All The Hype About Pet foods


Beneful is a dog food company that puts quality and safety above all when it comes to their products. Many people do not realize how regulated the dog food industry is. Beneful dog food has to go under a lot of scrutiny when it comes to the USDA, the FDA, and state regulations. Beneful dog food keeps close track of their products from the time that their ingredients are received, all the way to the time that they are sold at retail stores. The suppliers of the ingredients of Beneful have to meet with the strictest standards when it comes to specifications for the safety of their dog food. Beneful dog food is produced by Purinastore in the United States in Arizona, Georgia and Iowa. Each of these different sites has quality assurance laboratories and they have to follow strict guidelines when it comes to food monitoring and product quality and safety.

There are many companies that are breaking into the dog food industry, because they realize that it is an industry that is up-and-coming. Richard Thompson is the owner of FreshPets. FreshPets is a dog food company that offers packaged and refrigerated dog food. The makers of FreshPets are obsessed with the quality of their products and they only use products that are exploding with favor. The dog food market is quickly growing and the pet food industry alone has made over $23.7 billion, and it is still going strong. People truly love their pets, and they want their pets to be able to eat healthy foods. Not only are new companies competing to get new health-conscious clients, but traditional pet food makers are stepping up their game in order to keep the clients that they already have.

Companies are constantly coming up with new innovations such as personalize dog food, dog food for weight loss, and dog food for senior dogs. Many individuals realize the importance of eating a nutritious and balanced diet, and they want their pets to be able to live a long healthy life as well. These are dog foods that use fresh meat and other healthy ingredients in order to make their food appetizing and also to keep the their dog’s health in first place.