies used for hundreds of years. His goal was to create a coffee blend that not only tasted terrific but contained herbs with proven health benefits.

What makes Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb so distinct that it is considered the King of Herbs? Ganoderma is not only beautiful to look at, but it contains health-enhancing qualities. This herb comes from the tropical regions of Asia. Having an orange-brown color in appearance, growing on tree trunks, stumps, logs and anywhere it can develop. It has been reproduced providing quantities of this herb to be shared with the world. Bernardo Chua’s dream was to add this wonderful ancient herb to every cup of delicious Organo Gold Coffee and distribute it throughout the world..

From the Ming Dynasty to your cup of coffee comes the King of Herbs, Ganoderma. Once this mushroom is carefully harvested, dried and ground into a fine powder, it is added to the specially grown coffee beans. Then blended for the enjoyment of coffee consumers worldwide. With the addition of Turkey, the distribution of Organo Gold is strengthen even more. Turkey opened its first coffee house in the 15th century, and today we’re so proud to have Turkey and Organo Gold bonding for the added distribution of coffee blends.

For thousands of years this herb has been added to Asian medicines, it is such a thrill to know that studies have validated its properties and health benefits. One of the medicinal benefits of Ganoderma Lucidium is its ability to slow the weight gain process by adding good bacteria to the digestive system. With added “good” bacteria, the non-beneficial or “bad” bacteria in the intestines or digestive system are decreased and typical inflammation of the intestines is substantially reduced. Adding healing bacteria improves many intestinal chronic ailments.

Aside from the beverage line, Ganoderma Lucidium Mycelium, known for its antioxidant attributes, is now delivered in capsule form. Together with the healing properties, the King of Herbs can also stimulate immune function. This product is also sold through the Organo Gold distribution community.

Begin enhancing your life with every cup of coffee and improving and healing your body with Organo Gold.

Kyle’s Mishaps in the Capital Management Business

Kyle Bass was seen as a hero for a while before the trend in his superiority began to take a different turn. He was applauded for his correct prediction of the 2008/2009 economic meltdown that was majorly driven by the crisis in the mortgage sector. While the glory lasted, Kyle was hero to many and his capital management skills were sought after from right, left, and center. However, the limelight s long gone and all that has been left is a series of wrong choices. Currently, the capital manager has been on record defending the General Motors case of poor and faulty electric steering wheels by putting the blame on the victims accusing them of drunk driving.

Kyle has been in all types of trouble among them the scheme that he runs in partnership with Erich Spangenberg. First of all, his partner is a known American tax evader and he has been described as a notorious patent rights violator. Kyle’s partnership and role in this scheme has created controversies for him just as much as it has created quick dollars. He believes that by busting patent and competition is acting in the best interest of the people. The problem with his approach is that he is not looking at the bigger picture. While the busting in patent and competition may bring the drugs prices down, there is the after effect on the production firms.

Kyle Bass is the founder of a company that deals with capital management where his expertise is facing serious challenges based on his recent wrong moves. He has been very famous for his market watch skills which has enabled him to predict the outcomes of great economies such the UK. He has been very vocal on issues surrounding the economic performance of Japan and Argentina. He was born in Miami in the year 1969 but moved to Dallas with his father who was a manager in a popular hotel. He is a graduate of Business Administration, finance and real estate finance options. Soon after graduation, he worked at Prudential Securities and later moved on to Bear Stearns.

After a short while, he was promoted to become a managing director one of his greatest achievements in his late 20s. After years of serving in the company, Kyle felt the urge to start his own company dealing with Hedge funds. Records show that his first hedge was released in 2006 where he raised a whopping $33 million which was a contributions from friends and family. He also had an additional personal savings of $10 million to add onto the contribution. The company operates on global special situation find basis and it was insured by the likelihood of mortgage defaulting.