About Nashville’s Real Estate Boom And Scott Lumley’s Business Acumen

In a recent event, Nashville city announced that it was seeing real estate opportunities better now that it is an 18 hour city. The observation was made when it held its annual Emerging Real Trends in Real Estate event. Many participants in the forum noted that the city’s real estate community faced a lot of challenges and opportunities that include the absorption of new units in new apartment buildings as well as the new class A office blocks spaces that have been commanding $40 per square foot.

More than 200 participants attended the event and many said that the city had become an 18 hour city and were optimistic that being such, it would mean that there is a relatively low cost of doing business and the cost of living as well. Many participants said that such a nature yields growth and very many development opportunities.

The participants expressed confidence that there are still a lot of development opportunities that the city has yet to make use of. For instance, one speaker said that in the very near future, the city might start seeing Class A office buildings fetching not less than $40 per square foot. The city’s market blew through the $30 barrier at a rate that nobody expected and currently, every new building is commanding not less than $36 per square foot.

Scott Lumley is a successful Nashville real estate person. Many consider him an epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit and those who have in the past had the chance to interact with him term it as both an inspiration and education. Lumley is the President of different businesses that include an online shop that sells electronics in both retail and wholesale, an auction website that sells items comprehensively as well as a chain of retail stores that sell overstock merchandise.

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Scott Lumley’s success is real. In the last three years, his three entities combined managed to earn him not less than $47 million. He believes that his most precious key to success is seeing his hard work pay off. He believes that hard work is a journey that must be traveled by anyone who wants to taste success.

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When doing business, he rarely puts all his eggs in a single basket. He believes that no success lasts forever and for that reason, he invests in different niches. Scott Lumley started small and is currently among the creme de la creme in the niches his businesses operate in.