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The scientific community has grown over the years. There are many people who would love to share and exchange their ideas on science and technology issues but they do not know how.

One of the best ways if doing this is by publishing a book or a journal article for the world to read.At Wessex Institute of Technology, there is a publishing press which helps authors publish their works. Whether you want to publish an entire book or co-author with someone, you can easily get it published by the Wessex Press. Theu accept books and articles om topics such as sustainable development, scientific progresses, climate change and the environment.

If you want to access their published journals, you can visit their library in England or place an order and they will be shipped to you. They also have an online library where some of these materials can also be accessed.

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Talk Fusion Offers Innovative Video Communication Products

Talk Fusion is the talk of the town as it recently won its second award of the year. This time, Talk Fusion won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for their product, Video Chat. This is a wonderful opportunity to show potential users how innovative and advanced Talk Fusion’s products really are. Nobody can be happier than the company’s own Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. He is the type of person who has a talented IT team behind him that is making sure they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to making these video communication products the very best ever.

Bob Reina has always adopted the philosophy of giving back. That is what he hopes to do with these video communication products. He wants business owners and non-profits to be able to benefit from using these products and getting their name out there. Bob Reina wants to see everyone succeed and be the very best that they can be. By using these products, you can guarantee that your sales will skyrocket and that you will bring in more customer traffic than ever before. Whether you are using these products to promote upcoming adoption events, upcoming fundraisers, or just promoting an upcoming sale, these products will help you communicate faster with people all around the world.

Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solutions that provides communication products to small business owners, non-profits, and individuals. Besides their award-winning Video Chat product, they also offer Video Conferencing, Video Newsletters, and Video Email. All of these products can be used on any mobile device. They are also affordable and user-friendly. If you are unsure whether these products will work for you, you can try out a 30-day free trial to see what Talk Fusion is all about.

Another way Bob Reina is helping out is that he recently launched a program where Talk Fusion Associates are able to donate one free charity account to the charity of their choosing. This is a great opportunity for charities to get their name out there and get noticed in a positive way.


Securus setting Pace for Prison Technologies Industries

The prison technological industry has for a long time suffered criticism for being very unfair to customers who have no other option than to use them to keep connected to their loved ones in correctional facilities. So, what criteria do clients use to make such criticism? Clients with bad experiences with one company, will normally use the same experiences to judge other players in the industry. The case is no different or the industries providing technological solutions for prisons.


For many years, one rotten potato (GTL), has been used to judge other companies in the industry. The company has had a negative reflection on the industry as a whole by failing to change their ways. In the year 1998, GTL was charged for some wrongdoings that directly affected clients who used their services. They were found to wrongfully add seconds to calls double charge calls, and even overcharge their clients.


After being convicted, GTL received strict warning and was even penalized. However, so many years have now passed and still no change is seen in their behavior. With the continued misbehavior on the part of GTL, they have tainted the reputation of the whole industry. Most people only seek the services of the prison technology solutions companies now because they have no otherwise. However, what they do not understand is that the wrongdoings of one company are not continued or even tolerated by the rest. In bid to win back the trust of clients in this industry, Securus had to do something. They had to show the whole nation that they were different from GTL and did not tolerate what the company was doing. They first did this by earning themselves an A+ rating from BBB. The shaming of GTL then followed. We can only hope that Securus will continue changing the impression that people have on this industry.

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Talk Fusion Announces a 30-Day Free Trial Period

Talk Fusion announces they are having a 30-day free trial period for users. During this time, users will have full access to all of Talk Fusion’s video products. Best of all, all you need is your name and email address to sign up. No credit card is required. Users are able to take advantage of these unique products that are creating quite the buzz. They are user friendly, affordable, and compatible on all mobile devices. Take advantage of the free trial period and see what these products can do for you and your business.

Talk Fusion is the first all-in-one video marketing solution that offers products like Video Chat, Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings to help boost your business. These products can be used to promote upcoming sales, promote new products in stock, and even used to send a thank you message to customers after they have purchased one of your products. If you are using these products on a more personal level, you can send videos to your friends and family that live in other states. Whatever you choose to use these video products for, they are sure to increase your sales and profits as well as increase your communication with potential customers.

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina designed these products with the customer in mind. He wanted to create products that would be highly effective and easy for potential users to understand. He wanted to create video products that will help businesses grow and allow for repeat customers. Growing a business can be difficult, but it does not have to be if you use Talk Fusion’s video products. Bob wants to see your business succeed, which is why he strongly believes in and stands by his products.

Bob also firmly believes in the power of giving back to family and friends, communities, and animal charities. He hopes that this message of giving back shines through Talk Fusion. Bob believes everyone deserves a helping hand in life, which is why these video products are available to anyone that needs them to communicate with others.

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Securus Helps Law Enforcement

Analytical tools are big in the corrections industry. There are a lot of companies like Securus Technologies that are building a bridge for investigators to wrap up cases much sooner. This company has a multitude of tools on the market that I discovered in my research of this organization.

I had a school assignment to check out a mid-sized business that was thriving and research how the company came to the point that they were at. I had a brother that was working for the Department of Corrections. He was telling me about something call THREADS, an analytic tool that was used on his job. He told me that the company that produced this was called Securus and it sounded really interesting. I decided to look this company up and I discovered something amazing while doing so.

This is an organization that has made more than 800 products for law enforcement. This was a staggering number to me. It instantly made me want to know more about the analytics industry for corrections. I would learn that this patented tool was made by Securus, and it allowed investigators like my brother to discover things like fraternization that happens inside of prison systems. That was mind-blowing to me. I had no idea that something like this could be done.

I would become very impressed by what Securus has managed to do with things like video surveillance and video visitation. This is one of the coolest things on the market for corrections. This allows people to actually visit with their family members without even coming to the prison. I thought that this was a cool concept because there was an app that allowed people to do this from their phones ( I was impressed by this company and the professor was also very impressed.

What my profession wants to know was how I could I came across the company. I told him that my brother had worked with Securus software and he was very pleased with the products from this company. It is an organization that is flying low on the radar, but it certainly has a lot of good products. I was impressed with the position of this company, and I think that it will continue to produce quality law enforcement products. I would definitely invest in this company if it ever goes public. It has a background for success coupled with good leadership. 

A Few Facts About Shaygan Kheradpir That You Should Know

In September 2015, Coriant, a proven supplier of networking solutions in not less than a 100 countries announced that Shaygan Khedrapir had taken over as the new Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman. He joined the company after having worked very close with it in the Senior Management team as an Operating Manager at Marlin Equity Partners. He assumed the new role and pledged to try his level best when matters related to driving the company forward are concerned. His leadership was expected to strengthen the company so that it competes much effectively in today’s dynamic and competitive markets.

He replaced Pat DiPietro as the CEO, who assumed the Vice Chairmanship position as well as the Operating Partner at Marlin. Pat had previously managed to guide Marlin in various portfolio development initiatives and integration.

Shaygan is not new to telecommunication management matters. He has a lot of of experience in matters related to the telecommunications industry. His experience combined with leadership was expected to play a vert vital role when matters related to leading the company to bigger heights are concerned. Coriant was by the time of making the announcement making plans to build a multi-terabit coherent metro, a hyper-scale data center, long haul transport deployments, different mobile backhaul upgrades as well as cloud infrastructure build outs.

Shaygan said that he was attracted to Coriant because the company has a comprehensive portfolio of data networking and packet optical solutions. The company also backs all its services with world class innovation that plays a tremendous role when matters related to expanding the customer base and global reach are concerned. He said that as the market drivers intensify the need for better and more efficient services, the company was better positioned to provide its customers with networking solutions that are cost disruptive and that are customized to handle the highest degree of optimization.

The company Board of Directors was also honored and happy to welcome Shaygan saying his strategic insight and able leadership will be needed in the company. Shaygan is a recognized name in the business and telecommunication circles. He has not less than 28 years experience in matters related to the telecom, financial and telecommunication industries. He started his career in GTE Corporation and moved on to other companies like Barclays and Verizon.

While at Verizon, he was the company’s Chief Information Officer as well as an Executive Board member. He played a very integral role in modernizing and creating more efficient systems in the company. When he joined Barclays, he was the Chief Operations and Technology Officer and made history as the first technology member of staff to sit in the Executive Board. After a few years at Barclays, he would later join Juniper Networks in the Chief Executive Officer position from where he joined Coriant. He is a Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor’s holder from Cornell University.

He has in the past also registered different patents that are related to his line of work. He is a good example of a professional who works thoroughly hard at work, therefore, getting very good results.

Social App Skout Aquires, Integrates Nightlife App Nixter

Skout, the location-based social networking and dating app, purchased the nightlife app Nixter in May 2014. The move came as both apps were looking for ways to expand their current services, connect with more members and connect more members to each other, and monetize those services. Nixter remained its own separate brand, but was heavily integrated in Skout’s platform.

The purchasing price was undisclosed, according to the article announcing the sale, but was reportedly a mix of cash and stock-options.

Skout was originally founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, the company’s chief executive office and chief technology officer, respectively. Originally intended as a mobile social network, the app relaunched in 2009 as a dating service, in response to use patterns. The app uses global-position satellites to allow users to find other users close to them, although the GPS only gives approximate locations (no more specific than a one-mile radius) and users may opt out of the locating service. Once connected, users are able to view other users’ profiles and recent activity, as well as share instant messages and purchase “virtual gifts.” The app is split into two categories, Teenager and Adult. The teen app does not use the GPS technology, and allows teens to connect with other users no less than one-hundred miles away. These security measures were put into place in 2012, after the app was linked to the assaults of three teenager. Skout, which received $22 million in funding in 2012, is available in 180 countries and in 14 languages. In 2013, users made 500 million connection with the app.

Skout Nixter was founded in 2008, in Santiago, Chile, by two pairs of brothers. The app helps its users find events in their area, and also allows them to buy tickets and see guest lists. The app is currently operating in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. There were other companies interested in purchasing their app, but the brothers were concerned with losing their autonomy. Enter Skout, which was looking to integrate rather than subsume. The fit was right and the deal was made.

Together, the apps hope to be able to connect people around the world not only with each other, but with something fun to do tonight. With Skout’s user database and GPS-system, Nixter is able to reach not only more people, but to reach them more effectively. The two apps are partnering with event hosts, such as nightclubs, taking a small fee for every user delivered to the event. But, there is potential to do much more. Targeted advertising – an ad for a specific alcohol, for example, if the app knows a user has just entered a night club – is an area where the apps are looking to grow.