Activewear Company On The Rise: Fabletics

Fabletics, the popular new activewear company created by popular A-list celebrity Kate Hudson is on the rise.

With the new and hopefully improved business plan, Fabletics is allowing shoppers to view merchandise in person in actual stores so they will be able to experience benefits such as trying the clothes on in person, but also being given the opportunity to receive discounted outfits once a month and charge their credit card accordingly, still keeping the subscription service intact- which also is a benefit for the sales people who will work at the Fabletics stores. CEO Adam Goldberg stated to Forbes magazine, “Fabletics is now receiving fewer complaints than in the past,” also stating, “For us, five to ten complaints is five to ten too many, but in a typical month we’re sending out 800,000 items.” This statement was also ran by Forbes and the Better Business Bureau.
On the Fabletics website first time customers are offered a “VIP Exclusive” on their first purchase which consists of their first workout outfit costing a mere price of only $25. First time customers are also able to help narrow down choices in picking out a first-time outfit by taking a personal quiz to find out the best type of outfit for their workout style! You are also able to view how Fabletics as an athletic brand in general compares as an athletic brand compared to others. You can also see how the subscription-based service works with three simple important steps including: shop or skip, explaining how VIP member credits work, and having the peace of mind knowing you are able to cancel your membership at any given time.
Co-founder and creator of the Fabletics athletic brand Kate Hudson, as mentioned above has several different choices that are her personal favorites that can be found online. Here customers can view her personal favorite outfit choices and why she prefers them based on her personal workout routines. This makes customers, especially ones that are specifically fans of Kate, feel more personal to the brand and their options for athletic wear that they can tie into their own lives