Corporate Compliance Officers Are in High Demand

Helane Morrison has a very impressive resume. She is currently the Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is on the Executive Committee of said firm. In 2007, Ms. Morrison was the head honcho for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), San Francisco Office. She was the first female to serve as chief. Ms. Morrison’s duties involved litigation, securities enforcement, and setting up regulations for other regions.

From 1986 to 1996, Ms. Morrison served as an attorney for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, et al. In 1991, the firm made her a partner. Part of her work experience involved litigation, SEC related cases and defended clients embroiled in class action suits. She also conducted internal corporate investigations. Ms. Morrison serves on the following boards: Regional Parks Foundation and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Ms. Morrison majored in Journalism and obtained a B.S. degree from Northwestern University. She received her J.D. from the University of Berkley, California School of Law. 

One of the fastest growing careers is that of a Compliance Officer. A Compliance Office is responsible for making sure that programs are in place to help prevent fraud and fix ethical problems by conducting audits, risks assessments, and investigating any wrong doings. The demand for Compliance Officers is growing. Some industries get more regulations than others due to the nature of the business. For example, banks, insurance companies, and gambling establishments are heavily regulated. 

Compliance Officers heavily target the gaming industry. They have to have the right licenses. Employees have to have the proper permits. Surveillance cameras are used to monitor actions of casino workers. The Compliance Officer’s job is to make sure that companies are following the rules set up by the Commission. Additionally, the Compliance Officers steer employees from significant errors that would cause legal actions for the organization. 

Compliance Officers have the ability to influence the leadership of a company. Some bosses look the other way when things go awry. Most of the time, they don’t know what to do. A Compliance Officer can prevent major mishaps for companies. They will let bosses know what type of activities will trigger a lawsuit or an audit. 

The field of Compliance Officer is open for new hires due to the tremendous regulations imposed on individual businesses. As a result, a few universities have a formal degree program for people who want to become Compliance Officers.

Diamonds and Law in South Africa

Corporate and commercial law provides the backbone for business transactions. It is essentially a code-of-conduct outlining what are generally accepted practices and principles for those engaged in all forms of commerce, be it international, ecommerce, or selling tomatoes to your neighbors. The fundamentals to corporate law include the regulation of contracts, hiring and sales practices, among other things. Most countries have an entity that oversees transactions between states, and states themselves normally are conveyed substantial powers relative to regulating all commerce that takes place within its borders. In its most beneficial form, corporate law can be used to make a difference in the lives of citizens of every country in the world.

Corporate law is a branch of civil law, which deals with private relations among members of a community. That being said, one attorney who has long worked to make the lives of those in South Africa better is Frans Schoeman. He specializes in corporate, commercial and business law. He currently practices law at the TG Minister Consulting in Capetown, South Africa. Having graduated from the University of the Free State in 1990, he joined the law society in Capetown just 4 years later. The University of the Free is a public university in the capital of the Free State, Bloemfontein. This capital is also the judicial capital of South Africa. For that reason, it has a rich legal environment. Mr. Schoeman has made the most of this location on youtube, having practiced law for over 20 years in this South African thriving legal environment.

Over the years, he has developed strengths in environmental issues, science and technology and politics. He is often sought out by those looking for expert opinions in these areas. In addition, his concern for children’s issues and in making the lives of those in South Africa better, he is involved with numerous charities, which he also does several hours of pro bono work for. Adding to his legal strength and his standing in the community, he is certified to practice in the South African High Court, in addition to being a member of the Law Society of the Republic of South Africa. After practicing law for over 20 years, Mr. Schoeman added to his interests in 2005.

A director at Phatisma Diamond, which is a company that custom manufacturers diamonds, Frans Schoeman has indeed expanded his holdings. These high quality diamonds, set in white gold, yellow gold and platinum, are often times accompanied by other gems. This consummate legal professional acquired a mine in Angola in 2005. Roughly one year later, this diamond manufacturing venture was borne.

Corporate and commercial law is an exciting area of law in which to work, and developing firm understanding of this area will help a business owner in everything they do. Finding top talent to help navigate this area is very important as the needs of any business expands. Frans Schoeman has developed his career into one marked by enhancing lives, helping companies and doing significant amounts of charitable work. It has long been said if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Having such an appreciable amount of success, Frans Schoeman is likely doing exactly what he loves, and those whose life he touches through his work are likely far more fortunate for the experience.