Bruce Levenson Is Helping AHBE Sue Former Insurance Company

Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) wants damage relief against AIG, the Atlanta Hawks former insurance company. AHBE, along with majority shareholder Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks just over a year ago to Tony Ressler, and as part of that sale they decided to buyout General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract. The sale went as planned, but as part of compensation in such an event, they had filed a claim with AIG, their insurance company. As far as AHBE’s attorneys were concerned, this claim was one they were completely entitled to. But AIG has said otherwise and will not honor that claim. AHBE and Levenson now want that claim honored, and plan to file for damages including court costs and attorney fees.

According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson purchased the majority shares of the Atlanta Hawks back in 2004 and owned the team till 2015. Prior to that, he founded Unified Communications Group (UCG), a company that’s published many newsletters and journals. He had started this company along with Ed Peskowitz in 1977, and began with Oil Express newsletter. Soon, UCG began acquiring other newsletters, and later tech research subsidiary TechTarget spun out from UCG, and also GasBuddy, an app that displays lower gas prices for drivers.

Bruce Levenson ( also has been involved with several philanthropies including Hoop Dreams Foundation, and the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership. He also has donated to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. and helped start the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program to teach young people about the significance of the Holocaust. He once brought the entire Atlanta Hawks team to the museum where his mother-in-law told the players her survival story. Levenson also supports many Jewish organizations such as Seeds of Peace, BBYO and Birthright Israel, and also chaired the Anti-Defamation League’s Concert Against Hate.

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Talk Fusion Offers Innovative Video Communication Products

Talk Fusion is the talk of the town as it recently won its second award of the year. This time, Talk Fusion won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for their product, Video Chat. This is a wonderful opportunity to show potential users how innovative and advanced Talk Fusion’s products really are. Nobody can be happier than the company’s own Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. He is the type of person who has a talented IT team behind him that is making sure they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to making these video communication products the very best ever.

Bob Reina has always adopted the philosophy of giving back. That is what he hopes to do with these video communication products. He wants business owners and non-profits to be able to benefit from using these products and getting their name out there. Bob Reina wants to see everyone succeed and be the very best that they can be. By using these products, you can guarantee that your sales will skyrocket and that you will bring in more customer traffic than ever before. Whether you are using these products to promote upcoming adoption events, upcoming fundraisers, or just promoting an upcoming sale, these products will help you communicate faster with people all around the world.

Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solutions that provides communication products to small business owners, non-profits, and individuals. Besides their award-winning Video Chat product, they also offer Video Conferencing, Video Newsletters, and Video Email. All of these products can be used on any mobile device. They are also affordable and user-friendly. If you are unsure whether these products will work for you, you can try out a 30-day free trial to see what Talk Fusion is all about.

Another way Bob Reina is helping out is that he recently launched a program where Talk Fusion Associates are able to donate one free charity account to the charity of their choosing. This is a great opportunity for charities to get their name out there and get noticed in a positive way.


Coriant Has A New Chief Executive Officer And It’s Not A Surprise


Chief Executive Officer longevity depends on several factors. Ability, education, experience, personality, decision-making and a strong board of directors’ relationship are some of those factors. Being profitable also helps secure the position for longer than the average CEO tenure which is currently between three to four years in a large publicly-traded corporation. A Chief Executive Officer may have all those attributes but could be replaced just because the board wants to go in another direction, or there is a major change in the industry that could impact the current CEO or the reputation of the company in some way. Coriant, the optical transport vendor, recently change CEOs, but the reason for the change wasn’t because there was a lack of sales or the company was in damage control mode.

Coriant elected to name a proven IT person to run the company because he was the right person for the job at this particular time. Seasoned IT veteran Shaygan Kheradpir was named Chief Executive Officer of Coriant recently, and he brings more talent to the executive team. Shaygan was also an outside participant in executive decision making when he was managing director of Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners has a close relationship with Coriant. If It weren’t for Marlin Equity, Coriant wouldn’t be in existence. Marlin Equity Partners played a major role in turning Nokia, Sycamore Networks and Tellabs into the giant that Coriant has become. Coriant has more than 500 customers and annual sales of more than $1 billion. Shaygan Kheradpir has his work cut out for him, according to an article published by

Shaygan has the experience to tackle the CEO job at Coriant. He graduated from Cornell with a degree in engineering and then stayed at that university and earned two more engineering degrees. After Shaygan earned his Ph.D., he was offered a job at GTE. Shaygan changed the dynamics of that company almost immediately. Kheradpir stayed with the GTE after the company merged with Bell Atlantic. That merger created Verizon Communications. Kheradpir’s distinguish track record at GTE earned the title of Chief Information Officer at Verizon. Kheradpir was instrumental in developing the Verizon One application, and that system is still being used today. Shaygan moved to Barclays Bank from Verizon, and he turned their IT system into one of best in the banking business.

Pat DiPietro, the former Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, made the announcement that Kheradpir would replace him, and he would move to Marlin Equity Partners as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. DiPietro hand-picked Kheradpir for the job, and is happy he did. DiPietro thinks Shaygan has what it takes to lead Coriant and help the company achieve its long and short term goals. Members of the executive that have worked with Shaygan also think he is the right person for the job.

The IT industry is a fast moving industries, so CEOs have a tough job keeping up with all the innovations that constantly appear in the industry. But Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the people that creates some of those innovations.

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Coriant Growing in the IT Industry


Considering the rate of change that is currently happening in the world, the organizations that are able to network more effectively and quicker will be the ones that will get ahead and have real business growth. Instead of trying to minimize costs by doing things the old fashioned ways, organizations such as Coriant realizes there is true value in the efficiency that is the business of communications and networking. By being able to bring people together faster and by also being able to solve problems and connect information quicker than ever before, Coriant has truly found some of the top efficiency within the work world.

When you think about the leaders in today’s organizations and how they are able to transform entire industries based upon their work and effort, you should no doubt be thinking of Shaygan Kheradpir. Shaygan Kheradpir has operated as CEO & Chairman of the Board for Coriant and has already laid the ground foundation for which the entire organization has been able to grow. It is simply through his vision and efforts that Coriant has come from a simple idea of creating efficiency to actually becoming a dominant organization in the business of helping people to save time and money.

Shaygan Kheradpir has not only helped to grow Coriant because of his ability and general business foresight, but if you imagine the world where even the widest and most remote corners of the globe are starting to become connected to high speed internet and traffic, it is only a matter of time until the entire world will be in need of even more powerful and more comprehensive business tools and solutions. Shaygan Kheradpir, and by extension Coriant, can not only increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of organizations in general, but also the positioning is such that Coriant can now plan for the future.

The work of Shaygan Kheradpir has helped to reshape the future tremendously. As more and more organizations start to spring up across the globe, it will be thanks to the efforts of companies just like Coriant that they are able to work faster and smarter than ever before.

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A Few Facts About Shaygan Kheradpir That You Should Know

In September 2015, Coriant, a proven supplier of networking solutions in not less than a 100 countries announced that Shaygan Khedrapir had taken over as the new Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman. He joined the company after having worked very close with it in the Senior Management team as an Operating Manager at Marlin Equity Partners. He assumed the new role and pledged to try his level best when matters related to driving the company forward are concerned. His leadership was expected to strengthen the company so that it competes much effectively in today’s dynamic and competitive markets.

He replaced Pat DiPietro as the CEO, who assumed the Vice Chairmanship position as well as the Operating Partner at Marlin. Pat had previously managed to guide Marlin in various portfolio development initiatives and integration.

Shaygan is not new to telecommunication management matters. He has a lot of of experience in matters related to the telecommunications industry. His experience combined with leadership was expected to play a vert vital role when matters related to leading the company to bigger heights are concerned. Coriant was by the time of making the announcement making plans to build a multi-terabit coherent metro, a hyper-scale data center, long haul transport deployments, different mobile backhaul upgrades as well as cloud infrastructure build outs.

Shaygan said that he was attracted to Coriant because the company has a comprehensive portfolio of data networking and packet optical solutions. The company also backs all its services with world class innovation that plays a tremendous role when matters related to expanding the customer base and global reach are concerned. He said that as the market drivers intensify the need for better and more efficient services, the company was better positioned to provide its customers with networking solutions that are cost disruptive and that are customized to handle the highest degree of optimization.

The company Board of Directors was also honored and happy to welcome Shaygan saying his strategic insight and able leadership will be needed in the company. Shaygan is a recognized name in the business and telecommunication circles. He has not less than 28 years experience in matters related to the telecom, financial and telecommunication industries. He started his career in GTE Corporation and moved on to other companies like Barclays and Verizon.

While at Verizon, he was the company’s Chief Information Officer as well as an Executive Board member. He played a very integral role in modernizing and creating more efficient systems in the company. When he joined Barclays, he was the Chief Operations and Technology Officer and made history as the first technology member of staff to sit in the Executive Board. After a few years at Barclays, he would later join Juniper Networks in the Chief Executive Officer position from where he joined Coriant. He is a Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor’s holder from Cornell University.

He has in the past also registered different patents that are related to his line of work. He is a good example of a professional who works thoroughly hard at work, therefore, getting very good results.

The Colorful Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a fascinating and very innovative businesswoman. She has created a unique makeup line called Lime Crime. Doe has a fantastic selection of cosmetics products in striking, adventurous, and fantasy inspired shades and hues. Doe came to the US to explore her creativity and schooling endeavors.

This former model has always been inspired by whimsical fashion and art. Her childhood dream was to created a business in which she can use all her organic creativity. Lime Crime is just that and everyone who loves cosmetics are taking note. Doe believes that makeup is a wonderful tool for women to express various feelings. Her line Lime Crime is truly inspirational when it comes to color and design.

Hair color is also a form of expression that Doe uses in all of her own looks. She is legendary for having a new vibrant hair color and bold makeup in all her pictures. Also known as Xenia and the Unicorn Queen her bright colors are her thing. She has fun with all she creates and her cosmetic line displays this.

The line is packed with pastels and glitter for girls who love whimsical makeup looks. Doe is a lover of fantasy and her online store is an experience of style and beauty information. She has always had a eagerness for empowering females and perhaps that is what has made her so successful with Lime Crime.

Doe Deere was not reluctant to reach for a dream that may have sounded crazy to many, but rather she believed in her creative gifts. This is why her lipsticks come in colors like orange, blue and lavender. Doe Deere believes that her make-up is made so that individuals can exhibit their magnificence and natural beauty.

Her cosmetic line is perfect for natural as well as daring makeup looks. Doe is always creating new ideas and mixing colors for her company. All her followers are excited to send in pictures of themselves with various colored hair and Lime Crime makeup on. Doe displays all these photos on her online store along with articles on beauty trends.

This thriving business women loves animals and owns cats. She makes sure that all her cosmetics are cruelty free. The greatest part about her company is that it concentrates on giving new varieties of color to women. Lime Crime is so colorful it even features a new hair color line. Doe keeps these shades bright and beautiful. You won’t find traditional hair colors like black and blonde. Instead hair colors like yellow, pink, and purple can be purchase along with many more.

Doe has created a fairy tale come true with her makeup line. She truly loves what she does and can’t believe she is so successful. Women are all made diverse and all have distinctive likes and styles. Doe is on a quest to becoming famous in the beauty marketplace. She enjoys providing women with one of a kind cosmetics. Lime Crime makeup products enable women of all ages the flexibility to communicate themselves with their make-up.