Madison Street Capital – 2016 Hedge Fund M&A Outlook

Madison Street Capital predicts that there will be more hedge fund mergers and acquisitions in 2016 than in 2015. Thus, 2016 is expected to be a record year in terms of the number of transactions occurring. This represents an all-time high for hedge fund M&A transactions. Globally, 42 deals were closed in 2015 compared to 32 in 2014, which led to the projection of an even higher number of hedge fund M&A transactions in 2016 on a global scale. Investors are hoping for higher returns from the alternative managers.

Based in Chicago, Madison Street Capital is an M&A advisory firm which provides services to mid-market M&A firms. Clients are usually investment banks, and the company is there to capitalize the M&A deals that the client firms perform. The firm was founded in 2005 and has a business presence around the world. The company easily and effortlessly matches buyers and sellers from around the world to form top caliber M&A deals. The firm is able to maintain complete independence and is skilled at finding the right deal structure for each situation.

The company is also known for it’s dedication to the community. Madison Street Capital is a major donor to organizations such as The United Way. Disasters have affected communities across the country, but Madison Street Capital has been there for all of those whom have felt the impact. The organization is highly dedicated to the needs of it’s clients and works hard to get families on their road back to independence following a major disaster. The United Way has provided food and shelter for those whom have been impacted at the time of need, thanks to funding from Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital has also assisted in building businesses in the affected region to enable an economic resurgence. They understand that all circumstances are independent of one another, and work hard to ensure that people are able to get back on their feet.

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The lawsuit filed by Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. against Laidlaw and company adds salt to injury, to the already flawed reputation of Laidlaw. This lawsuit follows after Laidlaw’s breach of the fiduciary duty intended for Remalda, by releasing confidential information that was acquired in its capacity as Remalda’s investment broker. The clinical-stage company is famed for developing contemporary therapies for the treatment of chronic pain.

This follows after Remalda was recently granted the preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order against Laidlaw and its principals, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner. For the propagation of misleading proxy materials, Remalda’s board believes the company should be held responsible for the compensation of the damages incurred as a result of its misleading actions.

Remalda shares a history together with Laidlaw since 2011. As the acting primary investment banker for Remalda, Laidlaw acted as the placement agent for the merger between Camp Nine Inc. and Remalda. This led to the company being publicized. Laidlaw and company are a firm known for the provision of investment banking and wealth management services to individuals and corporations in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Prime offices of this investment firm are situated in England. The company previously operates under the name Sands and Brothers International firm. The sands brothers are known for their ill reputation of failing to comply with the state and federal security laws. Laidlaw receives a sanction from FINRA for failing to report on more than sixty complaints by customers on claims for damages. Despite all this, the investment firm went ahead on hiring compliance officers, brokers and other employees with a history of FINRA violations.

The company has made its name through ill repute and illegal actions. The principal executives, James Ahern, and Matthew Eitner, also seem to be lacking in their roles as the heads of the company. This follows with James Ahern for Laidlaw alleged false educational background. The company is simply a two-bit firm out to make a quick buck of the hard-earned money of hardworking individuals.


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Why to Invest With Investment Banks in 2016

There are several benefits following investor looking for an easy and inexpensive way to spend their money. Investment banks are an ideal way of investing money as commercial opposed to commercial banks depositing money in fixed accounts. Other than investing, commercial banks provide a range of honest advices in Marketwatch investors that are crucial to making wise decisions. The primary role of the banks is offering trade in securities and equities. They also provide merger and acquisition for companies. For Investors seeking to buy or sell their business, investment banks are the best to approach for such transactions to benefit from the maximum value. Among the benefits of investing in investment banks is diversification. They invest the investor’s funds in diverse and alternative sectors diversifying the risks. Unlike stock exchange that an investor commits his entire capital in one sector, investment banks offer the best diversification of risks to caution the investor against loses. For instance, investors in the tourism industry may suffer losses due to effect of terrorism in the industry. An investor who has invested with investment banks may survive the loss as the investment banks will diversify his investment fund to other sectors like technology and agriculture unlike to suffer the effect. Investment firm are easy to invest in and returns are straight forward. The companies are easy to liquidate when the need arises sparing the investor the long process of recovering his fund incase the market in unpredictable. In the economic crises of 2008, many investors withdrew their funds from investment firms fearing the collapse of the industry. The banks also provide a wide range of options from which an investor can choose from. The guarantee is the money managed by qualified professional and therefore, some security is ensured. The other benefits of investing in investment banks are the ease to choose an investment fund. The banks make it easy for the investor to understand where he/she is spending. The cost of purchase is significantly low with some investment capital available for as low as $1000 deposit. The investor can invest a small amount of money in various investment firms and compare the incomes. Chicago is the home of investment banks, the majority of top 500 fortune companies are headquartered in Chicago. Among the top investment firm investors are investing in is the citadel. The company has operated for the last two decades building trust and good reputation to customers. Citadel is the leading investment company for large institutions like pension funds and university endowments. The company has over 1400 employees with offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. Ken griffin is the CEO and founder of the giant investment firm. He has the company to accumulate over $ 25 billion in asset since founding it in 1990. Griffin is a graduate of economics from the Harvard University. Having started the career at the university, his experience is extensive and remarkable. He also has a generous heart that is dedicating to giving back to the community.