A Recent Study about the Cumulative Growth Effect in Edits To Wikipedia Articles

The cumulative Wikipedia growth effect

The Wikipedia is the free online encyclopedia of everything. Over 80,000 Wiki editors and writers donate their time and resources to edit a Wikipedia page or pages every month. Unlike professional journalists, Wikipedia writers and editors work for free. Additionally, most of them are anonymous and work in an unstructured set up with no clear lines of authority. Barely 15 years after publishing its first articles, the English version of Wikipedia has over 5 million articles and 28 million registered users. Wikipedia’s ability to harness millions of volunteers intrigued two researchers, Stephan Seiler and Aleksi Aaltonen to study its effect. They analyzed 1,310 articles that received more than 63,000 Wikipedia revisions within eight years. The study found that edited articles tend to attract more editors. Due to the cumulative growth effect, the content for a typical article published between 2002 and 2010 grew significantly.

According to Seiler, Wikipedia is an interesting subject to study because much of its data is easily accessed and in a standard format. Seiler and Aaltonen used a dataset containing articles from the launch of Wikipedia in 2001 to 2010 to track the evolution of content across Wiki edits for a typical article. To make the study manageable, they used editorial changes about the Roman Empire because they were unlikely to be influenced by the current events. The study found that a typical edit to a Wikipedia article is equivalent to a half a sentence although some may be long. It was discovered that 43 percent of edits to Wikipedia articles are simple addition while only 8 percent are pure deletion. The remaining 49 percent is the combination of pure addition and simple deletion. The study concluded that articles get better and long due to cumulative growth effect.

Benefits of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a powerful marketing tool for a business and personal branding. It is a wonderful open-source that can be edited by anyone. According to Get Your Wiki (http://www.getyourwiki.com/), most Wikipedia edits are done in good faith to build personal and business brand. Nonetheless, some may be malicious and can hurt your brand or company reputation. As such, Wikipedia offers a monitoring service that vets all pages in real-time to ensure that every one of the Wikipedia edits is accurate and benefits the online encyclopedia. Additionally, Wikipedia acts as an instrument that preserves the dying languages. It also promotes digital literacy in different languages other than English. It is the only web-based project accessed by everyone freely.

Wikipedia Provides New Networking Opportunities

What would you say if we told you that science students and professors are turning to Wikipedia as an outlet for all their term paper needs? You may think it sounds crazy but that is exactly what’s happening at many top Universities across the nation.

Recently, many professors are having students write their thesis on the popular Wikipedia platform. This is due to a multitude of reasons but primarily boils down to visibility and the desire to ensure accurate content is posted. For academic professionals, the idea of having students contribute to Wikipedia is the perfect solution.

When we do an internet search, one of your top results is likely a Wikipedia page. This only further proves what a useful tool Wikipedia has become. The sheer volume of quality material is not only a boon for academia but also provides a plethora of opportunity for businesses and professional organizations to reach target audiences. 

This is why businesses are turning to professional Wiki writers like the ones at GetYourWiki. Hiring Wiki experts with a knowledge of networking and content management is key to ensuring a visible online presence. 

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