Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall Offers An Example for Those Who Want To Build A Mall

There are some people that want to build a mall of their own but don’t know how to go about it. This is actually getting to be more challenging by the day because every once in a while, a mall opens up that offers something that other malls don’t offer. However, given that this type of mall is limited to the location. There is a chance that one could repeat this formula for another distant location. However, if one wants to be successful with the mall, he has to first look at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping as an example of what one can do.

Roberto Santiago shows with his mall that all one needs is imagination in order to offer the winning experience. His mall offers activities that go far beyond shopping. Therefore, people will be able to visit this mall for plenty of reasons. They don’t necessarily have to buy clothes or other products. They can go there just to experience some fun. Perhaps the person trying to build his own mall wants to attract plenty of customers and gain a lot of profits. One of the best things to do is look beyond the clothing stores and see some of the activities available.

Among the common features of the mall are movie theaters, food courts, and even arcades. For those that really want to stand out, it is important for them to include some other types of activities such as music halls, bowling, fitness, lounge areas and fine dining to go with the typical food court establishments. One of the best things to think about when it comes to building a successful shopping mall is options.

One thing to consider about Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is that it did not start off as big as it is. As a matter of fact, this facility has been in operation for more than 20 years. It has experienced a lot of growth as new features were added. Therefore, those that already have a mall established can look for ways to grow it so that it could include even more stores and activities.

Sam Boraie Helped Change The Economic Dynamics In New Brunswick, New Jersey

New Brunswick, New Jersey has been a city for more than two hundred years. The city was occupied by the British during the Revolutionary War. New Brunswick was one of the first places to hear the Declaration of Independence. Rutgers University was called Queens College when it was established in 1766. The Trustees picked New Brunswick instead of rival city Hackensack to build a campus. The first classes were held in the Sign of the Red Lion tavern on the corner of Albany and Neilson Streets. Johnson and Johnson is located on that corner now, but in 1771, one sophomore and several freshmen went to class there. Johnson and Johnson was the first major corporation to build a world headquarters in the downtown area. When the pharmaceutical company opened the building in downtown New Brunswick, the area was a disaster. Downtown buildings were vacant and crime was the flavor of the day, every day.

The city has gone through economic and social changes for more than 100 years. In a report by Yahoo, Developers stayed away from New Brunswick even though it is centrally located between New York City and Philadelphia. But one savvy developer saw the potential in New Brunswick. Sam Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development LLC, started buying buildings on Albany Street in the 1970s. Boraie had a vision ( for the city that other developers ignored. Sam bought 21 crumbling buildings on Albany Street, and he replaced them with the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Sam showed the state and the naysayers that he was serious about revitalizing the city. Albany Street Plaza Tower One was completed in the 1980s. The building has 250,000 square feet of office space. It didn’t take long for businesses to rent every inch of the building.

Boraie Development LLC completed Albany Street Plaza Tower Two in 2003. The second tower added more office space, but Boraie knew just building office space wasn’t enough. According to the NY Times, Sam decided to build a New York City style residential building, downtown. In 2007, the One Spring Street Condominium building was finished. One Spring Street is a 25-story structure with 121 residential units and 40,000 square feet of office space. There is also 10,000 square feet of retail space and a 400-space parking garage. The interest in the One Spring Street building was overwhelming. The building was completely sold out in two months.

But Omar Boraie wanted to do more for the city he lived in for more than 40 years. He wanted to build a condominium building that offered luxury accommodations. The 17-story, 370,000 square feet Aspire Building was Boraie’s contribution to the professionals that worked and live in the city.

The State Theater is another Sam Boraie project. Sam helped raise $765,000 for the State Theater. Boraie is now a member of the State Theater Board of Trustees. When Boraie was approached to help develop the One Riverview Building in Newark, with Basketball great Shaq O’Neil, he couldn’t say no. Newark is another New Jersey city that is being transformed by Sam Boraie.

Vijay Eswaran Entrepreneurial Journey in Business

Vijay Eswaran is the chief executive officer and chairman of the successful QI Group of Companies. Under his leadership, these companies have been very successful, reporting huge profits in the recent years. Vijay is currently in charge of the multi-business conglomerate that is present in different sectors such as retail, direct selling, financial services, hospitality and education. The company’s subsidiary, known as QNET, was founded in the year 1998, and it is currently considered to be an international company with branches in many parts of the globe. The company has done well under the leadership of the Malaysian businessman, and it has merged the traditional methods of sales with the new technology.

Vijay Eswaran had always wanted to establish a new type of company that would combine the power of the people and the global reach in the internet. This served as the foundation of his companies. The successful businessman merged the tried and tested techniques uses in business and e-commerce, and the result was a very powerful company.

With the help of several partners, Vijay debated about the products that could sell in the market and set the institution apart. At the end of the day, the business associates decided to deal with precious metals and numismatics based in the European marketing strategies. The partners managed to procure the legal rights to sell the famous commemorative coins in the year 1998. The institution did very well in the market, and in the year 2000, the company was recognized to be among the top three in the sales volume. By then, the company has forty two distributions in the world.

When the businessman was starting his entrepreneur journey, he had a very difficult time. Nothing seemed to work in his favor. Vijay did not have the right connections or a supportive family. The greatest challenge was the lack of funds. By then, his country, Asia was already going through a tough financial crisis, and everyone believed that the businessman was going to fail. However, he was convinced that he did not want to spend all his life making money for other people. Fortunately, he found partners who were business minded just like him, and this provided the great support he needed. Together they experienced the setbacks and failures of business, but they managed to build a strong emperor.