Fido’s Fare: How Dog Food Is Changing to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dog food. People food. For years, dog owners have viewed these as two very different things. But according to a recent article in Chicago’s Daily Herald, the times are changing, and the two are starting to look a lot more alike. Recent years have seen a focus on healthier food for humans. Organic food, avoiding preservatives, and the freshest ingredients are just a few of the newest trends. But now there’s a new family member joining in the health food craze: the family dog. While healthier dog food options have long been available, recent years have seen a surge in popularity. Health benefits aren’t just for the pricey brands anymore, either: many of the big names are joining in the fun. Purina is just one example of a company that has upped the ante for its furry clientele over the past couple of years. Their foray into fresher and healthier options began when Purina bought Merrick Pet Care, which was previously known for being the first company to offer dog food that was certified organic. Next came new innovations to Purina’s existing Beneful products, all aimed at supporting healthier nutrition. How does your dog stand to benefit from these new developments? Many of the newer, healthier dog food options are targeted to meet your pup’s unique, individual needs. Purina Beneful has developed its new “Bright Minds” formula, which is geared toward supporting older dogs with energizing and easier-to-process triglycerides. Other food options focus on supporting your dog’s weight loss, dietary restrictions, and even conforming to the Paleo diet. While the newest developments in canine cuisine can be a pricier than their old-school counterparts, experts don’t expect the trend to change anytime soon. Pets have always been members of the family, and consumers are increasingly excited to purchase Beneful options that aim to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Forget the table scraps – soon you’ll be begging for a bite of your pup’s kibble!