Wen by Chaz: Lavender

Wen hair care products are created by Chaz Dean. He began working on the product in 1993, and has created a basic, and a Deluxe hair care kit that can be used on all hair types. He uses a variety natural ingredients, and his formulas are designed to undo the damage caused by chemicals and lather in other hair care products. Wen has over 10 formulas, one of which is Lavender. Lavender is a formula containing a variety of natural ingredients, including rosemary leaf extract, wild cherry bark extract, and citric acid.

The Wen Lavender Deluxe hair care kit features five products: The cleansing conditioner, anti-frizz styling crème, ultra-nourishing cleansing treatment, replenishing treatment mist, and straightening smoothing gloss. The Lavender conditioner is a five-in-one product, and is intended to replace your shampoo. To use it, apply between 10 and 32 pumps to wet hair, depending on the length and thickness. The cleansing conditioner does not lather. The anti-frizz styling crème is applied as a leave-in formula immediately after cleansing to help fight frizz. It also protects against heat damage caused by styling tools.

The Wen Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Treatment is used to boost the cleansing conditioner. It can also be used as a mask or leave-in conditioner, and it helps to calm the scalp. Next is the straightening smoothing gloss, which leaves any hair type silky and smooth. It is generally applied after the styling crème, but can also be applied to dry, styled hair to tame fly-aways. Last is the Lavender Replenishing Treatment Mist, which is usually applied to wet hair to revive between cleansings, or after using the cleansing conditioner. It can also be used as a deep-conditioner, or it can be applied to dry or styled hair, to keep it moisturized throughout the day.

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The Leading Hair Care Products WEN by Chaz

Being presentable is a universal matter of concern to most women, and when they are trying to ensure they are neatly groomed it’s not easy to leave the hair aspect making hair care an area that requires proper attention. There are various products used for hair care which range from; shampoos, conditioners, and relaxers among others. WEN by Chaz is a leading world brand which has the products that give users the hair they always dream of. The products include; cleansing conditioner and sweet almond among others.

WEN hair products have been developed by a stylist who has had a lot of experience in hair care. His name is Chaz Dean, and he is based in Los Angeles. His clients include Hollywood finest, and he is easy to get along with, and this makes his clients comfortable around him. Dean has deeply rooted passion for hair care having worked in high-end salons and also in a big company where he helped the company in developing high-quality hair products. Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) develops products that leave the client’s expectations met beyond what they expected.

WEN by Chaz deluxe kit is a product that gives your hair an outstanding look. The development of the product aim was to give the user hair more strength, control, increase its hydration, and ensure it’s more manageable. The deluxe kit includes; a misty replenishing treatment, a gloss product that straightens and smoothens the user’s hair, a nourishing mousse, crème that has anti- frizz styling and a conditioner that is rich in cleansing agents. The kit is very pocket-friendly selling at 39.95 USD and the company caters for the shipping cost anywhere in the world. WEN by Chaz also has also yet another product for women who want hair that brings the best image of them, and it’s called WEN Hair Basic Hair Kit. It’s comprised of an excellent blend of ingredients that are natural and sourced from botanical extracts and herbs. The kit gives the user healthy and glamorous hair. The products can be purchased in individual bottles of shampoo or conditioner, or in an all-in-one kit, available through eBay, QVC and Guthy-Renker online.

Taking on Amazon with Fabletics by Kate Hudson

A new membership subscription plan has been introduced to the population in recent years. That program is called Fabletics. The concept of this membership is to allow people who workout to use active wear that they are comfortable in. If you love the clothes that you are working out in, you will love working out. It makes working out much more fun and enjoyable if you are comfortable in what you are wearing. With the active wear membership, you pay a one time fee of $25 and this starts you out with your first outfit. You will receive your first outfit in the mail within a few business days and will continue your membership for each month after until you decide to cancel.


Kate Hudson knew that she was uncomfortable in the clothes that she was wearing to work out in. It was hard to keep steady in something that was constrictive on the body. You want to feel free to move around in what clothes you are using to workout in. Also, yoga pants has been a hot new trend for a while now. She knew she had to do something to make herself more comfortable and the ladies she was working out with.


Kate Hudson is a name that most people are familiar with. They know her well because of who her mother is and who her father is as well as the fact that she has co-starred with a number of A-list actors. You might know her from the movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” where she played opposite of Mathew McCaunghey. She was the girl who had to find a way to lose a guy in just 10 days. This plan however backfired on her and she fell madly in love with the guy. This is true about her workout gear line as well. She fell in love with the workout gear and knew others would as well.


As soon as the first set of yoga pants came off the press, Kate knew that she had come up with a brilliant idea and knew others would love the clothes as well. More women use yoga pants now than they ever did before and part of this reason is due to Kate Hudson and her love for yoga pants. She unfortunately had to go up against contenders like Amazon. For people who love to shop online, you have to think about where you do most of your online shopping. It’s simple, on Amazon right? She knew she had to do something to make her customers switch from using Amazon to her own business. She knew she had to beat them at their own game and came up with the idea of using the subscription plan as a way to lure more people to her business.


When she came up with the idea of using a subscription service, Kate decided to call it Fabletics. For her, she loves the idea of the membership as well as the fact that it is a product that will last a while instead of something like a fruit basket a month or a magazine subscription. If you are shopping for others during the holiday and don’t know what to get them, Fabletics is the perfect gift.

Lime Crime Company Changes the Face of Cosmetics

There is great news for people who are a fan of makeup and other cosmetic products. The Company offers you the best choice especially when it comes to affordable and the latest products to choose from. You will also be in a position to get advice from the employees in the company concerning the best make up choice for your skin and lips. You will be introduced to a huge variety of products which vary in shape, size and color so you can choose the best product for yourself.



Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere who is also the CEO. She has been able to grow the company since 2008 into a known and admired cosmetic shop offering the best products to clients. You can also visit the web and find out more on their products, their prices and much more. In this way when you finally visit the shop, you will have an idea on what to look for.



Latest Products



Lime Crime ensures there are new products every now and then to ensure they meet all the different demands of their clients. In June, they launched the new water-activated foil eyeshadow which was a sensation by the social media. There are many positive reviews from the customers who have used them and this has motivated most people to purchase and try them out.



Lime Crime has been able to gain the trust of their clients by offering them the best products. By constantly coming up with new products, they are able to retain their clients since they are sure of getting other better products after sometime. The company does not believe that makeup is for covering up imperfections, but it is for improving looks and a form of self-expression.






Lime Crime is a company that ensures there is innovative and creative formulas when coming up with any product. This will ensure the makeup will be of high quality and performance when used by the customers. Doe has been an inspiration to other upcoming businesspeople due to her motivation and determination to bring the best choices for her clients all the time.  A point that is echoed on her Tumblr page, and something that makes them immensely popular on DollsKill.

JustFab Adds a Plus Size Collection to Their Clothing Line

JustFab is an online subscription retailer that sells clothing, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. The shopping experience is completely personalized based on member’s preferences. The company was founded in March of 2010. Kimora Lee Simmons became President and Creative Director in September of 2011. The company has had a few celebrity collaborations as well as a television show. JustFab is also the parent company of Fabletics, a popular online athletic wear company, that was founded in partnership with Kate Hudson in July 2013. Their clothing line was launched in 2015. Many members insisted the clothing line be expanded to include plus sizes. JustFab recently launched a The Plus Sized Capsule Collection. The sizes now go up to 3X.
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A JustFab membership is $39.95 a month. Upon registering, members take a style quiz which aids the “personal stylists” to pick out pieces the member would prefer. The member then picks of the options the stylist put together, or they can request a new item. If the member is completely unsatisfied, they can choose to skip that month completely without any charges.
The Curvy Fashionista recently wrote an article about JustFab releasing a plus sized collection. The new line is called JustFab Plus. JustFab really wants to get this collection right. So they will slowly start introducing the pieces, starting out with a 35-piece collection. The collection will include casual and basic pieces that can be effortlessly mixed and matched to create a completely unique wardrobe. Some of the pieces included are lightweight dresses, maxi skirts, flowy tops and denim. All of these pieces are perfect for spring and summer. All of the looks will complement the rest of JustFab’s collection of shoes, handbags, and jewelry. This will give their plus sized members complete looks from head to toe. More pieces are planning to be release throughout 2016.

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