The Power Of Reviews Online – How Businesses Are Closing Down Because Of The Internet

Businesses everyday are dealing with new options to grow their businesses with the help of social media and newer ways to advertise. However, the new technology via the web can oftentimes prove to be bad for business. In today’s world, people have the option to research a business’s name and brand on Google, and this can allow for businesses to have people read everything about them with a simple search online. With the growth of review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, many companies are finding themselves losing business and even closing down because of reviews.

How Reviews Are Closing Businesses Down

Many brands are going out of business all because two or three people out down a horrible review of their business online. Yelp is a website online that let’s users share honest reviews of different stores, restaurants, and basically any commercial business. Users can rate between a one to a five star. Many people who are angry at the business will write down their anger towards the business in their review, and since Yelp is often visited, some businesses have closed down permanently because of the bad reviews written.

Not All Businesses Deserve Bad Reviews

The truth is that not all businesses deserve those bad reviews. They can sometimes just be people who are angry that things didn’t go their way when they visited the establishment. Other reviews are sometimes written by employees who got fired and didn’t enjoy their time working for the company.

This is why people like Darius Fisher have made it their mission to help business owners with these problems. Online reputation management is the service he provides, and it is basically managing and fixing the broken reputation businesses receive. If a company receives backlash either on a website or even in a Yelp review, there are ways not exactly to remove them, but simply improve how they stick out on the web. People may still read it, but the problem can be overcome with the right reputation management service. Darius understands the search engines like Google where most bad reviews may pop up, and he understands how to show the business as reputable despite the reviews.

Reputation management is the only way to make sure your business can maintain it’s overall image online. Some businesses receive messages from people stating they don’t want to visit their establishment because of a bad review or somebody stating a problem with the company. Know that any business can be saved with the help of somebody like Darius Fisher who has a team of experts who can provide reputation management services.