TOWN Real Estate Benefits From Uptick in Foreign Investment

We seem to be living in unstable times. That’s the view that many foreign investors are taking today, after a year of extreme volatility in the markets and in the world. Now with the future of the European Union unknown (especially after the recent “Brexit” vote), properties in the US (especially in New York City and the ever-more attractive Brooklyn) are looking more enticing.

New York is a city that’s always very alluring to foreign investors, and right now this city is becoming more attractive than ever to investors who want a stable place to put their money. New York has shown remarkable staying power in its ability to stabilize even after the volatility that came after the US economic meltdown of 2008. With jobs in New York on the upswing, and many areas of the city hugely revitalized, there’s no question that New York is the right place to invest in luxury real estate. All of this comes in stark contrast to the situation in Europe, where the unknowns about the future of the EU weigh heavily.

A Flight To Quality Real Estate in New York

The syndrome we’re seeing right now, with investors fleeing Europe for New York, is referred to as a “flight to quality.” New York, with its pristine properties and stable job base, is more and more being seen as a place of great quality and stability. What this means, too, is that realtors who know the complexities of the New York luxury residential market, and its pricing, will be much sought after. One of the firms right now that is very much in demand is TOWN Residential.

TOWN Residential first launched in 2010 in New York, and since then it’s made a name for itself as a firm that offers the best possible customer service and expertise for its clients. Clients of TOWN know they will be shown only the finest properties available at the most competitive prices possible. That’s why TOWN is the firm they come back to, again and again.  For more on their NYC apartments for rent, check out the official website:

Omar Boraie Breathes New Life into Old City Center


Home to one of New Jersey’s oldest colleges, a bustling town center, and within convenient rail distance of Manhattan, New Brunswick, NJ seems almost organically poised to have grown into the sort of high energy locale young professionals seek out to put down their roots. But it wasn’t always so. Only a few short decades ago the New Brunswick of the 1970’s held a bleaker reputation, due in part to issues with crime and plummeting property values, and interest in development projects inevitably suffered as a result.

Enter Omar Boraie, real estate developer and president of Boraie Development. Boraie, who planted his own roots in New Brunswick some 50 years ago when he emigrated from Egypt to pursue higher education, was and remains a principle force in raising New Brunswick up to to the business, academic, and cultural center that it is today.

Boraie’s real estate projects in New Brunswick began ambitiously with the Albany Street Plaza Tower One, the current home of Boraie Development. Replacing a ramshackle block of long-abandoned structures, Boraie’s Albany Street offices provided the sort of Class A office space needed to both bring in and retain commercial the interests so vital to New Brunswick’s status as a premiere mercantile hub. Omar later expanded on this success with Tower Two, which was completed in 2003.

While his successes in commercial building projects are undeniable, Omar Boraie’s role in bringing much needed residential real estate to New Brunswick is an equally important and much needed contribution. The One Spring Street Condominium tower, completed by Boraie Development in 2007, proved a resounding success. The upscale, New York style tower, which holds 121 residential units along with ample space for offices and retail, sold out in an astounding two months.

Boraie Development’s most recent project, the 17-story luxury high rise christened The Aspire, is once again breathing new life into New Brunswick, and will no doubt further strengthen Omar’s legacy of fostering improvement and growth in the once-struggling university town. Officially opened for leasing this year, The Aspire, like Omar’s Spring Street tower, is poised to become the premiere residential space in downtown New Brunswick, and signals Boraie’s continued relevance to the future of the city.

Finding Your Dream Through New York City Real Estate

Searching for a dream home can be both exhausting and exhilarating, no matter where it is a person is looking. New York City, is one place where buyers can find unique and luxurious apartments, town homes and houses throughout many neighborhoods within the city. The difference is knowing what to look for and what the terminology means.

Town Real Estate, is a company that is full of experts with extensive experience in the NYC real estate market in New York City. This firm services a variety of neighborhoods in the Manhattan area, from Tribeca to the Lower East Village. This team of agents strives to find the perfect place to call home for their clients, regardless if they are leasing or buying. Town Real Estate has extensive knowledge of the market and area for both residential and commercial purposes.

Town was founded in 2010, yet has an enormous collaboration of agents that provide this firm with established experience in order to provide the clients with a high level of expertise and quality service. Town possesses a qualified team of experts, that have collective knowledge of marketing, new developments, sales, leasing and much more. Through Town Real Estate, clients express their desires and the firm sets out to deliver. The team at this company incorporates market research along with professional guidance to find real estate that is trendsetting and modern.

For those individuals that are searching the neighborhoods of New York City for a prime piece of real estate, need to invest time researching the market. Having a clear set dollar figure of what they can afford, helps buyers or renters save time spent looking at properties out of their reach financially. There are many different types of apartment styles to fit one’s needs, knowing the type of style that is desired narrows down what area of town a particular style can be found.

Finding a real estate agent or firm that actively listens to the needs of their clients, will help the client find their dream home in New York City. Different areas of the city differ in the type of atmosphere and amenities that are available. Dealing with a firm such as Town Real Estate, assists clients with the necessary research to provide them with innovative options to obtain what is wanted. Any buyer or renter looking for property in New York City should make an assessment of their needs and wants in relation to their finances, in order to avoid disappointments when shopping for real estate.

TOWN Residential: A History of Leadership

TOWN Residential is the leading luxury real estate services firm in New York. The brainchild of CEO, Andrew Heiberger, the firm flourishes, due to its commitments to service and transparency. TOWN is known for making smart transactions, forming unique partnerships, and hiring top talent. Together, these qualities explain its meteoric rise to its current position as an industry leader.

Heiberger established his firm in 2010, and it quickly began to distinguish itself. By 2014, its sale and leasing transactions were setting market records. It was responsible for the listing and leasing of New York’s most expensive rental property, among a number of other impressive feats. By the end of that year, the firm had garnered more than $1.86 billion in total sales and leasing volume. The stunning 15.6 percent increase over 2013’s performance was emblematic of TOWN Residential’s success in the industry.

The following year, the firm demonstrated its commitment to transparency by publishing its financial reporting. The move was a bold one, as it potentially exposed TOWN Residential to public scrutiny. Many top firms consider such data highly proprietary, and jealously guard it from public appraisal. Heiberger took time out to explain why he decided to buck that trend:

“From the moment TOWN Residential opened, we pledged total transparency…” said the CEO. “[I]t is beneficial to our Representatives and clients alike. I am proud to continue to lead the industry by opening our books and sharing real numbers with the hopes that other top firms will follow suit.”

The release showed that NYC properties and TOWN Residential had grown exponentially in the past year. By June, the firm had completed 513 sales transaction sides. The average price of these transactions was $1,971,746. One deal, concerning a Fifth Avenue property, netted more than $45 million. The firm’s talented team drew in $1.188 billion in total sales and leasing volume in the first half of 2015 alone.

The success of Heiberger’s firm goes beyond consistently intelligent transactions. It is also the result of some remarkable partnerships. Last February, TOWN Residential joined forces with Fortune International Group, South Florida’s pre-eminent luxury real estate services firm. This unprecedented alliance allows both firms to engage in genuine, real time connectivity, granting unparalleled access to on the ground expertise, improving a host of benefits for the clients and agents of each firm. The relationship was so beneficial TOWN Residential was processing $100 million worth of business in the first three months.

TOWN Residential has become a leader in its industry over a relatively short amount of time. Its success is credible to its record-setting transactions, and unprecedented, highly influential alliances. Under the invaluable leadership of CEO, Andrew Heiberger, the firm is sure to flourish in the coming decades.

Andy Wirth Uses His Positive Attitude To Keep Squaw Valley Growing


Squaw Valley has long been one of the most well-respected ski destinations in the U.S. The area is loved because of its challenging slopes and high-end amenities. Squaw Valley Ski is not only one of the largest ski resorts in the United States, its standards are so high that this resort played host to the 1960 Winter Olympics. The iconic tram takes tourists from all over the world to the world-famous peaks. Over 600,000 people each year ski at Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley has done an excellent job of living up to lofty standards under the watch of CEO Andy Wirth. Wirth has worked in the industry for most of his adult life, starting as an intern with Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1983. Over the years, he’s held almost every job imaginable. When Wirth became President and CEO one of the first things he did was oversee a $70 million upgrade to the resort. In 2011, he oversaw the acquisition of nearby Alpine Meadows. Skiers can now use passes at either resort, which is owned by the same investment fund. Wirth is also well-known for his positive thinking. In October of 2013, he suffered a horrific accident that saw his are torn completely off as the result of a particularly bad sky-diving accident. It was later reattached during grueling surgery. Wirth was forced to endure 23 more surgeries but still ended up making it back to work 50 days after the accident happened.

The major upgrade to Squaw Valley that happened under Wirth’s watch has transformed the resort into one of top ski destinations in the country. The 1960 Winter Olympics games were the first ever televised. This put Squaw Valley and U.S. skiing on the map. Squaw Valley has benefitted from a world-class reputation ever since. The new regime operating the resort have made a major investment that is drawing people there year-round. Even in the summer, there’s plenty to do. The iconic tram ride is famous for its views of a pristine area that has been well preserved and is a designated historic area. Squaw valley is different than most ski resorts in that major accommodations like a pool and hot tubs are located at the top of the peaks. The tram ride takes eager tourists to these uniquely located treasures. People can also hike from the so-called “high camp” where they’ll see the most impressive sights in California.

Newark Community Economic Development Corpoation Adds New Member To Team

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) works directly with the city of Newark to produce economic growth. They will meet with prospective clients who want to open a business. The fact that their only client is Newark, is beneficial to both parties. Many improvements are a direct result of their diligent work in the community. Long-term projects depend on the Newark CEDC to provide loans to sustain development. They have led the way in assisting minority business owners, from initial planning of a business model, to grand opening of a store.

Recently, StreetInsider reported on the Newark CEDC added accountant and capital management specialist, Kevin Seawright to their diverse and intelligent team. Seawright was the Payroll Director of the Housing Authority in Baltimore. He has over a decade of experience in managing the financial affairs of many government organizations. In his expert care, Baltimore and Washington DC are both better places to live. Now he has been enlisted for the benefit of Newark. Assisting the homeless is crucial in any large city. Seawright served as Finance Director of the Homeless Services Division. It was a moving and personal job position for him. His unique experience in many aspects of business and financial management brings a fresh perspective to the Newark CEDC.

As per Mashable, the team is now complete that can foster in an era of complete economic growth and prosperity. Newark is reaching new heights in many areas of business. Real estate development is soaring. Urban areas are reaching record setting growth margins. Tax credits are offered to small business owners, drawing them to the city. People want to start there businesses in Newark. These great factors are the result of the tenacity and presence of the Newark CEDC. The city will continue to grow in other areas as well. As long as the Newark CEDC and Newark keep working together, unprecedented economic stability will continue.