Critics Continue To Scrutinize Beneful Dog Foods

The current trend among pet owners is to feed their beloved pets with foods that contain more familiar ingredients. According to surveys that have been conducted among pet owners, more of them are treating their pets as part of the family. This trickles down to the food they consume, with the owners desiring that the food be more like human food. This is according to a recent article by the Huffington Post you can also buy dog food from online.

It is not unusual to see various dog food brands coming under scrutiny and criticism from dog lovers and pet like critics alike. This was the case for Beneful, a top-selling dry dog food brand produced by Nestle Purina PetCare. The brand, introduced in 2001, currently feeds an estimated 14 million dogs every year, according to Nielsen.However, the popular dog food has faced some harsh criticism from bloggers over the ingredients used in making the dog food. This is especially so in the use of propylene glycol. The compound is commonly confused with another, ethylene glycol, which is an ingredient in the manufacture of anti-freeze and is poisonous to dogs.

Propylene glycol is widely used in making dog food and human food as well. It is approved for use by the FDA. Another point of criticism is the use of color dyes in Beneful Coupons. As much as they appeal to human consumers, they do not have the same effects on dogs. Another subject mentioned by critics is the possibility of mycotoxins, which to be fair, are also present in most dry pet foods according to testing. Minimal levels of mycotoxins in pet foods are allowed the E.U. and the FDA. These levels allowed are not taken as a health concern as they are also present in agricultural produce.These are the issues that formed the basis of a class action suit that started in early 2015. However, since then, a third of the plaintiffs have discontinued their involvement in the suit against Nestle Purina over Beneful. The class action lawyers have also been seen changing the allegations on several occasions. Nestle Purina have clearly pointed out that they are not going to settle the case.

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Beneful Produces Quality and Nutritious Dog Foods

The friendship that exists between dogs and human beings is an amazing one. There are many benefits of keeping a dog as a pet ranging from security provision to good company. Therefore, it is vital to consider giving your dog a balanced diet in order to keep it strong and healthy. Despite being a carnivorous, dogs have undergone evolution over a thousand years, and hence can consume both meat, and non-meat food consumed by human beings. A number of people prepare their own dog diets by mixing ingredients purchased from grocery, and health food stores. While others, purchase commercially manufactured foods. 

The dog food industry experienced revolution in 2007 after international pet-food recalls, and shifted to producing grain free and low carbohydrate foods. Since, the presence of grains was believed to be toxic to dogs due to presences of mycotoxins. Commercial dog food is developed from animal grade ingredients. It is categorized as dry, semi-moist or wet depending on the volume of moisture present. All wet foods undergo sterilization before they are canned. Wet food contains higher volume of moisture, protein and fat when compared to dry foods. Dog owners are required to add protein gels, and grain glutten to wet food to develop artificial meaty pieces.

Beneful Purina brand enjoys a global status in the production and marketing of dog foods. The company has an amazing online presence, their Dog Goldberg Machine is an interesting and educative advert. The advert is consists of noises that can elicit response from dogs. They produce amazing dog products that include wet dog foods, snacks, dry dog food and treats. They have a highly trained team of professionals who are well accomplished in the production of dog food. To ensure your pets are safe and healthy, both the company and its staff are certified and insured. Beneful wet food is composed of diverse ingredients clearly indicated on the packets or cans. They are dedicated to keep your dog fit and joyful. Twenty varieties of wet food enriched with proteins such as chicken, pork, and beef. The textures range from thin cuboid slice to huge hearty chunks. Nutritious product including carrots, rice, barley and green beans are available.

To keep your dog strong and happy, they develop baked delights flavored with cheese, bacon, beef, and butter. Their website is interactive, it consists of well-researched and detailed information about dog products. They provide online shopping to their clients. Their services start with a smile and end with a smile. Beneful encourages every dog owner to bring their dogs when visiting them. This will provide an opportunity for their professionals to have a look at their dogs and advice accordingly. They produce additional dog products such as Purina One, which comprises wet dog food, wet dog food. The company also produces wet cat food and dry cat food. Their ALPO product is designed to add quality and necessary nutrition to wet and dry dog foods. Beneful renovates dog parks, of owners whose dog park designs win the Beneful Dream Dog Park completion held annually.

Beneful Helps Dog Owners To Keep Their Dogs Healthy

Purina dog food is what many dog owners have chosen to feed their pets because of all of the great things that they have heard about this Beneful. Not only does the brand do good advertising for itself, but people are all quick to say how much their dogs have improved since eating this brand dog food, as well. People love to keep their dogs healthy, and they love it when a brand is offered to them that will be able to help them to do that. It’s much easier to just pick up a bag of dog food at the store and to know that it will be good for a dog, rather than to have to look at the labels and try to figure things out every time that one goes out shopping.

Nowadays it seems that there are not too many pet care companies that offer products that are made with the pet in mind, but Purina is one that cares about them. This brand has been making pet food for quite some time, now, and they have always shown how much they want to keep animals healthy and happy through their food, and through their advertisements. I have always believed that when a company puts out cute advertisements, and ones that say how much they value the animals that they are serving, that they must be a pretty good company. And Purina has not let customers down with this.

Beneful is a part of Purina’s company, and people have been loving it just as much as all of the rest of the company. People are pleased with the high quality standards that Beneful has set for itself. They like that Beneful cares about dogs.

They like that every ingredient that goes into their dog food is carefully picked out, and that it is carefully tested to see that it is up to their quality standards. Beneful is one of those brands that people can buy and feel good about what they have done. They are making a wise decision for their dog’s health when they pick up a bag of food from this brand.

Purina has been giving pet owners food that they can trust for years, already, and I don’t believe that they are going to stop what they are doing in the near future. Pet owners can know that they can count on this brand to keep giving them food that is good for their pets. And that is a great feeling for pet owners to be able to have.