Securus setting Pace for Prison Technologies Industries

The prison technological industry has for a long time suffered criticism for being very unfair to customers who have no other option than to use them to keep connected to their loved ones in correctional facilities. So, what criteria do clients use to make such criticism? Clients with bad experiences with one company, will normally use the same experiences to judge other players in the industry. The case is no different or the industries providing technological solutions for prisons.


For many years, one rotten potato (GTL), has been used to judge other companies in the industry. The company has had a negative reflection on the industry as a whole by failing to change their ways. In the year 1998, GTL was charged for some wrongdoings that directly affected clients who used their services. They were found to wrongfully add seconds to calls double charge calls, and even overcharge their clients.


After being convicted, GTL received strict warning and was even penalized. However, so many years have now passed and still no change is seen in their behavior. With the continued misbehavior on the part of GTL, they have tainted the reputation of the whole industry. Most people only seek the services of the prison technology solutions companies now because they have no otherwise. However, what they do not understand is that the wrongdoings of one company are not continued or even tolerated by the rest. In bid to win back the trust of clients in this industry, Securus had to do something. They had to show the whole nation that they were different from GTL and did not tolerate what the company was doing. They first did this by earning themselves an A+ rating from BBB. The shaming of GTL then followed. We can only hope that Securus will continue changing the impression that people have on this industry.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

FreedomPop’s Efforts To Fund Global Wifi

In a recent posting by PC Mag, FreedomPop announces their recent developments in terms of funding gains and future plans to expand their network. The company has raised an extraordinary amount of funding to amp up their network, which is good news to residents in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company started in Los Angeles, and it has since brought on a large number of happy customers. The best part of this, for consumers, is that they are not required to sign a contract, and FreedomPop’s basic plan is actually altogether free.

The free service that FreedomPop has to offer its customers has a data usage of 200 MB, a talk time allowance of 200 minutes and a text message allowance of 200 messages to be sent or received. Those figures are set to roll over, and there are bigger plans for folks that need more time on their phones. Some people even decide to use FreedomPop in addition to their regular carrier. In case you don’t know how the company works, they are able to offer these deep discounts to people due to the fact that they buy in bulk from the major phone companies.

Funding Efforts And Plans To Expand

The recent round of funding for FreedomPop landed the company 50 million dollars to expand their network capabilities. The company has decided to use the funds to allow their customers in the U.S. and the U.K. to have wifi throughout the planet. Their global wifi hotspot will be available in 25 countries, which will save travelers a great deal of hassle in their arrangements. They plan to expand it, of course, to cover 40 countries by 2017. The network will work in a way to seamlessly allow travelers to move throughout these countries.

The Benefit of Technology in Telecommuting

Telecommuting is being used more and more by companies in order to get the most out of their employees and their time. As technology improves year after year in a vast amount of ways, telecommuting is becoming much easier and affordable for employees and their organizations. People can now be online any where in the world; they can easily connect to hundreds and millions of people at the touch of a button. Having people work from home saves them money in the form of gasoline and car costs and sees a huge amount of benefits for a company.

Technology is one of the main reasons telecommuting is becoming a much more attractive option for people. There is an abundance of technology and gadgets that make this a reality, from faster computers, at home scanners and fax machines to new online video options. A huge breakthrough for telecommuting came in the form of online chat. It is not possible to video chat by computer and phone and with multiple people. This allows companies to conduct multi person meetings all while in different locations.

Microsoft office us used by many organizations, improvements in this software have vastly improved organization not only personally but also for people on the same team. It is possible for individuals to share calendars and meeting invites, have huge lists of people connected to one e-mail. These new functions allow people to easily stay in touch with each other and have current up to date information on their where abouts if they need to be reached.

With telecommuting on the rise it became necessary for employees to access internal networks while away from the office. Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology allows users to access their company’s internal information while in the comfort of their own home or while on the road. All of these technological advances make it far easier for people to work while on the go or to work from home.

One person who has often been at the forefront of technology and information systems advances is Shaygan Keradpir. Keradpir has a vast amount of experience working in IT, his career started out with an education from Cornell. Keradpir attained his bachelors, masters and doctorate in electrical engineering before beginning his professional career at GTE Corporation. His most notable contributions to technology innovation came though Verizon. As CIO/CTO at Verizon Keradpir lead a team of 7000 in developing FiOS, Verizon One and Iobi. He managed to do all of this while decreasing technology spending by nearly 30%.

Status Labs Online Reputation Mangement


Those who work in PR understand this. You have to nail the client with a really great pitch; otherwise, it’s not going to work. Most people have the attention span of 5 minutes. After that, the person is pretty much gone. You have to keep them engaged. You have to give them a reason for working with you.

Below are some successful PR tips. These tips are good for both the beginner and the seasoned pro. It’s never too late to learn new tricks. You have, if you are going to keep up with the trends of today.


Put out calls to other journalists and PR specialists. See what types of pitches they will be using. The kiss of death is going in armed with the same sales pitch of your competitor. Sometimes the only way to know what to bring to the table, is to seek out your competition. Know what they will be doing, so you can go the opposite route.


As with anything else in life, be clear and concise. Keep everything you do to the bare minimum. Your pitch should only be about 6 sentences. Use the press release tools. Include the WHY the client should choose you. Include an ending, make it brief. Include a call to action. Leave a place for the potential client to get in touch with you.

Always end your pitch with a question. It will give the person or company something to think over. If the person/ business is interested, they will get in touch with you. If not, you have lost nothing. At least the person/business knows you are out there, just in case the need is there.


This includes more then just the email talk. Get to know a potential editor or publisher outside of work. Find him/her on social media. Send some stuff to them. Allow the person to get to know you first. Let your words do the talking. After this, then send an email.
If the person is truly interested, he/she will find a way to contact you. Don’t be pushy. This is also the kiss of death. Being pushy turns most people off.


I’m not saying kiss their butt. You should make it worth their while. Extend yourself, but don’t go overboard. There is a difference between extending yourself and being taken advantage of. If you extend yourself in the proper fashion, that person might just work with you in the future.


This is important. The idea is not to sound like an ad. A true sales pitch will not come off looking/sounding like a sales pitch. In PR it’s all about the story. What is yours? Focus on selling you, the only way you can. If you sell an ad, you will be dead in the water. The public will not buy it.


We are committed to providing the best possible customer service to our clients. We know what it takes to get the right PR on your side. Contact us today. we are here to help.