Sharing And Showing With Lip Colors By Doe and Lime Crime

How many colors of lipstick does the average girl have in her makeup kit? Most girls love the lights, dark, reds, pinks, and unique colors that are available on the market. Each tube comes with the promise of a new look. Lime Crime is connecting and reaching out to many different types of men and women with the new colors they are developing. These colors are bold and catchy. They make people turn their head to look twice. Kylie Jenner was showing off the eight alternatives by taking photos of each color and showing them on the video on Lime crime is doing a great job keeping up with the colors and changes of today’s youth.

Some of the new colors in the collection are available for sale online. The new sets and palates are making their mark with many sales. Amazon is selling these as fast as they can come on the shelves. Ladies and young girls are snapping pictures of themselves wearing their new purchases. The colors are making a splash and so are the new pictures that are making a hit. Facebook and Twitter are exploding with the beautiful new colors and photos of girls showing off their lip colors and eye colors.

Earthy girls love earthy colors such as pumpkin and squash. The yellow and orange is the perfect combination for girls that are loving the bountiful harvest of fall. Spicy and saucy is one way to describe these new colors. Young girls are eating up the new Alien Green and Zenon Yellow lipsticks. These colors are out of this world. Doe Deere, the Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, is making a hit with all of the large colors that are perfect for today’s girls.

New lines of colors are available in the palates for eyes and lips. People can add these collections to their own makeup websites. Doe’s collections are available for you to make a career selling them online. On Lime Crime you are able to click and share a picture of yourself with one or all of these new colors. People are using these colors on their lips and eyes, taking pictures and putting them on Facebook, Twitter, and Lime Crime for all to enjoy.