Taking on Amazon with Fabletics by Kate Hudson

A new membership subscription plan has been introduced to the population in recent years. That program is called Fabletics. The concept of this membership is to allow people who workout to use active wear that they are comfortable in. If you love the clothes that you are working out in, you will love working out. It makes working out much more fun and enjoyable if you are comfortable in what you are wearing. With the active wear membership, you pay a one time fee of $25 and this starts you out with your first outfit. You will receive your first outfit in the mail within a few business days and will continue your membership for each month after until you decide to cancel.


Kate Hudson knew that she was uncomfortable in the clothes that she was wearing to work out in. It was hard to keep steady in something that was constrictive on the body. You want to feel free to move around in what clothes you are using to workout in. Also, yoga pants has been a hot new trend for a while now. She knew she had to do something to make herself more comfortable and the ladies she was working out with.


Kate Hudson is a name that most people are familiar with. They know her well because of who her mother is and who her father is as well as the fact that she has co-starred with a number of A-list actors. You might know her from the movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” where she played opposite of Mathew McCaunghey. She was the girl who had to find a way to lose a guy in just 10 days. This plan however backfired on her and she fell madly in love with the guy. This is true about her workout gear line as well. She fell in love with the workout gear and knew others would as well.


As soon as the first set of yoga pants came off the press, Kate knew that she had come up with a brilliant idea and knew others would love the clothes as well. More women use yoga pants now than they ever did before and part of this reason is due to Kate Hudson and her love for yoga pants. She unfortunately had to go up against contenders like Amazon. For people who love to shop online, you have to think about where you do most of your online shopping. It’s simple, on Amazon right? She knew she had to do something to make her customers switch from using Amazon to her own business. She knew she had to beat them at their own game and came up with the idea of using the subscription plan as a way to lure more people to her business.


When she came up with the idea of using a subscription service, Kate decided to call it Fabletics. For her, she loves the idea of the membership as well as the fact that it is a product that will last a while instead of something like a fruit basket a month or a magazine subscription. If you are shopping for others during the holiday and don’t know what to get them, Fabletics is the perfect gift.