Darius Fisher Reveals Tips to Excellent Employee Satisfaction

Darius Fisher recently discussed how employee satisfaction with their jobs often results in lower staff turnover. He reiterates that employee turnover is quite expensive for any company. This is because the process of looking for a replacement sometimes costs as much as 50 percent of the annual salary for entry level staff. Mid-level and senior employees cost about 150 percent and 400 percent respectively. Fisher shares some of his trade secrets. Follow him on Twitter for more news and information.

Tips for Excellent Employee Satisfaction

The best way to improve morale is by offering treats especially after good performance. If the staff reach goals set they should be offered gifts and other treats like watches, extended vacation days or even free yoga classes. It is important to acknowledge hard work, good results and success. Fisher reveals that at Status Labs, he usually sends an email to appreciate employees and congratulate the whole team to boost morale.

There should be free communications lines in the organization. New hires and projects need to be communicated in advance to make people feel like they belong to the organization. Monthly company meetings are also important to discuss any issues arising. Fair salary increments are important to maintain the current staff while avoiding expenses related to recruitment and selection processes.

Additional Incentives

According to PRweek, Fisher says that status Labs buys lunch for all its employees on Fridays. They get to enjoy a meal together as a single unit. The company also schedules fun activities to do at every quarter allowing them to have fun together.

Additionally, fisher makes sure to recognize the birthdays of all employees with gifts and appreciation. Lastly, the status Labs team transformed their head office into a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing workplace while making it pet friendly.

About Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is one of the co-founders of Status Labs. Today, he is the president of the company. Before establishing Status Labs, he worked freelance as a political consultant and a copywriter. As president, he has built the company up from a small startup into a highly sought after reputation management firm.

Fisher resides in Austin, Texas where the head offices of the company are situated. The Vanderbilt University educated graduate is a successful businessman with a great work ethic. He is down to earth and works to help reshape and rebuild tarnished online reputations of all Status Labs’ clients.

Ways to improve your Online Reputation Management

Status Labs is a public relations company based out of Austin with several other offices in New York and Sao Paulo. Their main focus is on providing the customer with a very unique service and providing them with exceptional results. Their mission from the start has always been a simple one. They want to improve the clients image both online and offline. They do this through a umber of unique services. Whenever we search for a business or brand we do so through google. For this very reason it is very important that the brand has a maintained positive online presence. Utilizing expert techniques and a group of professional staff they can protect the clients reputation. Brands or business want to look their absolute best when a search is performed on them through a search engine and Status Labs allows for this.

The SEO team at Status Labs have access to proprietary technology which allows them to push up positive information in a search and push down the negative. Therefore the first page that people see of the brand will be filled with positive and credible remarks of that company or brand. There is also the added benefit of driving traffic to that specific website therefore increasing sales by ranking the business on the first page for all the highly searched key terms. Status Labs leaves nothing up to chance and provides the client with actual data to ensure that the goals have been met. As mentioned before their number one goal is to make the client looks their absolute possible best when it comes to search results. Status Labs also has the ability to direct traffic into a positive direction. Usually google’s related search features or suggestions take users onto a negative tangent.

Status Labs has recently been able to aid a Lady by the name of Melissa Click get her reputation back as she was implicated in a protest scandal. Negative information on her was driven away and positive information was driven up. This has helped her get her life back

Darius Fisher’s Experience Lands Him On The Innovation 50 List

Google is great for searching for things. The search might not be so great for those persons or businesses that are being searched for. When negative, sometimes embarrassing information, appears in the search engines, the results page is going to cause a lot of harm. Darius Fisher spoke about the serious nature of negative results on Google’s first page when he spoke at the popular Impact 15 convention. Fisher noted those results do not change unless new material is published to replace them.

Fisher does more than just talk about the importance of addressing online reputation disasters. As the president and co-founder of Status Labs, Fisher and his team work on fixing things. At the center of his approach to improving online reputations are quality digital marketing principles. His skills at marketing have landed him on the prestigious Innovation 50 list.

The Innovation 50 list is compiled by the editors of PRWeek, a prestigious and influential publication in the public relations, marketing, and promotions industry. To make the list, a person has to deemed someone who contributed significant contributions and innovations in the field of digital marketing. The effective online reputation management work Darius Fisher has performed through Status Labs definitely fits the criteria of being innovative.

The achievements of Status Labs are hard to ignore. Neither is the success Darius Fisher has been able to direct the firm towards. Currently, the company maintains its primary headquarters near the main business district in Austin, TX. Status Labs has also become part of the local Chamber of Commerce and is expanding to other areas. A New York City and San Paulo office have opened and aided in servicing the near-1,500 clients who have sought help and counseling.

The ways in which results are achieved are manifold. Producing new content designed to offset material that is undermining branding and marketing is among the top strategies. Darius Fisher has worked in the past as a political consultant and advertising/marketing copywriter. So, he knows a great deal about how to use digital marketing principles to achieve desirable results. PRWeek has chosen to honor him for his achievements.