Ways to improve your Online Reputation Management

Status Labs is a public relations company based out of Austin with several other offices in New York and Sao Paulo. Their main focus is on providing the customer with a very unique service and providing them with exceptional results. Their mission from the start has always been a simple one. They want to improve the clients image both online and offline. They do this through a umber of unique services. Whenever we search for a business or brand we do so through google. For this very reason it is very important that the brand has a maintained positive online presence. Utilizing expert techniques and a group of professional staff they can protect the clients reputation. Brands or business want to look their absolute best when a search is performed on them through a search engine and Status Labs allows for this.

The SEO team at Status Labs have access to proprietary technology which allows them to push up positive information in a search and push down the negative. Therefore the first page that people see of the brand will be filled with positive and credible remarks of that company or brand. There is also the added benefit of driving traffic to that specific website therefore increasing sales by ranking the business on the first page for all the highly searched key terms. Status Labs leaves nothing up to chance and provides the client with actual data to ensure that the goals have been met. As mentioned before their number one goal is to make the client looks their absolute possible best when it comes to search results. Status Labs also has the ability to direct traffic into a positive direction. Usually google’s related search features or suggestions take users onto a negative tangent.

Status Labs has recently been able to aid a Lady by the name of Melissa Click get her reputation back as she was implicated in a protest scandal. Negative information on her was driven away and positive information was driven up. This has helped her get her life back

Darius Fisher’s Experience Lands Him On The Innovation 50 List

Google is great for searching for things. The search might not be so great for those persons or businesses that are being searched for. When negative, sometimes embarrassing information, appears in the search engines, the results page is going to cause a lot of harm. Darius Fisher spoke about the serious nature of negative results on Google’s first page when he spoke at the popular Impact 15 convention. Fisher noted those results do not change unless new material is published to replace them.

Fisher does more than just talk about the importance of addressing online reputation disasters. As the president and co-founder of Status Labs, Fisher and his team work on fixing things. At the center of his approach to improving online reputations are quality digital marketing principles. His skills at marketing have landed him on the prestigious Innovation 50 list.

The Innovation 50 list is compiled by the editors of PRWeek, a prestigious and influential publication in the public relations, marketing, and promotions industry. To make the list, a person has to deemed someone who contributed significant contributions and innovations in the field of digital marketing. The effective online reputation management work Darius Fisher has performed through Status Labs definitely fits the criteria of being innovative.

The achievements of Status Labs are hard to ignore. Neither is the success Darius Fisher has been able to direct the firm towards. Currently, the company maintains its primary headquarters near the main business district in Austin, TX. Status Labs has also become part of the local Chamber of Commerce and is expanding to other areas. A New York City and San Paulo office have opened and aided in servicing the near-1,500 clients who have sought help and counseling.

The ways in which results are achieved are manifold. Producing new content designed to offset material that is undermining branding and marketing is among the top strategies. Darius Fisher has worked in the past as a political consultant and advertising/marketing copywriter. So, he knows a great deal about how to use digital marketing principles to achieve desirable results. PRWeek has chosen to honor him for his achievements.

Why They Google You Before They Meet You

Nowadays, Google is the new first impression. Research shows that most people will Google a business online before buying anything. They will also avoid companies with poor star ratings and negative ratings. Correcting a bad review also takes time and patience. For Slap Fish owner, Mr. Andrew Gruel, after getting hit with bad reviews responded to each review individually. He dealt with the issues raised and convinced the customers to come again. Those who tried the place again have become permanent customers thanks to his way of dealing with them.
Bad reviews are a bad for a business. A one-star rating and a 5-star rating define or kill a business. These bad reviews are worse if they are there in the last three months. Customers base their decisions on these reviews and YELP has become their go to website. Local businesses have all to gain by engaging these critics.
The power of online reviews has led to the rise of reputation management companies. These companies even track online reviews and try to change their reality. Canned responses are never good for a corporation and they attempt to deal with such reports. Positive reviews can also be used as marketing props very quickly.5-star Reviews on Yelp are put on a company’s website to show just how good they can be.
When all fails, you can contact Status Labs.It is an online reputation company based in Austin Texas. It manages its client’s online presence and posts content to drive up sales and web traffic. It also manages the social media accounts of its customers. It has grown from inception in 2011 to having over 100 employees and offices in New York, San Francisco and Sao Paolo.
Status labs through its CEO posts advice online on how to manage your profile online. It is leading the current revolution on PR as everything goes global. Do you know your online Image? Log out your browser account, clear your history and google yourself. Do you like what you see? That’s your new 1st impression.

Take A Fresh Look At Skout To See What They Have To Offer

On the website The Nation, they’ve listed several applications that should be downloaded, especially if a person is looking to get the most out of their cell phone or portable device. These applications include ones that allow people to stream videos, an application that allows a person to edit videos, and Skout made the list of downloads as well. The reason why Skout made the list is because of its usability as well as the fact that it’s a good social media network.

Skout is not new to being added to many lists out there because top ten lists of dating applications have been created that included Skout as well as being on the list of some of the best applications to download. Skout is an excellent meeting place for those who are simply looking to have fun online and to meet others like themselves, whether the person is near or far. Skout has become its own best friend by adding more features to the network than it had when it was first created.

Although Skout was made as a way for people to socialize, those who like dating one another on the network made it popular enough for Skout to change into a dating site. Although dating is the main advertising point for the Skout network, many also go to Skout to socialize, which is completely understandable. A lot of different organizations, groups, and friendships has started on the Skout network, and it all starts by chatting. Two people can start talking to each other, which then snowballs into additional people joining into the conversation.

The more people that choose to join in the conversation, the more likely it is that they all will find something in common, and a group or organization can be started afterward. Some choose to start a group that focuses on movies or shows, which is becoming very popular these days. Many will chat with each other on the Skout network, especially about some of the shows that they really enjoy. Some who go on the Skout network may also find interest in talking about exercise, and it’s possible that they may meet in person to exercise several times throughout the month.

With all the possibilities that using the Skout network holds, it’s no wonder why many people have made Skout their home base when it comes to meeting new people. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to socialize with others, especially if it’s in person, so that’s why networks like Skout have become so popular. Two people who find it hard to talk to others in person may find themselves being very bold on the Skout network and talking to someone they’ve never met before. Skout also offers great opportunities to meet people who are in international locations, which can help people to learn about other cultures. Anyone who wants a network that’s free, fun, and filled with people should join the Skout network.

Exploring Artificial Intelligence With Flipora

The world of technology has opened the doors for continuous innovations with the way we surf the web. Flipora has combined multiple concepts into one app providing a discovery search engine for its users. In the past when you went to a web page or clicked on a site and wanted to save it, you would just store it to your favorites. Flipora has made that a thing of the past.

With Flipora you are being introduced to new content that has relevance based on your search history and interests. The purpose behind the creation of this app was to offer users an alternative to venture on new discoveries based upon what their browsers have shown their interests to be.

The company was previously known as Infoaxe, however when the founders Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, decided to venture on a new path with regards to the company’s purpose, they decide to change the name to Flipora. Prior to being named Flipora the company basically found ways to locate old sites that you are searching for using the history in your web browser. Now the company has combined that with the concept of another discovery engines and took it to the next level. They have created a source for data collection and showing it’s users what’s trending among Flipora users. This is what is known as website popularity data collection.

The future of this site is seen as revolutionizing the way people surf the internet. It is collecting data and putting it together with other users data and recommending different sites to all these users. Flipora has millions of users and it took a couple of years before gaining public recognition. You can make this site as your home page, so that when you begin to do a web browser search, you are able to see relevant information suggested to you. You can even invite your friends to experience the Flipora experience. The content on this discovery search engine continues to grow as well as the amount of users that sign up everyday.

The founders of this search engine want to keep a balance between social discovery in order to keep this from becoming headed down a narrow path. Its entire goal is to push relevancy when it comes to web browsing. That is how Flipora stands out among other artificial intelligence and discovery search engines. You can utilize Flipora not only on your PC or laptop, but you can also enjoy this app on your smartphone. The founders believe in creating accuracy with regards to user interests. The best thing of this all is that Flipora has the opportunity to monopolize and engineer this field of discovery due to lack of abundant competition. Investors all around predict this to be the next big thing. More on Flipora is available on Twitter.com.