Why They Google You Before They Meet You

Nowadays, Google is the new first impression. Research shows that most people will Google a business online before buying anything. They will also avoid companies with poor star ratings and negative ratings. Correcting a bad review also takes time and patience. For Slap Fish owner, Mr. Andrew Gruel, after getting hit with bad reviews responded to each review individually. He dealt with the issues raised and convinced the customers to come again. Those who tried the place again have become permanent customers thanks to his way of dealing with them.
Bad reviews are a bad for a business. A one-star rating and a 5-star rating define or kill a business. These bad reviews are worse if they are there in the last three months. Customers base their decisions on these reviews and YELP has become their go to website. Local businesses have all to gain by engaging these critics.
The power of online reviews has led to the rise of reputation management companies. These companies even track online reviews and try to change their reality. Canned responses are never good for a corporation and they attempt to deal with such reports. Positive reviews can also be used as marketing props very quickly.5-star Reviews on Yelp are put on a company’s website to show just how good they can be.
When all fails, you can contact Status Labs.It is an online reputation company based in Austin Texas. It manages its client’s online presence and posts content to drive up sales and web traffic. It also manages the social media accounts of its customers. It has grown from inception in 2011 to having over 100 employees and offices in New York, San Francisco and Sao Paolo.
Status labs through its CEO posts advice online on how to manage your profile online. It is leading the current revolution on PR as everything goes global. Do you know your online Image? Log out your browser account, clear your history and google yourself. Do you like what you see? That’s your new 1st impression.