The Diverse Operations Of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm specializing in international investments. They had exclusivity as a financial advisor in the arrangement of a subordinated debt investment for ARES Security Corporation. ARES is located in Vienna, Virginia and provides security risk management and software solutions. Reginald McGaugh was the leader of this transaction as Madison’s senior Managing Director.


McGaugh stated he felt honored to have the privilege of working with Ben Eazzetta, the President of Ares. He said they protect the high end technology of the most critical assists of the world with a team that is expertly managed. Ben responded by saying he appreciates all the hard work Madison completed for them and that he was quite impressed with the entire process.


Ares determination was the creative structuring regarding their investment was the best route towards creating a significant amount of equity value. The company continues to drive their sales momentum forward while capitalizing on any new revenue opportunities presented.


The Madison Street Capital Reputation is based on excellence, service, integrity and leadership. They specialize in mergers, acquisition expertise, financial advisory services for corporations, valuation services and financial opinions. The services they offer put their clients in a position where they are able to succeed in the global marketplace. Every time they begin a new project they take the objectives and goals of their clients as their own. Their dedication has earned them the full trust of their clients all over the world. They uphold professional standards and are dedicated to their clients.


Madison Street Capital builds incredibly strong businesses throughout the United States. They make a difference in the communities by dedicating themselves to their clients needs and their philanthropic support of worthwhile agencies. Their team has exceptional knowledge, outstanding experience and their relationships are extensive. This had led to their becoming one of the top investment banking firms in the world.


Madison Street Capital is one of the leaders in mergers, corporate financing and acquisitions. Their team arranges appropriate financing to benefit each clients unique situation. Their Headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois although they have offices in Africa, Asia and North America. The use many years of experience to provide financial services including restructuring services, corporate advisory services, financial opinion services, buy side and sell side services, middle market investment banking, business valuation services, financial reporting, and hedge funds.


Their vast experience makes a tremendous difference and they continue to assist their clients in a rather diverse range of industries. They use careful analysis and give precise recommendations to their clients. They treat the situation of each client individually in order to ensure their services remain on target at all times.


Keith Mann’s Financial Services Knowledge

Keith Mann is a widely known financial services professional who is based in New York, New York. He’s Dynamics Search Partners’ co-founder. Dynamics Search Partners is a noted executive search agency that works hard to find experienced and capable professionals for positions in the private equity and hedge fund worlds. Dynamics Search Partners has assisted many people who were searching for jobs that involved strategy, marketing and investor relations. Alternative investments are a big focal point for the team members at Dynamics Search Partners.

Keith Mann has been working with Dynamics Search Partners since 2000. Mann brings many skills to the table at this firm. His many skills include research, data assessments, recruiting, talent acquisition and executive searches overall. Mann has a strong talent for being able to identify people who are industrious and dedicated. He also has a talent for being able to recognize people who are skilled and knowledgeable in general. Mann isn’t just Dynamic Search Partners’ co-founder. He’s also the agency’s dependable and efficient managing director.

Mann had a thriving career before Dynamics Search Partners started. He held a position at Dynamics Associates. He served as Dynamics Associates’ alternative investments department manager. He gave his all at the company and eventually secured a job as its Vice President, too. Dynamics Associates is a recruiting company that’s located in New York, New York on Madison Avenue. The goal of this agency is to assist financial services businesses that are looking for A+ candidates to fulfill their available positions. Scott Grossman works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and president of this company. Other people who work for Dynamics Associates are alternative investments head Dawn Magnotta, executive recruiter Mike Cracchiola, marketing coordinator Francesca Paulucci, senior executive recruiter Thomas Migliore and managing director Brandon Doohan. The staff members at this firm have extensive knowledge regarding topics such as regulatory reporting, internal audits, corporate accounting, valuations, fund accounting, risk management, operations, product accounting, treasury and middle offices.

People who are searching for solid financial services assistance routinely turn to Keith Mann and the rest of the industrious staff members at Dynamics Search Partners.