Critics Continue To Scrutinize Beneful Dog Foods

The current trend among pet owners is to feed their beloved pets with foods that contain more familiar ingredients. According to surveys that have been conducted among pet owners, more of them are treating their pets as part of the family. This trickles down to the food they consume, with the owners desiring that the food be more like human food. This is according to a recent article by the Huffington Post you can also buy dog food from online.

It is not unusual to see various dog food brands coming under scrutiny and criticism from dog lovers and pet like critics alike. This was the case for Beneful, a top-selling dry dog food brand produced by Nestle Purina PetCare. The brand, introduced in 2001, currently feeds an estimated 14 million dogs every year, according to Nielsen.However, the popular dog food has faced some harsh criticism from bloggers over the ingredients used in making the dog food. This is especially so in the use of propylene glycol. The compound is commonly confused with another, ethylene glycol, which is an ingredient in the manufacture of anti-freeze and is poisonous to dogs.

Propylene glycol is widely used in making dog food and human food as well. It is approved for use by the FDA. Another point of criticism is the use of color dyes in Beneful Coupons. As much as they appeal to human consumers, they do not have the same effects on dogs. Another subject mentioned by critics is the possibility of mycotoxins, which to be fair, are also present in most dry pet foods according to testing. Minimal levels of mycotoxins in pet foods are allowed the E.U. and the FDA. These levels allowed are not taken as a health concern as they are also present in agricultural produce.These are the issues that formed the basis of a class action suit that started in early 2015. However, since then, a third of the plaintiffs have discontinued their involvement in the suit against Nestle Purina over Beneful. The class action lawyers have also been seen changing the allegations on several occasions. Nestle Purina have clearly pointed out that they are not going to settle the case.

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Beneful Dog Food Helps Dogs Grow Strong

Beneful dry dog food ( is full of good taste and nutrition. Any dog that gets this food for a meal will love the taste and they will be very healthy. Beneful puppy formula is full of calcium and good taste. Beneful puppy formula is full of the chicken that is easy on puppy’s stomach and rice. Puppy formula will be the best food for the puppy to eat until he or she is at least one year of age. Beneful dog food for overweight dogs will help the dog lose weight. The formula is fewer calories but full of nutrition that gives the dogs energy. In no time, this overweight dog will be running around and playing again. Beneful dog food makes any dog happy.
Another wonderful thing about the Purina company Beneful is the dog treats ( These treats areĀ  available on either Wal-Mart or online via Amazon, they are very tasty and your dog will learn the tricks you are teaching with one treat for a reward. The dental treats are nice and chewy. Your dog will love these dental treats because they taste good. They also clean your dog’s teeth and clean his breath. Beneful dog food company is doing great things and your dog will let you know it.

Dogs of many different sizes are showing up in animal shelters and on the streets. Pet owners need to make sure they getting their dogs spay and neutered unless they are breeding dogs for show or sale. Dogs that are breeding without responsible owners making the necessary arrangements for adoption are ending up in the streets. People that love animals should make sure that their dogs are fixed so that they are not producing thousands of unwanted animals to roam the streets. Beneful and the other dog food companies are joining in to help these unwanted animals find homes by hosting pet adoptions.

Check out the article in the Daily Herald about the different types of foods and tastes that the large companies are coming out with. Gourmet foods are all the rave and hopefully will be selling good and making loads of money for the companies. The anticipation for these good tasting foods is that they will sell and make millions in the next year.