OSI Group Provides A Service That Is Second To None

Otto Kolschowsky is one of America’s finest business visionaries. He arrived in the United States in the early nineteen hundreds. Two years later he was able to start a meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Otto called his new company Otto and Sons. The business gradually grew over the years from a meat market to a meat supplier. They were counted up on by restaurants and markets around the area to supply them with quality product on a consistent basis.

Otto and Sons maintained their business status for decades. Eventually they got the attention of McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was expanding his enterprise into Illinois. He was opening restaurants in Des Plaines, Illinois and needed a meat supplier that he could depend on. Otto and Sons got the job. They maintained a great relationship with Ray Kroc and McDonald’s by introducing innovations that propelled both of their businesses.

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Cryogenic freezing methods were used to help Otto and Sons store large amounts of meat without sacrificing freshness. This enabled McDonald’s to expand its operation in the way that they intended. The patty cutting machine allowed the meat distributor to deliver the supplies in a manner that McDonald’s could readily use. Such creative business maneuvers endeared Otto and Sons to Ray Kroc. They would eventually become the exclusive supplier of meat to the McDonald’s franchise.

Otto and Sons continued to grow over the years. They were able to open plants and develop business relationships with other large food enterprises who needed meat in order to maintain their business operations. Otto and Sons eventually became known as OSI Group. OSI Group now has 65 plants in 17 countries. They have a client list that includes several different major fast food organizations. OSI supplies several different products along with the meat patty, including vegetables.

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