Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall Offers An Example for Those Who Want To Build A Mall

There are some people that want to build a mall of their own but don’t know how to go about it. This is actually getting to be more challenging by the day because every once in a while, a mall opens up that offers something that other malls don’t offer. However, given that this type of mall is limited to the location. There is a chance that one could repeat this formula for another distant location. However, if one wants to be successful with the mall, he has to first look at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping as an example of what one can do.

Roberto Santiago shows with his mall that all one needs is imagination in order to offer the winning experience. His mall offers activities that go far beyond shopping. Therefore, people will be able to visit this mall for plenty of reasons. They don’t necessarily have to buy clothes or other products. They can go there just to experience some fun. Perhaps the person trying to build his own mall wants to attract plenty of customers and gain a lot of profits. One of the best things to do is look beyond the clothing stores and see some of the activities available.

Among the common features of the mall are movie theaters, food courts, and even arcades. For those that really want to stand out, it is important for them to include some other types of activities such as music halls, bowling, fitness, lounge areas and fine dining to go with the typical food court establishments. One of the best things to think about when it comes to building a successful shopping mall is options.

One thing to consider about Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is that it did not start off as big as it is. As a matter of fact, this facility has been in operation for more than 20 years. It has experienced a lot of growth as new features were added. Therefore, those that already have a mall established can look for ways to grow it so that it could include even more stores and activities.

A Brief History Of Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall may be the big and larger than life mall that everyone knows and love. However, it was not always the giant force of retail. It actually has a humble history when it started out to be a smaller but sizable mall. This was before malls started adding more to the table. The whole story of the mall began in the Manaira neighborhood when people have decided that it could benefit from a mall. In early 1988, they have started building the mall. Coming towards the end of 1989, the mall was inaugurated. It has started up with 94 stores.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall has turned out to be a success. With the growing number of customers, they have eventually expanded the mall in 1993. The expansion of the mall went according to the design of Carmen and Maria Raquel. The expansion has proven to be successful. There were more stores, and more people were satisfied. Then in 1997, there was another expansion to the store. This expansion was the result of the inauguration of the Lojas Riachuelo and Lojas Maia. The third enlargement came in 2002. Afterwards came the building of a garage which eventually came to have 6 floors. The fourth expansion came in 2007.

Other expansions included the expansion of the food court, the addition of the Domus Concert Hall, the addition of the Gourmet Space Launch, and the addition of Tok and Stok. One thing that makes this mall stand out from other malls in the world is the frequent expansions and additions they make to the mall. This is one of the most important factors to the success of the mall.

As one would see when they look at the history, the mall that started rather humbly, has grown to be very extravagant. The many different stores and establishments show that there is a lot of creativity and a mind towards the experience of the customers. Therefore, people will never regret visiting Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. Since the people behind the mall show a passion for keeping customers happy and staying relevant, one can expect that they will continue to stick around and provide something new to the customers.

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Construcap Works In A Large Brazilian Housing Market


The Brazilian housing market has been large for many years, and it is something that a lot of people are just now getting into because the country is growing. The country is growing because of the sporting events that have come there in the recent past, and someone who wants to be sure that they are getting the best home can work with Construcap. The company is actually really large because it does more than homes, and it gives people the chance to get a house that will give them the middle class existence they are looking for.


The company has worked with the oil industry in the country helping them to build large rigs for the new oil pits that have been found, and they are also helping to build the neighborhoods where people will live when they go to work in these places. Someone who wants to be sure that they can get into a better home can live where Construcap did the work. They have built communities around the oil platforms they have helped to build, and they have moved into the cities where they are trying to be sure that they can allow people to live the middle class life they want.


There are many people who are going to be able to get the best homes in Brazil because these modern homes have been built by the people at the company. This company has been a part of the industry in Brazil for a long time, and they want to be sure that they are giving people more modern homes to live in. The modern homes that people are looking for come from the firm in new planned communities in Brazil that are perfect for a comfortable lifestyle. Their lives improve with these homes, and Construcap is trying to spread these homes throughout the country.  Construcap is an award winning company, and they continue to be a top builder for major car manufacturers.  Read about how they are tackling major issues within Brazil, by seeing how they’ve contributed to waste and sewage management throughout the country.

Overview of Town Residential Property Portfolio and Team Members

New York City remains one of the hottest real estate markets in the world with tentative property estimates expected to cross the $1 trillion mark in 2017. TOWN Residential is a luxury real estate company focused on the NYC market. According to the TOWN Residential website, the company specializes in luxury residential, commercial and retail property marketing, sales and leasing. Over the years, the company has built a solid foundation for speedy and seamless real estate execution as a result of uncompromising principles and unparalleled customer service. The quality of service provided by TOWN Residential has won the company several accolades, including recognition by Crain’s as New York’s “Top Best Places to Work”.

TOWN’S approach to business, according to the company’s LinkedIn page is it’s commitment to be a market leader in new property development, leasing and sale. To achieve these fundamental goals, the company is dedicated to ensuring transparency of information and service by providing professional guidance and exceptional customer service. The real estate experts working for the company also possess neighborhood expertise, which is critical in protecting client’s investments while safeguarding the company’s ROI. TOWN Residential has several new and ready to lease developments in New York. The new residential developments include 159 Tompkins in Brooklyn; 108 Neptune and Forsyth on the city’s Lower East Side.

The up market, 159 Tompkins consists of 10 modern, ready to let residential apartments while Forsyth constitutes 11 boutique style condominiums. The 108 Neptune is strategically located at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. The development is made up of 44 modern luxury condos designed by globally acclaimed architect, Karl Fischer. The premises available for lease include the 62 units, 172 Montague located in the Brooklyn neighborhood; The Grayson on Murray Hill Neighborhood and the 59 stories, Twenty Exchange building perched at the prime NYC financial district. The building’s layout includes 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedroom apartments alongside study and loft of varying sizes.

Senior Executives and Team Members
According to The Real Deal website, TOWN Residential has come a long way since it was established in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, who is also the company CEO and Co-Chairman. Heiberger is credited for overseeing the growth of the company’s vision and business strategy. He previously established a highly successful brokerage firm called Habitats, which he later sold to NRT. Heiberger holds a BA and JD from the University of Michigan and the University of Miami School of law respectively. He is also a licensed real estate broker and Attorney in the state of New York.

The company’s Chief Operation Officer is Jacqueline Pestana. She brings in valuable oversight experience that is crucial in the everyday running of the organization. Her areas of specialty include accounting, Human Resource and IT. The other team members according to TOWN Residential website include sales team, new development team, corporate and creative team and leasing and commercial section representatives. Today, TOWN Residential boats over 500 representatives and real estate professionals across NYC.

Could Young Professionals Hold The Key To Atlantic City’s Redevelopment?

If you have been following the news in Atlantic City lately, you will know that most of the news for Atlantic City is grim regarding the outlook of the city’s development. Developers, city officials and state officials are thinking how can they turn a once vibrant and world renowned resort and tourist destination into a thriving community once again. So what is the key to Atlantic City’s redevelopment? Have developers and officials been missing out on a crucial piece vital to Atlantic City’s regeneration?

Several developers including Wasseem Boraie of Boraie Development, local businessmen and city officials now believe that young professionals could be the key to revitalizing struggling Atlantic City, New Jersey. In 2010, a survey found that Atlantic City was home to less than 15% of people aged 25-34, a key demographic which includes many young and up and coming professionals. Attracting more people in this age group is now seen as critical to the revitalization of Atlantic City. Developers and businessmen as well as city officials believe that if more millennials came to Atlantic City it could start an economic boom and later a housing boom that can rebuild Atlantic City.

John Longacre, a president of a Philadelphia based property management company says that Atlantic City can be turned around through smart investments that consider the long term interests of the city instead of a short term profit. Mr. Longacre is planning to convert a former armory into apartments. Another developer, Mark Callazzo is planning on transforming industrial buildings such as a former iron works plant into new housing in Atlantic City.

Opportunities for profitable development are there in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is perhaps best summed up by Wasseem Boraie from Boraie Development. The vice president of development there says that there has been a massive demand for new housing in Atlantic City, which did not occur for a period of over 40 years. Wasseem Boraie’s firm, Boraie Development is involved in constructing a new development called the Beach at South Inlet, which will be the first such development in many decades in Atlantic City.

Mr. Wasseem Boraie is the son of the president and CEO of Boraie Development. He has worked alongside his father Omar Boraie in previous projects such as the Aspire in New Brunswick, New Jersey and the Albany Street Plaza mixed use development also in New Brunswick. Wasseem Boraie studied business at NYU and is widely touted to be the next CEO at Boraie Development.

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An Overview of Greg Hague and Real Estate Mavericks

According to an article published on Forbes magazine, Greg Hague, the founder of Real Estate Mavericks, has played major role in the residential real estate sector for more than 30 years. Hague is an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is also a lawyer, author, and also a law professor. He is best known for shaking real estate industry where he has created a number of real estate companies that are famous across the U.S. Hague noted that the general process of selling residences has not changed over the last 75 years.


According to him, Amazon strategies are not applied when selling real estate. After conducting his research, Hague found out that home sellers are losing between 3-8 percent of the price of the homes due to current inefficiency. People are still using traditional methods where real estate agents are consulted and erects a sign on the property, the home is placed in MLS, a few ads are made, open days are held, and then a buyer is found. Hague thinks this strategy should not be applied in the 21st century, and compares it to a grocer who places a loaf of bread on the shelf.


Hague says it more sophisticated to launch an iPhone costing $500, than to place a home worth $500,000 on the market. He intends to turn things around in this sector using his latest venture, Real Estate Mavericks. This is a real estate coaching firm, where Hague has developed crucial steps and formula that home sellers should follow when placing their property on the market. Real Estate Mavericks will educate home sellers on the process and steps that would increase demand on their property because according to Hague, the value of a property is determined by the time it has stayed on the market.


One of the step contained in the 22-Step Home Launch Formula, is to follow a set sequence before erecting a yard sign and also before placing the home on MLS. The listing agents will use marketing strategies like amazing home at remarkable price coming soon, to attract the attention of potential buyers and increase the demand of that property. Hague says that buyers tend to pay more for homes when they are exposed out there for all to see.


Greg Hague is a real estate expert who has worked in this industry for 35 years. So far he has build several real estate firms that are among the best performers in the United States. Hague is ranked among the top agents dealing in luxury homes. Previously he served at Wall Street Journal as a real estate specialist and has trained more than 10,000 top real estate brokers in the U.S.