George Soros Champions Progressive Ideals in the Age of Trump

The world of politics is constantly moving and the machine of Washington is constantly grinding. People come and go but one constant has been the presence of George Soros as a prominent backer of progressive ideals. George Soros is a billionaire investor, a world renowned philanthropist, and one of the leading activists for progressive values all around the country. The running of Donald Trump for President acted as a catalyst to get him back into the mainstream of the political world. George Soros is back into the political fray and ready to fully embrace his role as a progressive in a minority government.

George Soros returned to Washington in order to back Hillary Clinton as she ran for President against Donald Trump. Soros was last a big voice in the political world when he backed the running of Al Gore against then incumbent President Bush. While Gore did not win, though this is disputed even now due to the controversy in Florida, Soros’ impact on the Gore campaign was palpable. Soros is able to galvanize the progressive base and push them into action. So it shouldn’t surprise us that Soros leaped in and decided to back Clinton.

While Soros knows that too much money in politics can spoil the whole machine, he also understood that a President Trump would be untenable for the progressive causes that he had spent his whole life trying to champion. So, Soros would end up funding nearly $25 million in campaign contributions to Democrats all around the country, including a smooth $7 million to a Pro-Clinton Super PAC. While Soros and Clinton would ultimately fall short in the November election, there was still something to take pride in for Democrats and progressives all around the world. Soros was back and he was ready to start making a global difference in his battle against President Trump. Learn more on about George Soros.

We can see the impact that George Soros has in even the most pivotal events. We can look to the Ferguson Protests from 2015, after the shooting death of Michael Brown by Officer Wilson, in which an entire city erupted. These protests were to bring light on social inequality and police brutality toward minority suspects. The protests were fueled by a grassroots movement which was financed, in part, by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Soros had given nearly $33 million to grassroots activists in and around Ferguson over the past year and it was that financing which would keep the fight going.

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When you talk about or to George Soros you quickly come to the realization that he believes in truth, equality, and justice for as many people as he can possibly aim to help out. That is why Soros’ work with the Open Society Foundations is so important. George Soros saw firsthand how oppression can destroy a nation due to his being raised as a Jew in Nazi-Occupied Hungary. With George Soros back in the mix we can rest assured that the progressive cause is still in good hands, despite a President Trump.

Dick DeVos Tells Public About $139 Million In Philanthropy At Foundation

Dick DeVos decided to do something he had usually stayed away from in years past. This last January in the days leading up to his wife Betsy’s hearings for Secretary of Education, he decided to tell the public just how much the couple had given to their various non-profit entities and channeled through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. When all was said and done, Dick DeVos’s number on the lifetime giving was $139 million. The DeVos’s have always believed in generosity as part of their business activities, and while they’ve always supported Republican political candidates, much of their charity has gone to schools, churches, hospitals, aviation alliances, museums and art centers.


Dick DeVos began in the multilevel marketing industry as a manager and then executive for Amway Corporation. His father Richard DeVos Sr. had built Amway and turned it into a highly acclaimed direct sales force. Dick and his brothers Daniel and Douglas started building upon their father’s work by exploring the overseas markets and bringing in more sales from those markets. In 1993 Dick became CEO of Amway when his father retired. He launched a new company titled Alticor which started streamlining Amway’s operations and turning the company to higher profits, and more distribution centers opened overseas. In 2002 Dick left Amway and turned his attention to a company he had started in 1989 known as The Windquest Group.


The Windquest Group is an investment company that owns shares in several Michigan high-tech companies including Electratherm, Boxed Water and Lex TM3. It is also a chief supporter of ArtPrize, an art competition in Grand Rapids that the DeVos family has long sat on the boards of. In addition to his work at Amway and The Windquest Group, Dick DeVos served as president for the NBA’s Orlando Magic when his father bought the controlling shares in 1991.


Dick and Betsy DeVos took the first part of their philanthropy to education. They’ve believed in school of choice and private schools as being fundamental to young people’s success, and shortly after establishing their foundation they started scholarship funds for Grand Rapids private schools. They also have given to charter schools and formed a charter school association known as the Great Lakes Education Project. They opened a charter school in aviation in 2010 based at the Gerald Ford Airport known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos has given to churches including Mars Hill Bible Church and Willow Creek. He also gave to a Spectrum Health hospital in 2006 and received their Art of Giving award. But most important to him has been his work with freedom spokespeople at Hudson Institute and Heritage Foundation, and in 2006 he ran with their endorsement for governor of Michigan though he came up short in that race. But in 2012 he was back at it again and helped legislators pass a right-to-work law late that year.