How The NBA Uses Strict Guidelines For Players

There have always been some quite strict guidelines for players in the National Basketball Association (NBA), however recently the guidelines have become even more strict. There has been an addition for something new that they will begin testing players for and this could potentially hurt a lot of players.

The current guidelines for NBA players are quite strict. The guidelines have changed quite a bit in the past 30 years and work hard to protect the players, the teams and the coaches.

The first major guidelines is that the only way a player can sign with the NBA is if he has been eligible for at least one draft. This rule came into play because there were men who would play one year of college basketball and then declare that they were going for the draft which would hurt their college teams that had invested so much in them.

Another rule of the NBA is that a player must wait four years from his high school graduation to be eligible for the draft. Although it might be difficult for these young men to wait their turns, it is truly in their best interest as it encourages them to receive a college education where they can play basketball and become well known. Taking the time to become involved in college sports will eventually work out well for these young men as the most famous of NBA players usually come from college teams.

Of course, some of the more well-known rules for the NBA players revolve around drug testing for things such as steroids that will improve player performance. Recently, the NBA made these guidelines even more strict. The NBA decided to add testing for the human growth hormone. The benefit to a player to use Human Growth Hormone is that it will make him larger and therefore more competitive however Human Growth Hormone can cause some long-lasting negative effects on the players; some of which might be irreparable.

Unsafe use of Human Growth Hormone can lead to many negative side effects. These effects include joint, nerve and/or muscle pain, edema (swelling from fluid in the body’s tissues), carpal tunnel and high cholesterol levels. These different negative effects can last for decades even after use of human growth hormone has been ceased. Because of the negative effects it can have on players as well as the possibility of an unfair athletic advantage, the NBA has began testing for the drug in player’s systems.

Certain people in the NBA field are very much in agreement with testing for unsafe drugs such as Human Growth Hormone. One such man is Bruce Levenson. Levenson is an American philanthropist and used to be the owner of the NBA team the Atlanta Hawks. Bruce Levenson works hard to keep team members honest and wants them to remain hard-working themselves. He has accomplished many amazing things in his own life including co-founding a technology company and running multiple IT firms through the years. It is men like Levenson that keep the NBA honest and doing what it was meant to do; enjoying basketball.