Wines A Look At The Educational Background Of Julia Jackson

Miss Julia Jackson went to college at Scripps College in Claremont, California. She attended Scripps College from 2006 until 2010. Her major was a bachelor of arts degree in studio art. Following her graduation from Scripps College, Julia Jackson enrolled at the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management which is part of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. She completed a summer certificate program there in general management.

A Look At Julia Jackson’s Career In The Food And Wine Industry

Julia Jackson began working with her family business called Jackson Family Wines in September of 2010 and continues to work there. Miss Jackson currently works in the communication and marketing division of her family business. One of her jobs at Jackson Family wines is to improve the image of the international wine brands that Jackson Family Wines exports abroad. This work will involve Julia Jackson revamping the website, branding and appeal of these Jackson Family wine stocks.

Miss Jackson is also expected to play an increasing role in the marketing, sales and distribution aspects of the family business. She will be a representative of Jackson Family Wines at France’s Vin Expo, which is a major wine exposition. Julia will also be traveling to Asia and meeting with major wine importers and distributors to discuss deals and sales in the Asia region of her family wines.

In addition to her work at Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson helped to co-found the mobile phone software application company known as Rex Apps. This app lets people share and find highly recommended restaurants, foods and drinks through one easy app and platform. This makes finding good food and wine a breeze. Julia Jackson helped to create Rex Apps in 2013.

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Knowing When to Answer a Cellphone

One of the things I have noticed these days is that many people are glued to their cellphones. Many people are always answering every call on their cellphone. However, it is not always a good idea for one to answer his cellphone. There are certain situations where it is inappropriate. For instance, when one answers a cellphone during a job interview, it could cost him his job. As a matter of fact, I read a similar story on Marc Sparks’s blog. He talks about a young man who just graduated college in order to be on an interview for a position at his company. He had made quite a good impression on him until the cellphone went off and he answered it for 15 seconds.

Marc Sparks didn’t even care who was on the other end of the phone, but as soon as the young man hung up, he told the guy to leave. It is actually very disrespectful for one to answer his cellphone during something like an interview or different kinds of meetings within the company. It communicates the idea that one does not really respect the time that he has with the company. Marc Sparks considers the business of answering cellphones to be like sneezing in his face. He expects others in his business to share the same sentiments.Another thing he advises is to leave the laptops. The laptops in a meeting are such a distraction. Many people are focused on working on their laptops that they miss the connection to be made at the meeting. While one would think that typing away on the laptop would keep one ahead, it actually communicates being behind on the discussion according to Marc Sparks.