Jose Gonzalez’s Efforts to Eliminate Incompetent Politicians

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a business person who mainly deals with agricultural activities. He also serves as the deputy of the National Assembly of Guarico State in Caracas. Jose Manuel Manuel was also the chair of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce. His business prowess and entrepreneurial tactics earned him the head of the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce. He offers Venezuela his experience in public service and also an active entrepreneur.

Currently, Jose M. Gonzalez works as a full-time deputy. He always carries out his responsibilities dutifully such as attending chamber meetings as well as participating in committees. He focuses less on agriculture because he is normally ignored when giving advice to the government both in the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce in Caracas and the National Assembly. Mr. Gonzalez and other agricultural entrepreneurs stopped producing rice and corn for local consumption and export. He points out that poor management practices have flooded the agricultural sector leading to food shortages. Rather than addressing the problems and tackling them, the government fails to pay attention to Gonzalez’s pleas.

The government will try to import food to sustain the country. But with the decline in foreign exchange, the food situation is expected to be tough. Mr. Jose argues that unsound economic policies and poor management practices are the major problems for food insecurity. Farmers have stopped their agricultural practices since they cannot make a living let alone profit from selling their produce. The government normally underpays farmers for their goods. Therefore, there is no real incentive for producing the goods or selling them in their home country. Instead, farmers are smuggling their produce into neighboring countries such as Columbia which fetch a fair market price for their produce.

Jose Gonzalez states that the National Assembly must solve the pressing problems facing the country. He sticks to his core values: respect for property rights and rejection of any warlordism. He also condemns the government’s failure to solve the problem of criminal gangs, kidnappings, and carjacking. Jose Gonzalez advocates for change on how the government addresses organized crime.