Thor Halvorssen: Socialism Violates Human Rights

The founder of Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, just claimed during Fox News interview that Socialism is a violation of human rights. According to him, Socialism takes away freedom and ends up looting a country. Redistribution of wealth is not a way to reduce property, claimed Mr. Halvorssen. Free markets work the best, the interviewee stated.


As an example, Mr. Halvorssen used Venezuela. Currently, this oil-rich country is experiencing major economic crisis. When the Venezuelan government dictated a freeze in prices, this only led to supply shortages. Even toilet paper is hard to find in this South American nation, not to mention water and electricity shortages.


Thor Halvorssen actually has close ties to this country, while his family has suffered enormously under the Venezuelan regime, which was previously ran by Hugo Chavez and now by Nicolas Maduro. Mr. Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned, mother shot, and currently his cousin in in prison. All done for political reasons.


Even though Thor Halvorssen is highly critical of Socialism, he made the highest possible contribution to Bernie Sanders campaign. The reason is that he believes Hillary Clinton’s affiliated organizations have taken money in the past from dictators in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Algeria.


Human Rights Foundation was established in 2005 with the aim of promoting human rights globally. Its main area of focus is closed societies. The foundation also organizes Oslo Freedom Forum. The foundation’s head office is located in New York City. The founder, Thor Halvorssen, is a Venezuelan film producer and a human rights activist. Find him on Facebook to learn more about what he’s into.