Yeonmi Park’s True Life Story

Until she was 14-years-old, freedom was a foreign concept the Yeonmi Park. Park and her mother began their daring escape from the confines of North Korea when she was 13-years-old on March 31, 2007. During the long flight through China, the Gobi desert, and the Mongolian border, Yeonmi faced many an obstacle. After nearly a year of hard traveling, they finally reached South Korea. Her sick father managed to escape and join them soon after, but his illness overtook him and he died not long afterward. For all of the time he was with his family in this new world, he was never able to enjoy its freedoms. Since that time, Park has risen to become one of the leading human rights speakers in the world. However, Yeonmi has also not been without her critics. These critics point out that some of her stories don’t agree with each other. Like a champion, she returns that she has had to change details in some of her stories in order to protect friends and family still living in North Korea. She has also been ridiculed for only recently saying she was sexually molested by the guys who helped in the escape. She says shame kept her quiet for so long. She didn’t want to admit she was raped when only 13 years old. She has also said some mistakes came about because she still does not speak English very well. All of this understandable. However, it can also be frustrating for everyone else in the world. We have only the word of North Korean refugees about how life is lived in their country? Despite this criticism that her inconsistent stories create only confusion, Yeonmi is determined to reveal the truth on Youtube about North Korea. For a fuller look at this story, follow this link: