The Principles And Mission Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political action committee with the plan to funnel Democratic candidates tens of millions of dollars. Their goal is the reversal of the decision of the Supreme Court’s decision of 2010. The decision caused dark money to be released into politics and supers PACs to rise. Over 325,000 individuals have already signed the petition.


Other PACs have placed their focus on campaign reform and finance but End Citizens United has addressed the hole regarding actually getting individuals elected and may be able to succeed in changing the laws. They back the candidates who favor reform in campaign finances through direct mailers, television ads and polling. End Citizens United also plans to enact finance reforms on the state and local levels. The difficulty is America has not passed any Constitutional amendments since 1992. Despite this End Citizens United continues to make the public aware of the decision made by the Supreme Court and is applying political pressure.


End Citizens United has chosen to back Democrats instead of Republicans because they want candidates they believe want campaign finance reform with meaning. This decision had led to their support of the Democrats. They have already received 136,000 donations with an average of $14.86. End Citizens United is based out of Washington D.C. and have five staff members including Claire McCaskill, Valerie Martin and Reed Adamson.


End Citizens United has collected over $4 million in just three months. They project $35 million before Congress’s midterm elections. Approximately 100,000 contributions were received in the years first quarter and for 40,000 individuals this was their first donation. The leaders of the group want champions in finance reform elected to Congress. The committee for political action has been urging their contributors to donate to Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign in the amount of $500,000. He is one of Georgia’s first time political candidates. The decision made in 2010 by the Supreme Court is what opened the door to corporations and unions donating in candidate elections. The decision also helped launch super PACs with the ability to spend and raise unlimited amounts of financing.


End Citizens United is a traditional PAC and unable to accept a donation exceeding $5,000 from individual donors. Despite this cap their 2016 fundraising placed them in the top ranking for groups aligned with the Democratic party. According to the Huffington Post End Citizens United caused concerns regarding their aggressive approach to fundraising. Adam Bozzi is the spokesman for End Citizens United and says they are building ties with groups for campaign financing. They have collaborated with over two dozen groups to convince Republican Senators to rescue themselves after accepting donations for their campaigns from Betsy Devos. Vice President Pence was the one who cast the tie breaking vote and confirmed Devos.

George Soros Champions Progressive Ideals in the Age of Trump

The world of politics is constantly moving and the machine of Washington is constantly grinding. People come and go but one constant has been the presence of George Soros as a prominent backer of progressive ideals. George Soros is a billionaire investor, a world renowned philanthropist, and one of the leading activists for progressive values all around the country. The running of Donald Trump for President acted as a catalyst to get him back into the mainstream of the political world. George Soros is back into the political fray and ready to fully embrace his role as a progressive in a minority government.

George Soros returned to Washington in order to back Hillary Clinton as she ran for President against Donald Trump. Soros was last a big voice in the political world when he backed the running of Al Gore against then incumbent President Bush. While Gore did not win, though this is disputed even now due to the controversy in Florida, Soros’ impact on the Gore campaign was palpable. Soros is able to galvanize the progressive base and push them into action. So it shouldn’t surprise us that Soros leaped in and decided to back Clinton.

While Soros knows that too much money in politics can spoil the whole machine, he also understood that a President Trump would be untenable for the progressive causes that he had spent his whole life trying to champion. So, Soros would end up funding nearly $25 million in campaign contributions to Democrats all around the country, including a smooth $7 million to a Pro-Clinton Super PAC. While Soros and Clinton would ultimately fall short in the November election, there was still something to take pride in for Democrats and progressives all around the world. Soros was back and he was ready to start making a global difference in his battle against President Trump. Learn more on about George Soros.

We can see the impact that George Soros has in even the most pivotal events. We can look to the Ferguson Protests from 2015, after the shooting death of Michael Brown by Officer Wilson, in which an entire city erupted. These protests were to bring light on social inequality and police brutality toward minority suspects. The protests were fueled by a grassroots movement which was financed, in part, by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Soros had given nearly $33 million to grassroots activists in and around Ferguson over the past year and it was that financing which would keep the fight going.

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When you talk about or to George Soros you quickly come to the realization that he believes in truth, equality, and justice for as many people as he can possibly aim to help out. That is why Soros’ work with the Open Society Foundations is so important. George Soros saw firsthand how oppression can destroy a nation due to his being raised as a Jew in Nazi-Occupied Hungary. With George Soros back in the mix we can rest assured that the progressive cause is still in good hands, despite a President Trump.

George Soros: Champion Of Progressive Issues

According to an online article on, billionaire George Soros has thrown his wallet back into the political arena. Soros is not a novice when it comes to campaign donations. The article states that he contributed at least $27 million to the Democratic Party during the 2004 election. It was an attempt to thwart George W. Bush’s presidential bid. Since then, Soros has stayed out of the donation spotlight.

During this year’s highly polarized election, George Soros returned to the forefront and donated $27 million of his own money to the Democratic Party. This included Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as well as some Democratic candidates for other offices. The Federal Election Commission made Soros’ donation records public. The article states that his political confidants opine that he may pledge even more money by the end of the election.

Pledging money to political campaigns can be risky, because the candidates still have a chance of losing the election. George Soros is used to taking risks. The octogenarian is originally from Hungry. He amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune by trading in foreign currency. Over the years, he has formed good relationships with members of the Democratic Party, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, says the article.

George Soros had planned to attend the Democratic Convention this year. The article says that although he has given the party a lot of money in the past, he has never attended a convention. Since the financial situation has been precarious in Europe, Soros felt that he needed to monitor things there. He did not end up going to the convention, says the article.

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Over the past few years, there have been problems with some of the political issues that are close to George Soros. These include religious tolerance, immigration, and reforms in the criminal justice system. The article quotes Soros’ political advisor, Michael Vachon, who says that the stakes are high in the 2016 election.

Not only does Soros give to support the Clinton campaign, but also because he opposes the policies of G.O.P. candidate, Donald Trump. According to Soros, these policies are pleasing to ISIS, because he says they promote fear. Associates close to Soros say that he is the most politically motivated now than he has been in years, reports the article.

The Democratic Party is encouraged by George Soros’ generosity. They hope that his financial support will be a positive example to other potential donors. There have been several wealthy and influential people who have followed suit, says the article. Some of these donors are Don Sussman, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner. Because of these political patrons, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a large financial advantage over Donald Trump’s campaign.

After George W. Bush won the 2004 election, says the article, George Soros cut back on some of his political contributions. Instead, he concentrated on many of his favorite international charities. He is particularly interested in advancing human rights and promoting health care and education reform in the United States.

He never completely abandoned his political ties. Over the past few years, George Soros has been generous to various liberal groups who champion issues that are close to him. Seeing the 2016 election as a threat to these causes, Soros returned as a premier donor to the Democrats and their platforms, says the article.

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The Allegation that George Soros is Bankrolling John Kasich’s Bid is Mere Propaganda

Most of the time during election period in the United States, the media is awash with a lot of misrepresentation intended to smear the character of specific candidates to paint them in bad light in the eyes of the people of the United States. However, if one is careful to observe, he or she is able to easily see right through the lies and treat such news as mere propaganda. One of the people whose character has been smeared by false misrepresentation in the eyes of the American population is John Kasich and George Soros who is the founder of Soros Fund Management.

The unfounded claims made against George Soros that he is out to bankroll The Ohio Governor John Kasich who is contesting for the United States presidency on are pure false fabrications meant to smear his political campaigns and should be treated with utmost contempt by the people of the United States. The unfounded story is that the Ohio Governor through his Political Action Committee was receiving donations through two individuals closely linked to George Soros and that he was funding John KasichÕs presidential campaign through the associates. The allegations that George Soros on marketwatch would be funding the Super PAC are laughable based on the fact that campaign finance rules do not forbid anyone from making a donation publicly despite the amount. Therefore this clearly shows that if George Soros wanted to fund John Kasich nothing would stop him. In any case, there are records that show that George Soros donated to the super PAC connected to Hillary Clinton.

The allegations that George Soros used associates that he previously worked with at Soros Fund Management are untenable and frivolous. The two have contributed to New Day America together with other donors who have donated more to the campaign and are not linked at all to George Soros. Public records on have also shown that one of the two associates had supported other candidatesÕ campaigns in the Republican and Democrats like his support for the Right to Rise that was in support of Jeb Bush and also supported the Political Action for Committee for Hillary Clinton who is a democrat. Stanley Druckenmiller who also once worked for Soros Fund Management has donated not only to John KasichÕs New Day for America, but also other super PACS supporting other candidates. This clearly shows that the allegations made against George Soros and his connection to the New Day for America campaign are unfounded and do not hold water as there is no connection between George Soros and John Kasich that ought to the raise eyes of the American people. In any case, the support given by the two associates clearly show that they did so in their own individual capacity. On the contrary there are records show that George Soros significantly contributed to Priorities USA Action meant to support Hillary Clinton.

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