It’s very rare to find professional lenses that can capture emotions so vividly. Ascribing importance to every facial line, crooked tooth, and smile, as a treasure that gets more valuable as time passes.

George Street Photo and Video are a company of lens professionals, perfecting the art of freezing time and putting that memory in a bottle, to glow forever.

Weddings are only shot by lead photographers, thus guaranteeing nothing but the best output.

Having grown up in Atlanta, you can understand the bipolar nature of the weather here. One moment, you might be hosting a wedding ceremony on a very beautiful afternoon, with the sun out, the next second, the rain comes bursting out, as if a timely reminder of what “for better or worse’ really means. George Street Photo and Video have proved themselves in this location, time and again, with so many testimonies to their ease in adaptability. If you want your wedding memories wrapped up in a historic city, with a bit of greenery by the side, then the Atlanta location is highly recommended.

Secondly, the Chicago location is reminiscent of the garden scene in the movie “The Theory of Everything”. Just after being honored by the queen of England, Stephen Hawkins was wheeled to a nearby garden, surrounded by his wife and children, he looked at her and wrote the famous line “look what we made”. I believe that moments are captured for a later purpose. Going through the thousands of positive online comments from Chicago couples, celebrating their anniversaries, who made the Chicago location of George Street Photo and Videos, a place of to capture such beautiful memories, you can hear echoes of – look what we made together.