Yeonmi Park Defends the Printed Story of Her Life

Human Rights activist Yeonmi Park has become a writer that has received some critical acclaim. She has also received scrutiny from critics that that are unable to digest the full depth of her story. According to, there are a critics that are questioning the accuracy of her story.

Yeonmi Park sees this as an attack on her character. She is not taking this lightly because she feels like this is her platform for her human rights mission. A lot of light has been shed on North Korea, and this negative light is one that is meant to stop the brutality that other women must endure.

North Korea is an area where a lot of change is happening, but some critics are opposing the platform that Yeonmi Park has. She is standing strong to the story that she has put on paper. She wrote what she remembers to the best of her ability. She knows her truth, and she wants the rest of the world to know her truth as well. A lot of other people from North Korea are frightened to speak out because of Kim Jong Un. He has this oppressive role in North Korea and this is part of the opposition that Yeonmi Park will face. Yeonmi Park is on American soil now though, and she is ready to combat the critics by becoming the mouthpiece for all that cannot speak out.

What Yeonmi Park has managed to do in recent months is do more public speaking and interviews to fight back against those that are criticizing her. She has to become someone that is able to do more for people that are still enduring this struggle by speaking out. Park feels like this is her duty. She knows that she can play a huge part in helping this type of abuse stop if Yeonmi Park speaks out. She also knows that her progressed can be halted if she lets the critics poke holes in the recollection of her life story. That is why is continues to defend herself and her accounts of her past every chance that she gets.