Securus Technologies Bags the Gold Stevie Award for Providing Best Customer Services to Inmates

Securus Technologies earned the Gold Stevie Award in the 11th annual Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service. Securus Technologies is an internationally recognized company that provides civil and criminal justice solutions for corrections, public safety, and investigation. The event to present the awards was held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada and the attendance list exceeded 650 executives.


The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service crowns organizations with good customer service, business development, and sales experts. It also organizes prestigious business award initiatives including the International Business Awards and the American Business Awards SM.


The Selection Process


An evaluation of over 2300 nominations from different organizations was conducted. Later, international experts determined the finalists who had an average score of 77 marks. Admissions were considered in 61 groups for customer service and contact center achievements, including Consulting Practice of the Year. In addition, entries considered over 53 categories for sales and business development achievements, for instance the Senior Sales Executive of the Year. Over 75 members of the judging committees determined Stevie Award’s awards.


Danny de Hoyos from Securus Technologies cited that he appreciated being recognized by experts for the company’s efforts in the customer service department. Danny mentioned that customer service emerged from the training team who acknowledged empathy for the customers. Therefore, they focused on developing techniques that would help agents to empathize with their customers.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice solutions that improves public safety and investigations. The company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,450 corrections as well as law enforcement agencies and more than 1,200,000 prisoners across North America. Further, the commitment of the company lies in serving inmates through providing public information, emergency responses, and monitoring services.


Securus Helps Us Call All Our Clients

Securus has been helping us call all our clients, and they are trying to make sure that we will have calls that are always solid and connected. We believe very strongly in making sure that we can help the people that we work with every day, but we cannot rightly do anything unless we also have a very easy way to make phone calls. The phone calls that we make have to be secure, and that is what Securus is working on every day. We are using their video calling system to make calls, but we are also using the regular phone service to check in.


Securus has said many times that they are trying to update as much as they can, and I believe that they will keep doing this until they are done. They are trying to figure out how they can assure families of their security, and they are also trying to assure people like us. We are a law firm that has to be able to show that made secure calls to our clients when we discussed their business. That might seem like something that is very basic, but I can assure you that a lot of people are simply not using a system this secure.


We are letting out clients know that we are doing a very good job with their phone calls, and we get to see them on video when it is necessary. There are just too many things that can be done when you are trying to call the jail to avoid this service. You could just call, but you would not get to see the person on the other side. This is a way that you allow the phone calls to be more intimate by seeing the other person on video with Securus.


Securus Helps Law Enforcement

Analytical tools are big in the corrections industry. There are a lot of companies like Securus Technologies that are building a bridge for investigators to wrap up cases much sooner. This company has a multitude of tools on the market that I discovered in my research of this organization.

I had a school assignment to check out a mid-sized business that was thriving and research how the company came to the point that they were at. I had a brother that was working for the Department of Corrections. He was telling me about something call THREADS, an analytic tool that was used on his job. He told me that the company that produced this was called Securus and it sounded really interesting. I decided to look this company up and I discovered something amazing while doing so.

This is an organization that has made more than 800 products for law enforcement. This was a staggering number to me. It instantly made me want to know more about the analytics industry for corrections. I would learn that this patented tool was made by Securus, and it allowed investigators like my brother to discover things like fraternization that happens inside of prison systems. That was mind-blowing to me. I had no idea that something like this could be done.

I would become very impressed by what Securus has managed to do with things like video surveillance and video visitation. This is one of the coolest things on the market for corrections. This allows people to actually visit with their family members without even coming to the prison. I thought that this was a cool concept because there was an app that allowed people to do this from their phones ( I was impressed by this company and the professor was also very impressed.

What my profession wants to know was how I could I came across the company. I told him that my brother had worked with Securus software and he was very pleased with the products from this company. It is an organization that is flying low on the radar, but it certainly has a lot of good products. I was impressed with the position of this company, and I think that it will continue to produce quality law enforcement products. I would definitely invest in this company if it ever goes public. It has a background for success coupled with good leadership.